2017 ~ The MAGIC of 369 ~ Solfeggio and the 3 NORNs

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

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Thanks a lot miSS understanding, ewe are RaisinG vibrations aren’t you?
Mirror, Sigil, Manouver…. I+I can Drive
Do I pass the test?
Do you want some more raisins ?
or is it time to/the change to currents yet?

yes apparently JJ (jackjill) are co-pilots in yer vehicle called the merKAba?
so apparently I appreciate being fed raisins 4 raisin the roof of belief?

along your journey as a seeker of TRUTH, and the intent needs to be clear, have you come across this site


From that site I found a lovely symbol…based on a ruined rune, called the Odal rune.
The odal is a rune that symbolizes immovable wealth (heredity) … and the fehu rune which also shares its roots with the other alphabets that have semitic roots and alpha/alef beth associations.

ALEF ~ Hebrew = cattle

ALPHA ~ Greek = cattle

FEHU ~ Rune = cattle

But why cattle?

… coincidentally those are the first letters of the Hebrew, Greek, and the Norse ‘alphabets’.

… and cattle appearing at the beginning of the alphabet means movable wealth in contrast to what odal is implying positioned at the end of the alphabet defined by immovable wealth.

Alpha to Omega
Aleph to Tau
Fehu to Odal

Clearly we have an idea which involves the beginning and an end, along with movement and rest or repose?

And in ancient times how did the they maintain lines of heredity?
Using the colors of heraldry?

So is there a connection between certain COLORs  and HERALDRY and HEREDITY?
To answer this question it helps to recall that the odal rune symbolizes immovable wealth linked to heredity.

FEHU is the first letter and ODAL is sometimes posited as the last of the ruined runes ‘alphabet’.
Ruined or simply allowed to fade?

And…yet the symbols live on to be used as tools to fine tune the human unconscious from a distance, using the invisible threads woven, fates woven by the 3 NORNS?

SOUND is another tool used by the program to program or condition the human conditioned.

The NORNs who were weavers of fate are associated with the colors …


They spin, weave, and cut the thread of each life and are believed to be the writers of the Book of Life.

The Norns are dressed in white and red and black. What they rule must be.


This can be done on the new moon.
If possible do this outside.

You will need:

2 glasses of red wine/juice
3 candles – BLACK, WHITE, and RED with Peorth carved on them
3 red apples
matches, pen, paper, and a fireproof container.

You can use a wand or a thame to cast your circle if you prefer.

Set up your altar facing North – the directions of the Norns.

Place your items on the altar.

Facing North call forth the North Wind thinking of what you associate with the North.


“Mother Wind come to me, bless and protect my circle”.

Some theorists/physicists suggest we reside on a Torus … that we are the electricity that feeds the magnet (i.e. the void/donut hole of the torus) and the magnet in turn feeds us …

The donut analogy would of course form part of my two bit, or 25 cent or ZS makes sense theory.
(… and later history would record that Randy Powell would be the second mortal to purchase a DOHnut franchise from the Master Baker, Homer Simpson was the first to buy into the unclear nuclear age…)

What if the donut the sheeple people reside ON resembles the Marko Rodin Coil.

And this is the stadium we ALL inhabit and reside ON.

UPDATE  September 4, 2014

I was wrong when I wrote the above comment … the topology is not a donut.
But I clearly point that out in this blog here:

And in regards to the  “WINDS OF CHANGE RITUAL” that I mention as a rite/ritual that we could have used as an application for 2012, what if we apply this ritual to the upcoming 2017 Celestial Pole Star Meditation instead?

Recall that I pointed out the obvious similarities between:

Alpha to Omega
Aleph to Tau
Fehu to Odal

Do I have an update that addresses the beginning (past) and an end (future), PLUS the middle (present),  along with movement and rest or repose?

~ end of UPDATE September 4, 2014 ~

And NOW I feel it is time to introduce the common thread or is it threads?

The 3 NORNS and the magic of 3, 6, 9 …

The above ritual as we approach 2012 I believe is a very nice fit….those 3 NORNs I want you to know are the 3 ‘strings’ of fate connected to SOUNDs….the ineffable, the divine and AUM let me think about it….the Solfeggio Frequencies?

I had a breakthrough JUST NOW, followed by the gift of the truth chill and a desire to blurt out the truth before the flames consume me….

11. Most of your chakras would be activated during the healing process… Including increased telepathic, clairvoyant and healing abilities(If you would feel a tingling and more than usual warmth in the center of your left palm if you are right handed and the other way round if you are left handed, you need to know that you have the ability to cure the 3-dimensional ailments or diseases of others)… there would be so many new things you would discover about your new abilities!! what I mention here are just a fraction of the whole.

3, 6, and 9

As we look at the six original Solfeggio frequencies, using the Pythagorean method, we find the base or root vibrational numbers are 3, 6, & 9.

Nicola Tesla tells us, and I quote:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

So the root or vibrational number is a 3 … the 3 NORNs of course … the truth chills can’t be wrong.

And these strings of fate if you can imagine … would be the BASElines … I imagine … fateful strings that diSSect our solar system, producing very very very low sounds, already recorded by Chandra telescope at a numbing 57 decibels below middle ‘C’.
Incredibly long wavelengths that might appear as taunt strings that pass through our solar system as straight lines, but are actually curved golden spirals and each string comes with its own distinct vibe.

Call it the XYZ that helps define SPACE.

Gravity is SOUND don’t you SEE, sounds we cannot feel BUT we help create the illusion…when light bends around the SUN it is because the light has been caught by the frequency or vibe…and who can resist the tune the SUN sings…eh?
Not Mi!!!

… remember this blog is the result of archetypal Thoth thoughts that I am pondering daily.

The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is known and worshiped in Pagan cultures all over the world.
She is eternal, yet always in a state of change.

Her colors are white for the maidenred for the mother and black for the crone.

The Symbol of the Triple Goddess is the Waxing, Full and Waning Moons.

How do you like them raisins?

Shall we add the 4th color GOLD to the alchemy experiment?



p.s. how the theory is progressing as of Sept. 4/2014

Here is a website that did not like my theory, felt threatened by it, needed to ban me.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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  1. nice post…so i am envisioning the numbers 3,6 and 9 as representing the feminine and symbolizing the inward motion of a torus in torsion and the 1,2,4,8,7,5 as being masculine and symbolizing the outward motion of a torus in torsion

    how did rodin come up with the 339669 pattern anyhow?


  2. not sure how rodin arrived at his torus …
    I do know the numbers 1,2,4,5,7,8 FORM his Torus or COIL.

    And note that those numbers on the torus appear to run in TWO directions … the 369 is actually the space between the 12 pairs.
    12 x 2 = 24 = 12 spaces = 36 coils
    24 visible and 12 invisible

    The 369 runs up the center similar to the ACGT that comprise the rungs between the TWO filaments in DNA that also run in opposite directions, coincidentally.

    You might like to join this forum…good stuff being composed/understood…also on that page is an image of what I mean by 369 being in the center.



  3. alright well i know how rodin got the first pattern 1,2,4,8,7,5 which is just from doubling like cellular division

    there is a pattern in the fibonacci sequence starting with 3 which repeats as 3,3,6,9,6,6,3,9 but that is not what rodin is using so i am stumped?

    yeah i am member of abrahadabra…i joined after finding some of mythmath’s videos on youtube a little while back when i was looking up solfeggio stuff…good to see that discussion is back, it got a little quite over there with you gone 🙂

    i feel this crop circle might be trying to share the same information as ed’s fly wheel:



  4. maybe we should continue the cellular division thing over at abra…

    I have felt for sometime … maybe now is a good time to introduce this … that by studying meioSiS and mitoSiS will give us a greater understanding to the concept of the holy spirit SS and of course geneSiS…or ancient gene therapy, DNA repair, called gene-SiS.


  5. agreed…i am curious about your dmt experiences…i had quite an ayahuasca vision in peru and the egptian dance filling all of space was one of the many highlights

  6. Well I was in Peru…did a little san pedro, and I do prefer mushrooms over LSD and san pedro.

    But organic DMT / ayahuasca is still but a dream.
    I want to go back to Peru … hang with a shaman … proper diet … etc.

    curious what I would experience…and better yet…what wisdom would I return with.


  7. Three Six Nine…

    … constitute a “Third” type of number besides Odd and Even, “neither Odd nor Even,” but Trinary.

    Look at the old Taoist Diagram of Lou Shu, aka the magic square of 3×3 (Saturn).

    This figure contains all nine root digits in a synergistic packet: each row, column, and diagonal totals 15, with 5 in the center.

    The five odd numbers form a central cross, with the even numbers at the four corners. There’s your 4 and 5, eh?

    We are taught that there are two types of numbers, even and odd. But there’s actually a third type, as important and relevant as even or odd. Call this third type of number Trine. 3, 6, and 9.

    Thus, there are three basic types of number here, with three elements (numbers per set)

    Sure, 3 and 9 are odd and 6 is even, but the Trine aspect overrides that.

    View the arrangement in the Lou Shu / Magic Square

    4 9 2
    3 5 7
    8 1 6

    The three Odd root numbers 1, 5, and 7 form a right angle proceeding up and left (clockwise).

    The three Even root numbers 2, 4, and 8 form a right triangle growing sideways and then down.

    And the three Trine root numbers form a triangle. These are the Norns?

    Could the Lou Shu / Magic Square of Saturn also be an illustration of Yggdrasil, the World Tree with its NINE worlds and its THREE ROOTS (the roots being the three sets of numbers I mentioned above)?

    Add the even digit roots: 2+4+8=14=5 (FIVE)
    Add the odd digit roots: 1+5+7=13=4 (FOUR)

    Add the Trine digit roots: 3+6+9=15=6 (SIX)

    FYI the three basic types of numbers mentioned above can aid in the understanding of many concepts, including the equitable and desirable economic system once known as “Distributisn” which is “neither right nor left, capitalism nor communism,” though it seems to contain elements of both. When you take them in a synergistic mix, they become something

  8. Aloha Raphael and Seekers !

    Manny thanks and congratulation for all this material you gather in this site!

    I just found it a couple of days ago – I’m keep on reading – but you can see how good it is …anyhoo – it resonates with where I am now – in my returning journey. Once again , thanks for your beautifully gift ! And thanks for the excellent quote I found at the beginning of this article:

    ” If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

    Related to the above article – I have some things to share – and my issue is I’m not that good to drafting and sharing information. I might need some help with that – maybe I’ll find a better and simpler way to publish it. I invite your comments in this subject matter.

    Starting the 2012 episode of my journey with -The Mayan Calendar ( as a human evolution timeline) , Tzolkin, I-Ching, Time Wave Zero Theory, Fractal Theory , Holographic Universe Theory, Morphic Resonance, Non- locality Quantum Physics, Astrology , Astronomy , Numerology, Gematria and Lexigrams – I get to the point to prove myself the existence and content of ‘THE CYCLE’.

    Further questions to be addressed :

    1)Where can you find it ?
    2)How you can find it?
    3)In the end -what this cycle is ?

    Well , I believe I got some answers to these questions – and this is what I would like to share with you. And I know that: Nothing new under the Sun – but I still hope in a way -to bring my humble contribution 9 maybe some novelty and fun) to this extraordinary enlighten process we’re living these years !

    …there is more 2 come…

    A Warm Aloha for All of You ,


  9. continuing my previous comment…about the Universal CYCLE

    First questionadressed was:

    1)Where can I find it ?

    I got that right away – as an easy one: It’s EVERYWHERE ! Infinite Fractal repetitions/ replicas of THE CYCLE are EVERYWHERE! The Universe life time, Galaxies Life time, Solar System Life Time, Earth Life time, Organic Life time and down to the Sub-Atomic particle – all follow the same fractal cyclic pattern. It’s all about “Information – and different Levels of Resolution. The Holographic Universe concept. All Entangled and Inter-connected. No separate entities – just RELATIONSHIPS. It’s all ONE – and the tip of the lance of contemporary human science/technology – which is the Quantum Physics – has already proof it for us.

    Nikola Testla – the unknown mystic scientist of the 20th Century – the man ahead his time – he got it right. The ‘Key of the Universe’ When he got it – he ‘invented’( or re-discovered) the alternating current, he discovered the polyphasic sleep – which he applied along his lifetime – because is the same thing. Because our bodies are following the same cycle with the Universe – which is an “alternating current’ cycle of imploding- exploding Energy into Matter (and vice versa) . And the whole (as the sum of these two) stays ALLWAYS the same. No GAIN without LOSS – and no LOSS without GAIN…the eternal dance of 9 and 6 …( and I’ll explain this one later..)

    …there is more 2 come…


  10. …continuing my previous comment…about the Universal CYCLE

    …the Second question :

    2) How can I find it?( And prove it in my own way)

    The Mayan, The I-Ching, Time wave Zero Theory have prove it in their own way – with their own means and methods/ calculations. And they end up by finding the FRACTAL, REPEATABLE SEQUENCE of some ‘FINITE’-like elements defining the CYCLES of TIME. ( ..which by the way – time- doesn’t exist at all. There is just Human Cultural Development – like Terence McKenna put it – or you better call it if you like – Human Consciousness Journey HCJ ).

    …so back on track ..my logic was: If this cycle is, again – present, contended in any defined sequence of TIME – that means …one can find it EVERYWHERE( A year, a month, a week, a day, n hour, a minute, a second, a millisecond…and so on…) And what was the most convenient time frame – from my perspective – was ONE WEEK time frame. From the very beginning – I was 100% positive – that I could find it there. And I found it. The ETERNAL DANCE of 6 and 9…

    It might be a good time here – to highlight – why HUMANS are connected with PLANETS. Astrology always mentioned it .But our DUAL vision/perspective of Everything ( seeing Humans as separate entity of Universe/Environment ) – didn’t allowed us to see it clear. We got caught in the habit of considering Astrology more like something fun/personal hint/advisory thing – when you are really bored or unemployed , or is reading outside and nothing really else to do…and you have it forgotten in the next minute or so…

    Astrology is not about that. Luckily Quantum Physics have proved it:
    The Non-locality of the sub-atomic particle –and of the Universe – at the same time. The WHOLE is ENTANLED – LINKED by RELATIONS.

    The Universe as the BIG (entangled) BROTHER of the ATOM – and we, HUMANS – trapped somewhere in BETWEEN. ‘To see a world in a grain of sand’…Blake poetry confirmed.

    …there is more 2 come…


  11. Greetings, I found your posts and read them over the past few days. I believe I can help you as well. You aren’t alone Raph. I also vibrate frequently now. I have been educating circles on many similar things.

    For example, I saw a post where you discussed chess. All ancient games mimic the truth. Perhaps you would prefer cards? The decks are either red or blue representing the spectrum of our understanding through sound, sight and emotion. When you flip over the red or blue deck cards you see how the world is broken down further. All cards have black, red, white and yellow themes of alchemy but each has their meaning. Unlike tarot, these cards are only about the people of the physical world but with clues on how we move forward. When we play cards we act out influences. The king and queen have their soldiers (jacks) to help them subjugate the masses.
    2’s sacrifice themselves to follow another.
    3’s are carefree but too childish to understand the bigger picture. 4’s spend their lives fighting for respect
    5’s invite danger and know the external world better than the rest
    (Since you like 5 Raph, it may be important for you to also note that 5 is the number of the 5 senses)
    6’s are the force of the non-elite. Always in a position of trust, they can either assume burdens for the rest or misuse to manipulate and deceive
    7’s investigate the mysteries of life in secrecy. A 7 is capable of advising but is more likely to keep info. to themselves
    8’s desire success and recognition.
    9’s touch the heart of humanity

    That brings us to 10. Ten is the lie that the Kings and Queens want you to believe. The promise of the ten from the elite will make you think you are better than the rest.

    In the end there is only 1 truth and that is the ace of ascension. Even the lies of the 10 are broken down to the ascension. (numerology 1+0=1) The Kings, Queens and Jacks will entice you with hints of green or blue but if you are true to yourself you follow the ace that holds all truths. The Ace of ascension is the hero who is creative and shows the way. Will you trust your kings and queens or do you hope for aces?

  12. great comments all keep studying I have found great information. I am Looking for specific things to answer many questions, and have found many . karma

  13. One of those ‘it came to me’ Google searches:


    based on some of my quite fragmented, diverse research areas, produced this thread at the very top.

    Thanks for tempting me to raise my head outa the box.

    Exploring this one thread is taking linear time, true, and for me after carefully and cautiously exploring a hyper-tributary or two, consciously re-grounding myself to this “main” thread, I do think I’m learning something good about “harmonics”. Thanks for the harmonic depth-n-breadth-of-fields. Now THAT’s music.

    Long live the Tesla resonance…

  14. Hi HO Im PhI VeRa=Truth.
    The daughter of Rune the Carpenter and Birgit the Holy Bridge from the NorthPolar Ring of KaLiX=TimeX.
    The Golden 3X of ReZoneance is *Blowin in the NWind*

    It’s like Sound of Music RaLPhi to SEE your storyline : ))

    The Surprise Arshetyphi now ready to make people fall out in the chAir.

    HOPE 4 A11

  15. Having scraped my brains off the ceiling and stuffed them back back into my cranium, I will share this with you. It has to do with a certain quality of the number 7:

    1/7 = .14285714285714285714….

    2/7 = .285714285714….

    3/7 = .428571428571….

    4/7 = .571428571428….and so forth….

    Notice anything missing there: 3, 6, 9. This is the exact pattern from which the eneagram is derived, this series, with the 369 finishing the familiar 9-pointed pattern. One could call 369 triangular numbers; the others, square.

    I need to digest this page I’ve just finished reading. I’m awestruck. Thank you all.

  16. Jeff , thanks for sharing this.Raphael, again, this is heavy info you are sharing here on this website. I just hope to get the chance to share with you and everyone interested some of the things I found so far.

    Many thanks,


  17. Raphael,

    Very good as allways !

    With regard the ‘puzzle with layers of depth’ – I believe you can conclude that

    the 3r layer reprezents the
    Lo Shu Square/Ancient Arpeggio – you name it …


    the 2r layer is the reduction of the above

    3 =4+1+7
    6= 5+2+8
    9 =6+3+9

    and the 1r is again the reduction of the above


    6 = 9+6



    where the simple definition and 9 and 6 is :

    6=wave/ sound


    …like you said here above – everything reduced to the energy /matter wave/particle duality.


  18. If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
    — Nikola Tesla

    SEPTEMBER 3RD, SEPTEMBER 6TH & SEPTEMBER 9TH Are TRUE dates of Tesla’s Experiment in Colorado Springs that yielded the FINGER OF GOD up the Rockies at Yakutat Bay, in n1899

    • you solved nothing…you found a correspondence.

      3 6 9 has more to do with vortex math and the Bab-Ilu.

      google marko rodin
      and then google bab-ilu and swastika

      have a nice day


    • dude what is your point exactly?

      do you want to use my wordblog to assist in your ‘666’ judeao/christian biblical rants?

      won’t happen.
      enough websites spewing that kind of ignorance.

      Please summarize your stance, your intentions, before I approve any more of your posts.


      • dude I asked you what your MO was?
        after looking at your site…I came to the conclusion that I don’t need your presence here.

        this blog is not for bible thumpers to park their sorry butts and preach their 666 end of world rants…

        it is rather unique site that focuses on the much maligned swastika and its deeper quantum meanings…

        this blog is run and operated by a gay (happy) guy who wants to push his swastiKEY down the yaps of judeao/christians who spew racism and hate and all kinds of other IGNORANT propaganda about their THEORY called jeSuS vs. the Devil.

        take your story about 666 elsewhere.


      • The crazy thing is on the Cross Jesus was nailed at the 3,6,9 on the clock. Time. He overcame Saturn..he broke and escaped the cube!

      • There are infinite number of ways to tell a story using a finite set of archetypes, found all over the world.

        ^^^ What if the paradox to escaping the cube of Saturn is to go within as the allegory and metaphor suggests?

        The cube within the cube, the hypercube, the tesseract.
        It is like a countdown, the cube of Saturn is 3x3x3, the cube of Uranus is 2x2x2, the cube of Neptune is 1x1x1, beyond Pluto is zero, or blastoff into new frontiers …
        Important to note that long ago Uranus and Neptune appeared to have swapped orbits.

  19. 3/6=9 …all this funny activity started right when I wrote the word swastika in a message..what a beautiful day it is in the particalwave reality. There is NO way to contain *this* into numbers, it have its own alive life. Having *one lovely heart time* gravitating into this Q UT E world.
    Thanks millions -Namaste

      • Hi Raphael,
        I’m not Alex, sorry. So I don’t know Jeremy either…

        I just thought his site would be of interest, as I see connections.

        I really hope it helpS… and I keep following you.

        All the best.

      • Humanity will probably thank YOU.
        For the moment, only some of us can, because we are a group on the same path (I guess). I had seen what you came up with. I’m not part of the foros, that’s why I keep talking to you here, I hope it’s ok that way…
        As you said, it’s important to say it’s “public domain”, and the more you spread your ideas, the more we can go ahead (although you mostly lead the way for the moment I think).
        I could only see this would help, and I’m glad it had.

        Sometimes I’d like to translate all that in french and spanish to connect more people who don’t speak you language, but I don’t have time now. Time will come as you said.

        Keep going!

      • YES!!!
        Please keep going!
        Your writings, and discoveries help me understand this information, which frankly most of the time goes over my head…but I “get it” when it comes from you. It all becomes more of an, “Oh yeah, I know all this already deep inside” kind of feeling…hope that makes sense.
        I am so glad I found you, and this site.
        Thank you!

  20. “scripted in” Thats the part that keeps me projecting.
    Awareness of that fact can definably change your perspective. whats the process of how one is scripted into an expression of potentiality and emergence?
    Higher awareness of what is above , or below for that matter.
    To higher awareness!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Raphael,
    you have to take a look at this book: “Mayan’s Aintiram”, that’s an english translation of ancient mayan texts…
    It talks about some 64-square primordial structure, OM (or “aum”, as you mentioned elsewhere about the swatika found in indian tradition), etc… It actually helps “remembering” the links we have been missing.

    Keep going, keep going, keep going…

    • Do you know any way to get a copy of Aintiram – I would love to meditate on that.

      • In the Aintiram, Mayan speaks of the unfolding of letters (visual forms) from what he called OM Light; and, sounds of consonants and vowels (aural forms) from what he called OM Sound. He indicates this phenomenon by beginning every verse of his commentary on the Aintiram (called the Pranava Veda – first veda) with Oli, O’li (ஒலி, ஒளி) indicating OM Light and OM Sound. OM, being a universal sound and light form and not a Sanskrit term nor a Hindu term. These are the only texts in ancient literature that mention both OM Light and OM Sound. In addition, they are the only texts that elucidate the manifestation process as both a spiritual and scientific process.
        In Tamil’ Aintu’ stands for five.
        The five aspects are

        1/ The primary source of creation (moolam – மூலம்),
        2/ The vibration factor leading to creation or the Time factor (kaalam – காலம்),
        3/ The order inherent in the vibration (seelam – சீலம்)
        4/ Form emerging from the primary source through the vibration (kolam – கோலம்) and
        5/ Finally the end result being the form emerging from the primary source through the vibration (kolam) and finally the end result being the all–encompassing universe.

        Thanks for bringing it to my attention a second time.
        We can date it to 10,000 BCE?
        Wonderful that is the starting point of my swastika narrative too.


  22. Hi raphael,
    i am amazed at what your doing here and the significance of these numbers. i don’t know how this isn’t viral yet.

    3 =4+1+7
    6= 5+2+8
    9 =6+3+9

    i know this might not seem like much but i noticed if u add and reduce the numbers vertically (4+5+6, 1+2+3, 7+8+9) they all result in 6. together its 666, the infamous judaeo christian number. also, adding and reducing in the shape of a cross (4+2+9, 6+3+7, 5+2+8, and 1+2+3) also results in 6. also, 333, 666, and 999, add and reduce to 9. Might not be much but i feel we are coming closer and closer to the point where all points connect to each other.

  23. Hi Raphael. I just found your blog and seems like ill spend much time in here reading it. I just want to ask you if there is anything indicates that 6 is left and 9 is right and i have something very interesting to show you in Greek Gematria about. The numbers 3 6 9 along with 13 have stolen a lot of my time to research. I will just say now that 6 = Μatter = Body = Receiver and that 9 = Spirit = Divine = Vortex = Transmitter. I got this in this way: Πομπός(transmitter in Greece) = 540 = 9 and Δέκτης = 537 = 15 = 6.

    • hey there
      when I first saw the Greek script in your response and you mentioning 6 and 9, I immediately was reminded about the differences between the Hebrew and Greek alphabets which is noted in the values of the letters.

      i.e. the Greeks have no letter that has a value 6 (it would have been digamma) or for 90.
      But the Hebrew alphabet does.
      And the word for perfection in Hebrew has a value of 90.


  24. Unfortunately i don’t know Hebrew otherwise would interest me. I think that there is some triangular relation with Greek and Hebrew tradition based on Isis=Greek Tradition – Osiris=Hebrew Tradition – and Horus=Christ.

    Look at this now.
    The number 3 gives:
    ΦΑΝΗΣ = 759 = 21 = 3 > Phanes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phanes_%28mythology%29
    ΦΑΛΛΟΣ = 831 = 12 = 3 > Phallus
    ΑΡΡΕΝ = 255 = 12 = 3 > Male
    ΠΕΡΙΤΤΟΣ = 1065 = 12 = 3 > Odd

    ΘΗΛΥ = 447 = 15 = 6 > Female
    ΑΡΤΙΟΣ = 681 = 15 = 6 > Even
    ΥΛΗ = 438 = 15 = 6 > Matter
    ΣΩΜΑ = 1041 = 6 > Body
    ΚΟΣΜΟΣ = 600 = 6 > cosmos
    ΣΥΜΠΑΝ = 771 = 15 =6 > Universe
    ΔΕΚΤΗΣ = 537 = 15 = 6 > Receiver

    ΔINH = 72 = 9 > Vortex
    ΘΕΙΟΝ = 144 = 9 > Devine
    ΠΝΕΥΜΑ = 576 = 18 = 9 > Spirit

    ΑΘΗΝΑ = 69 > Goddess Athena = Wisdom

    ΟYΡΑΝΟΣ = 891 = 18 = 9 > Uranus = Sky
    ΓΑΙΑ = 15 = 6 > Gaia = Earth

    There is also the issue of the higher oath of the Pythagorians(according to Plutarch) to the number 36 where 3+6=9.

    36 is identified as the Tetractys that is the sum of the first 4 even and first 4 odd numbers
    2 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 20
    1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16
    = 36 = 9

    (“Bless us, divine number, thou who generated gods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation! For the divine number begins with the profound, pure unity until it comes to the holy four; then it begets the mother of all, the all-comprising, all-bounding, the first-born, the never-swerving, the never-tiring holy ten, the keyholder of all”)

    The 3 Tetractys numbers are 4 10 and 36.

    • do you have any great links/evidence to support that claim?
      the more the better

      because the SWASTIKA is also the tetragrammaton or more commonly known as YHVH = YaHVeH, YaHWeH or JeHoVaH


  25. I know that Tetraktys stands for isosceles cross(known as Greek cross-all arms of equal length- and as Zeus Cross) and the four elements like Swastika.
    So its like Swastika is produced by Tetraktys and gives motion on it. This is validated by academics in Greek sites and probably in English sites that i don’t know. The claim that Tetraktys stands for Zwastika is mainly from theosophical articles that can be found here and there that could be just an assumption like mine. What i can tell is this, we know that Swastika is associated with the sun god Apollo > http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=220366

    Tetraktys was also associated by the Pythagorean’s with the one God Sun Apollo(they were saying ΣΥ ΕΙ ΕΝ = You are the one for ever). So most probably we are talking about the Sun Cross
    (http://www.seiyaku.com/customs/crosses/sun.html) in movement.

    The Tetraktys – Apollo relation can be extracted from Greek Gematria also > ΤΕΤΡΑΚΤΥΣ = ΤΟ ΣΗΜΕΙΟ ΑΝΑΦΟΡΑΣ = ΕΣΤΙΝ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ = ΕΣΤΙΝ ΓΝΩΣΗ = ΕΣΤΙΝ Ο ΑΡΜΟΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΟΜΟΣ = 1626

    Tetraktys = The point of reference = It is Apollo = It is Knowledge = It is the harmonic law.

    Apollo was also known as Α-πολων and Ομοπολων. The one with the same polarity(right-left) Ομοπολων that is above the polarity = Α-πολων and the one that sets the poles in motion.

    So by my opinion even if there is not any ancient text that can back up this, you can extract the conclusion your self by studying the
    Greek tradition, so the theosophical site point this out, could have right anyway, even if there is no references in ancients text but
    most probably there is but unfortunately i cant find them.

    As about the Tetragrammaton. I think is important to know that at the first translations of Bible in Greek was translated as IAO that
    was the mystical name of the one god which were associated with Zeus(Marduk- Amun Ra – Indra etc) and Apollo.

    I think that there could be some relation with Marduk and Archangel Michael also, since is the first known dragon slayer like both Zeus and Apollo was.

    Also we must know that the Greeks were associated the son of god with the son of Zeus Apollo like they did with Mithra’s.

    Of course this relation is made by pagans that turned to Christians and not by the church fathers.

    I think that you will like this:

    I find this interesting also > http://gnosticteachings.org/courses/kabbalah-3-gnostic-kabbalah/168-gnostic-kabbalah-1-atziluth.html

    and this:

    Click to access Swastika.pdf

    The monad (the manifested One) is the principle of all things. From the monad and the indeterminate duad (Chaos), numbers; from numbers, points; from points, lines; from lines, superfices.” The circle represents the Unknown One; the point in the circle signifies the Logos. Daiviprakriti, the light of the Logos, becomes Fohat, the link between spirit and matter. The point becomes a horizontal diameter. This initial, passive duality becomes a conscious activation of duality through human life, symbolized by a vertical diameter cutting across the horizontal, balancing heaven and earth and penetrating both. The swastika is taken from the circumscribed cross; its hooks are portions of the circle now rendered directional. The Logoic point, expanding toward the four cardinal points, has set the wheel in motion.

    I hope that i find more time to deal with this. I find your research very interesting.

  26. Do you agree with this my friend? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCbPB8q6ZBQ&feature=related

    I’m very interested about your opinion.

    In my essence I’m like left rotating but i caught my self many times to rotate right and try to direct thought of others. My believe is the synchronicity between the 2 -Ομοπολών – Beyond Poles and not the left or the right polarization. The divine descent in right rotation trying to reach us and we ascend by the left rotation. Like in the picture of god right hand trying to reach human left hand. We are lambs-left handed-passive to divine 69 and we can become energetic to divine 96. In my opinion 96 could stand for the Delphic 3E and Swastika and the 69 for the star of David. You will love this also. From the word Swastika-Σβάστικα=734 in Greek Gematria i get Θεία Αρχή – Divine Start > Δύο Πόλοι – Two Poles > ΑΡΡΕΝ ΚΑΙ θΗΛΥ > Male and Female !!! > ΕΝΟΤΗΤΑ > Unity !!! > ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΑΙ ΣΤΗΛΑΙ – Hercules Pillars(twin pillars named Jachin and Boaz). So the right way to place this symbols is to put Swastika in the heart of Hexagram. God transmits 96 and we receive 69 = wisdom but we can also transmit? (Πομπός)Transmitter = Διδάσκαλος(meaning divine teacher).

    • the video has the SWASTIKAS rotating INCORRECTLY

      arms bent right turns left
      arms bent left turns right
      think of a fireworks’ pin-wheel

      I did not get past the first minute or so.
      Evidently I am the fella (with the assistance of Raphael the archangel) who needs to make the definitive version of the SWASTIKA tell all.

      Who wants to join Team Alpha?


    • I was stepping on those 369 clues some time ago Indigo.
      Here is my latest blog, where I am today.

      ‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla and the Philosopher’s Stone
      >>> https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/

      I am literally and figuratively putting many ideas on the same page.
      Together they create a model.
      Feel free to visit that page to see if your 369 ideas are a good fit for this group of inspired individuals who all left their mark, IDEAS we can build on.


  27. I see you are on the right path, focus on pomegranate garnet crystal Da Vinci code, the beehive code, coral castle calcite code, diamagnetism, on the rhombic vesica piscis code, the number 1 mon -key, the rhombic dodecahedron shadow or 2 d projection of the hypercube, 9 and 6 bind on the middle of the two cubes aligned with 3, Piscis binary cartesian coordinates.
    1001 arabian nights plus 0110 = 1111
    9 + 6 =15 Lo shu turtle codex
    The pyra-mid-del fire of the golden s-pira-l, the Goddes regeneration sexual fire of the pentagonal rosae crucis ages.


  28. This is not my truth, it’s the truth secret societies have always known, since the beginning of civilization, since the fallen angels left their seed.
    I’ve just decoded their secrets, basically what we need to understand is that the matrix is a hypercube, chase the octagon, the swastika encrypts opposite rotation spiral vectors, 6 and 9, man and woman the button code meeting together in 1111.
    The hypercube is composed of two cubes rotating in opposite directions, we are 6 the number of man, the other is the Goddes, so she is Venus pentagonal cycle, the apple code.

    Again take a look at the forbidden apple rhombic dodecahedron diagram, the forbidden fruit of knowledge, then you will understand what is all about.



    Not yet actualized with last research


    • do you have a link for this claim:
      “Voyager confirmed a 60 degrees magnetic component striking on to our solar system whic confirms our actual rhombic dodecahedron”

      and more detail for this claim:
      “the swastika encrypts opposite rotation spiral vectors, 6 and 9”


  29. The swastika are basically two spirals crossing each other, same concept than the Greek key, and Freemason letter G, basically the diamagnetic force of bismuth and the Galactic center, the galactic bermuda triangle, the pine gap which energizes the system through the pyramid middle fire.

  30. Nicola Tesla tells us, and I quote: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

    Where is the prime source for this supposed “quote”, when and where did Tesla say this?


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