‘SStanding Wave Theory’ *Why moSeS and the Vikings had Horns

What does a viking, moSeS , hermes the meSSenger and resonance (frequency) have in common with the KEY to Universal Movement which has been recovered?

All come with horns or wings attached to them.


Watch the video … listen very carefully … and at 1:11 you will see why all of those ARCHETYPES, viking/moSeS/hermes wear caps with horns/wings.

two frequencies = two directions = LEFT or RIGHT handedneSS
And handedneSS is best defined using the ‘SS’.

(the SS will be explained later)


How does perSeuS  match up with those archetypes above?

The Helm of Darkness is the weapon made especially for Hades (deity) during the war known as the Titanomachy, in which the gods defeated the Titans and sent them to Tartarus.
The helmet was made of pure dogskin, and a pair of wings were attached to it, one on each side, so as to resemble the helmet of the god Hermes.
It rendered its wearer invisible.

Another interesting archetypal significant reference is made to the ‘helmet’ with two wings.

Helmets that look far too much like the wings seen in the Hans Jenny video, re: resonance, demonstrating nicely the two essential movements that are occurring not only in the spore but also suggesting to me, the same thing occurs in an atom, based on frequency.

CW and CCW
Which I feel can be translated into Spherical Standing Wave Theory?

NOW finally watch the video on Resonance … listen very carefully … and at 1:11 you will see why all of those ARCHETYPES, the viking/moSeS/hermeS/perSeuS wear caps with horns/wings…

The movement is described by Hans Jenny as a rotating wave motion.

These TWO movements are the KEY…listen and watch…watch how the flow is outward toward the edges which then loop/feed back into the center, along the bottom rising in the center.
Creating a standing wave…or as we saw in the video, a dome/cap or helmet with wings described as a rotating wave.

AND evidently these wings have the power to make us invisible…


Whether the spore or an electron, as described by Hans Jenny or Milo Wolff, these are the very same movements, translated, as described in Spherical Standing Wave Theory.

So here is the intuitive insight I feel.
First we have two movements available to us as defined by science and mythical/scriptures.

CW and CCW or direction of spin.

These two movements of spin or how the + and – charges might line up, are illustrated nicely by the wings on the helmet of all those significant archetypal role models and heroes, like moSeS and perSeuS, is a clue perhaps to understanding how this helmet and its ability to effect invisibility, might be of benefit as we approach the ‘ZERO GRAVITY’ moment as defined by passing through the dark rift in 2012…or is it happening now?

Those wings on perSeuS helmet could be clue to helping us navigate through a pole shift or a reversal of fortunes.

Should we call it the dark rift or the dark riff, played on a stringed winged godly instrument?  

In music, a riff is an ostinato figure: a repeated chord progression, pattern, refrain or melodic figure, often played by the rhythm section instruments or solo instrument, that forms the basis or accompaniment of a musical composition

Here is what I, and coincidentally other philosophers feel.
The universe is musical.

BTW 528 hertz as a color would be a pale shade of GREEN.

What if?
The creator alchemist or soloist plays a repeated chord (dark riff) and as we paSS through the dark riff we will feel the vibe.
No doubt.
What I learned @ f.U.

https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … ned-at-fu/

The solution is too make love not war using music and all efforts to accomplish this, should be considered ‘fair’.
Spreading compaSSion using compreSSion waves.

The harmony of the spheres MORE than hints at a harmonious resonance playing a role in the end game.

Which I am told is only the beginning of another game.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


2 thoughts on “‘SStanding Wave Theory’ *Why moSeS and the Vikings had Horns

  1. thanks,
    I really like how the wings on the first image of Hermes in that blog look identical to the wings in the Hans Jenny video, swirling, when he is describing the rotating wave…
    Wow…what else could it mean?

    Can I make it any simpler than reducing it to two movements, CW and CCW?

    Do I get a feather to place into my thinking cap for making those connections?


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