ASYMMETRY a most auspicious ‘Theory of Everything’

Moving right along with my noble thoughts, yet to be acknowledged.
A few already do feel I am headed in the right direction by focusing on the left.
To others I appear to be going round and round in circles, I only appear confused.
I want to present an auspicious unified theory based on ASYMMETRY.
A theory that is actually based on ‘good luck’….and as we shall see in this thread, I really have tapped into something quite divine.
To define asymmetry is simple.
Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry.

In 2001 a NOBEL prize was awarded in economics based on ASYMMETRY.
The most NOBEL committee finally admitting that the BUSINESS world is crooked, rigged, it is not a level playing field, most interactions are based on ‘asymmetric information’ being passed from one party to the next.
Bottom line: One party is always better informed than the other party.
The scales of balance are tipped, favoring or having a preference.
Ah the significance of weighing a feather?
Maybe my thoughts will be enough to tickle the fickle soul.
By the way, it is a seegullible feather I tease and tickle the herd with.

In 2008 a NOBLE prize was awarded in physics based on ASYMMETRY.

B-factories confirm matter-antimatter asymmetry; leads to 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics
The theory of Kobayashi and Maskawa was quite bold. In order to explain the surprising experimental observation of a phenomenon called CP violation, they proposed an elegant theory in which CP violation arose naturally.
CP violation was essentially further conclusive proof that “the system seems to default to asymmetry”.
Exactly what I have been saying all along in a slightly different language, but essentially the same thing, my world and the world of science will soon collide.
Asymmetry and symmetry, the ancients were obviously aware of both and had actually embedded the geometries into their talismans, amulets, temples, symbolism. Heraldry is defined by dexter (right) vs. sinister (left). On television the sinister Dexter is a serial killer.

It does in fact seem that the NOBEL committee is catching UP with my archetypal noble conclusions based partially on the interests of the nobility,
Conclusions arrived at by primarily doing an end run around etched in stone science and religious dogma.
Suggesting that I am walking living proof that we can in FACT use archetypal clues to get to the head of the class.
Well ahead of those armed with a slide rule OR a calculator. All I needed was to find some uncommon sense, count to 20, and the ability to locate my intuition switch using something called ‘intent’.
So it appears that after 4+ years of studying archetypes armed with a grade 12 education and a few life experiences and most importantly good honest intent as guide, last year I proposed a theory similar to what the NOBEL winners in physics did, albeit in a different language called poeTREE.
The Buddha found truth in yet another language while sitting under the Bodhi Tree.

But I am not a Buddha, I am in fact a nobody, but even a nobody if armed with noble intentions can manage to surpass the NOBEL fellas and their nobel but NOT always noble aspirations.

Here is where the EXPERTs are headed. … milky-way/
This link above suggests where the experts should look for the Universal Movements, to help them make predictions regarding microcosmic electrons and the macrocosmic 25,812 year cycle referred to as the Great Year.

Science helped obfuscate this ancient fixation.
Fixation? All megalithic structures seem to be monitoring this cycle.
200 years after Plato died they changed the name of the Platonic Year or Great Year to Precession of the Equinoxes.
Another BIG LIE perpetrated on the herd by the ancient temple priest/scientists (then and now still joined at the hip), a LIE easily manifested by those who ultimately script the HIS-story books.

The Bible comes to mind.
HIS-story got a rewrite in 325 AD.
This is a fact.

It is important to realize that I am still only one small microcosmic step ahead of the particle physicist. We are standing on either end of the Planck scale.
Scales are tipping in my favor.

Could one small step for one man lead to a quantum leap for mankind?
The rest of course will be up to mankind to respond to what I have indeed uncovered using ARKetypal tools to excavate biblical ruins called ARKs and gothic ARCHes.
What I have indeed uncovered is SIMPLE as I knew it must be.

I have always felt that behind the complexity was a simplicity.
Because part of my intent, was to find a truth so basic, so true that any child entering this domain would easily come to understand this UNIVERSAL MODEL that transcends SPACE, TIME and MOTION.

The Universal Model is based on asymmetry which is a breakdown of symmetry.
Identified in 1956, announced to the WORLD in 1957.
And two days before I was born, the worldwide scientific community made a pact.
The International Geophysical Year or IGY was an international scientific effort that lasted from July 1, 1957 >>> December 31, 1958.So here is I present an example of how ASYMMETRY is reflected in one of the ORAL traditions, that was meant to be taken figuratively, poetically but never never literally.
EDEN and the CIRCLE are considered both PERFECT because of the inherent SYMMETRY.
Adam the PERFECT man sacrificed one of his ribs from one side of his body…thus he instantly became asymmetrical, through this action.
Remember the patriARKs wrote this archetypal narrative to withstand the test of time and space.
And not long after Adam’s sacrifrice and Eve’s temptations, the original odd and evencouple, a pair of imperfect asymmetrical human beings, left the world of symmetry called Eden and entered our realm of ASYMMETRY called the illusion of asymmetrical matter.Now imagine if two women had been substituted for tony randall and jack klugman, the show’s title would need to be changed to the ‘The Even Couple’  
Why is that?
Men are gODD numbers.
Women are EVEn numbers.There is a MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE that can be found on each and every level of manifestation…from microcosmic asymmetrical anti-matter and matter to the macrocosmic asymmetrical magnetic heliosphere and a model of the asymmetrical Milky Way (a spinning spiral galaxy), and I must believe that this pattern, the ebb and flow of asymmetrical evolution/creation is maintained right to the very edges of infinity itself.

And SO it has become clear what my purpose is.
It is the purpose of the ELDERs I have come to realize to AWAKEN this archetypal imprinting within the new adept/initiates entering this domain/realm, a domain Joseph Campbell referred to as “the field of pairs and opposites”.

Simple … it is a game of leap frog.
Simple … one generation leaping over the next, taking quantum leaps, but being discrete about it.
Simple … NOT climbing ladders and stepping on each other’s toes … racing for the top.

This is indeed how the ORAL Traditions executed and carried on the traditions from one generation to the next, using poetry and parable.
Vague meanings that penetrate.

The archetypes embrace us and we continue TODAY to identify with the same archetypes that our ancestors did, evidence of these assertions can be found in the caves from 10,000+ years ago…our ancestors displayed using their Left and Right Hands…polarity.
LEFT hands are primarily female and BLACK ochre or NEGATIVE polarity in electricity.
RIGHT hands are primarily male and are RED ochre or POSITIVE polarity in electricity.
So 10,000+ years ago, our ancestors who spent much time in caves, in the darkness, activated their archetypal brains, to help them survive.
In the darkneSS of a cave, the mind develops differently.
Of course FIRE was the seed of ALL technologies to follow, and FIRE helped man leave the darkness of the caves, to help us explore more of what was outside the cave.
Technology is the gas pedal, entropy is the gas tank or ‘time’s arrow’.
When the gas tank is empty … if we are not on level ground … we will either head downhill facing either forwards or backwards….

Who has heard of the fable called SiSyphus?

Sisyphus was a king punished in Tartarus by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and to repeat this throughout eternity.Today, Sisyphean can be used as an adjective meaning that an activity is unending and/or repetitive. It could also be used to refer to tasks that are pointless and unrewarding.

Sounds very very much like the motion of a pendulum…doesn’t it?

The Pentagram / Golden Ratio / Fibonacci series / Phi, ALL of these are of course evidence of what I say to be true…connected to GRAVITY.

Always look for the subtle poetic expreSSions of “our father who heART in heaven.”
Creation uses the language of POETRY when weaving together a tapestry we can all fly on…


Here is yet another connection I found to ASYMMETRY and where we are indeed headed.
The DARTengine.
I predict big things for the DART engine. I would invest in this design.
Its design is ASYMMETRICAL. … ons?t=anon

WHAT IF the Asymmetrical DART engine is similar to the engine design that drives the perpetual COSMIC engine?
What if?

Coincidentally it also looks very very similar to the enigmatic/mysterious/perplexing Coral Castle FLYWHEEL.
A cosmic engine driven by asymmetrical LSD?
BTW Timothy Leary is tapping me on the shoulder.
“well done” is the feeling I get from the other side… … af-clover/ … ls-vision/
I have another feeling, we are sniffing about in the right direction, using our chiral asymmetric NOSES?
More poetry and no wonder a dog is man’s best friend…our sense of smell has an asymmetrical preference, it isn’t perfect.

When do you think the NOBEL experts will clue in to the work here?
I do see an application for what we have uncovered here….
It is about time the internal combustion engine design changed, among other INTERNAL machinations that we have created for ourselves, based on believing our world was symmetrical.
It is NOT…thus anything before 1957 needs to be ‘re investigated’.
Especially Michelson and Morley’s ‘outdated’ experiments conducted in 1887 declaring the aether suspect and the vacuum a fact.

1887 was the year faulty science…rewritten in 1957, made a mistake and eliminated the luminiferous aether that had existed alongside the atom for over 2000+ years, as a viable theory.

Why do we continue to call SPACE a vacuum, yet it is filled with all kinds of energetic particles, plasma, anti-matter, scaler potentials, we are just beginning to ‘see’.
So the vacuum exists BUT now the particle physicist/mathematician wants to fill this vacuum with stuff called DARK matter and DARK energy?
It must be remembered that quantum science was created in the late 1800s early 1900s not in a laboratory but on a blackboard jungle,
And 95% of the Universe is made up of this dark stuff that Einstein did not know about.
What is the dark stuff really called?

Now what was I saying about the importance of our asymmetrical L/R HANDS working in conjunction with our asymmetrical BRAIN within an asymmetrical Universe?
What could those important connections be?

“Comprehend nature and copy it” said the naturalist/forester/inventor Viktor Schauberger.

Many people would be shocked to learn what ancient symbol is in fact THE best symbol to use to represent our asymmetrical universe.

The realization of what the KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT actually is will jolt more than a few out of their slumber.
For others…a 10000 watt light bulb will be illuminated after reading this next link. … hand-path/

And around the same time I authored the above (on my birthday July 3rd), another inspired out of the box thinker, the man behind the Binary Research Center, wrote this about the heliosphere.


Asymmetrical Shape of Heliosphere Raises Questions
By Walter Cruttenden, July 7, 2008 … ger2.shtml

Deeper and deeper I go.



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


11 thoughts on “ASYMMETRY a most auspicious ‘Theory of Everything’

  1. Dear sir,
    I thought you to be crazy when I first started reading this post (it is the first time I have read your blog). I was, however, drawn to keep reading. No bullshit aside, I really don’t know what the fuck you are saying… but it kinda makes sense. I mean, a LOT of it makes sense and the way you put it all together makes sense, but the entirety of it is too huge for me to wrap my head around. I think I’m a pretty good judge of bullshit, but you got me stumped. You’re either so full of it that your eyes are dirt, or else you should run seminars of this shit and enlighten the world… I haven’t figured out which is the truth.
    I really only came on here looking to guide friends back to my own blog, but it’s amateur-hour there in comparison to this… and I’m not generally a self-degrading person.
    I will definitely be reading this…
    Stop by if you’ve got the time..

  2. hello Ryan,
    please do keep the bullshit meter turned on!!!
    …and only pass on what you feel resonates.
    If you were able to digest some of the above thread…these two should be more enjoyable.

    ‘SStanding Wave Theory’ *Why moSeS and the Vikings had Horns



  3. ive been reading this blog on and off for 3 years and its made no sense even now!!

    it mostly connects anything and everything to prove nothing!

    but its still very interesting!!lol

  4. pallav I use much info to prove how simple it ALL is.

    ONE elementary particle/wave
    capable of moving in two directions CW OR CCW

    that is Spherical Standing Wave theory (not my theory)

    I just ADD…how do you effect the SPIN?

    thats it…too simple for the mind that always seeks complexity…

    way way way ahead of you, because I admit I am a simple fool.


  5. raphael you have my full respect for your work! and thats why i love coming back here! please carry on the work till our thick complex minds understand the simple point that is!

  6. I am so happy to confirm a lot of what I have been thinking since I was a child playing,with fisher price little people, lol…I started having thoughts about this stuff..I was never trained in math or science…I have all these ideas swirling around and I knew a lot were right, but I had no one to talk to them about, or to teach me ! I couldnt express my thoughts, most people didnt want to hear or they think you are nuts or they just don’t care! This really surprised me the most..I find this whimsical thinking exciting and interesting and a great way to challenge yourself to learn new things perhaps not yet even understood!! I was always the idea person always had the invention, but in the last year or so my left and right brain are bugging out lol.. its like something turned them on!!! Now I will tell you an idea I had and maybe you could give me your thoughts–I believe that JESUS on the cross symbolized the right and left brain finally trying to connect and something short circuiting it something that is represented by his crown of thorns and the one thief on the one side was contradictory to the other ! Not only Binary but DUALISM MIND AND SPIRIT IN CONFLICT binary and dualism form pyramid I see it spatially am I right
    Thats the other weird thing I see things so clearly like chimeraic mice and walt disney…ah story for another day !!! I just am so excitied I found you please help me!! It stinks having all these thoughts, intelligent thoughts and NO ONE TO TALK TOO! Oh another thought the bible was written in triangular reverse I dont know what your words are but I know what My heads sees haha the bible written to appear as riddle to left brain thinkes and in riddles to right brain thinkers….and the cross is the cortex in the back of your head that connects them…..if you read the bible three dimensionally and apply left brain learning to some passages with music notes and science theories and the right brains way of analyzing info you will understand! People learn in nine different ways—if you read each of these type of people certain info they will interpret it differently whether spatially or sports or through story telling parables Dr Garner founded the Nine ways people learn the bible is meant to be interpreted DIMENSIONALLY you can figure things out a few different ways like layering….THEY TRAVELED TWO BY TWO and the BIBLE IS our pyramid….the boat may have saved us in the past but the car will destroy us today see…ARC good then now car opposite its told in miror image like a prism pretend you hve a mirror on some thoughts and you can see the other side but they are seeing in reverse UNDERSTAND the mirror is between this dimension and another I thought now I am rambling …see this all begaqn with overload of thoughts so sorry its like a volcano lol

    • nice rant gina
      I am sure there are others, many others whose minds are awakening?

      I like your mind/brain analogies.
      Moses crossed the REED sea, or the corpus callosum, the brain barrier…
      He Moses, who displayed the right brain affliction, stuttering, Moses was the right brain representative, the Egyptian thinker, who recited to Aaron, whose responsibility it was as the left brain tinkerer, his brother the scribe who converted the hieroglyphs into the hebrew language/alphabet for consumption.

      or something like that…

  7. Gina, I don’t believe you were rambling. Growing up, society teaches us to supress and ignore our thoughts which may go against the norm or those which may call into question contemporary beliefs. It is only when we allow ourselves to let our mind explore itself that we have the opportunity to become truly enlightened. People of higher intelligence and wisdom like yourself are often ignored by society because they feel threatened by your freedom and your ideas, partly because they are envious and partly because they simply do not grasp them and fear the unknown. I commend you for your ability to open your mind and your thoughts. Well done Gina, well done.

  8. Namaste, absolutely dUMfounded in my search with your FIndings as arkitect, so COmplex yet so Simple.. Found on accident and haven’t been able to look away since, picking up partial truths that are slowly connecting.. the significance of asymmetry is truly AMazing. The way you deliver the message for all to coMPrehend even moreso. excited because I haven’t scrATched the surface yet.. i’m sure as architect YOu stay very busy but hoping we can talk through email or something of the sort, and that this made sense.. Haha, if not bhah, E4 will keep me occuPIed

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