“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

This thread will appeal to those that have been granted the gift of vision, a gift which is not granted until the initiate, the adept learns and practices the ability to ‘let go’, learning how to see and derive new meanings simply by altering one’s own perspective.

Can we connect Hans Jenny and his early CYMATICS videos to the SWASTIKA and Moses and Hermes and Perseus and Milo Wolff and his modern Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

YES, indeed we can, the time has come to let the REAL GENIE out of the bag, a genie called HOPE put back into the box to keep us company.
Let me introduce the good luck genie, and its magic.
Read this short blog, and you will soon realize the genie is always with us.
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

Then read this one to see the profound connections I have indeed conjured up. Linking many of those above claims.
Nice images too!
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

Then read this one … to gain a simple understanding of wave motion AND how the archetypal mind left us evidence of their intuitive insight.
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

Then read this one. Interpreting this plate from 5000 B.C., the way I did, what can I say, I appeared tuned into something. A very good example of my claims, more evidence I am bringing forth, ‘recovering’, to be shared at the Emerald Table.
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

This theory is sound because I discuss the role SOUND plays.

It does appear to be my purpose to help resurrect this ancient divine GOOD LUCK symbol that has been tainted with an intent.
A symbol that was at one time associated with YHVH, later Jehovah, the Bab-Ilu know also as the Gate of God.

WHY does my quest make sense folks?

We could use a some GOoD Luck in these end of daze, could we NOT?



KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
[link to kachina2012.wordpress.com]

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


7 thoughts on “SWASTIKA and CYMATICS and SOUND

  1. 222.holy grail found.
    Part 2.

    Going back to the ark of covenant and the amount of people working on the temple ( 2 Chron 2:2 17-18) 150.000 and 3600 foremen, or in other words the foremen ruled over the workers, where they work ,on what they work, 3600 foremen would need to be divided among the workers to supervise this means each foremen had 240 workers( now dividing the circle of 360 degrees into 15 parts gives you the ground plan of the churches in the south of France” renne le château” and the extended pentagram) now 153.600 times the 5.625 (ark of covenant) is 864000 ( 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds is 86400) and it was said that there were only one third working on the temple at any one time 153.600 divided by three is 51200, this multiplied by the ark of covenant 5,625 is 288000
    and this number as you know is where the joining of the hexagram and pentagram takes place , as the structure of the eight is 576 degrees. Note that 576 is 24 less then 600 or 240 less then 5760 and when you look at the extended pentagram you will notice that one point sticks out of the circle through an opening of 24 degrees. Now 6000 (576 plus 240) to 9000, or from 3 to 6 to 9.
    1536,00 was all people or 3 and 3×3=9 so 1536,00 times 3 is 4608 and 4608 times 5,625 is 25920 the great zodiac cycle.

    It is this structure that is needed for these holy numbers to have any meaning, anything else is just number juggling. And in it you find the mechanism of creation, the biblical story is the carrier of this knowledge, and this is so for many others such as the Veda,s and the creation story of the annunaki , the goal of the alchemist and this knowledge was the power the ark of covenant represents.

    Some of you will recognize this 3 6 and 9 from other articles, it was Nicola Tesla who said:if you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 , then you would have a key to the universe.

    read more on the website http://www.truth-revelaions.com

    • interesting stuff …

      but did you know sir …. that the Fibonacci series lead me to a MODEL of the Universe that can be applied to both the Macrocosmic and the Microcosmic?

      i.e. fits both an electron and a star?


      • dear Raphael,

        itis indeed much more then the number connection, while numbers have meaing, represent part of the spectrum.
        but yes we could talk about tesla ,s 369, but many of these things can be found on the website. and please feel free to ask anything you wish, and where can i see your model?

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