“My Conversations with JEHOVAH = SWASTIKA”

UPDATE February 12, 2017


continue reading:  “….The SWASTIKA and my altar ego called Raphael…WOW …

The reason for this update today is because of how this blog post you are reading antedates the year 2012.
Clearly these earlier writings suggest that this quest I had embarked on August 1, 2007 the day after my official retirement on July 31st 2007.
I was conscious enough at the time to realize that I was going on a trip … I just had no idea what to expect, my expectations were not great at all.

Believe it or not the ‘meaningful coincidence’ became my greatest ally when trying to separate fact from fiction and friction.
Meaningful coincidences or synchronicity became the affirmations that neither science nor theologian could ever hope to define for you the way your inner child-guide can for you.
The ‘meaningful coincidence’ often supplied by the World TEACHER seemed to ‘predict’ or ‘anticipate’ the image of a photon [see images below] that I would be shown in October 2016 [9+ years after retirement] … and ever since being shown that image by Gabriel, the arkEtypal Raphael has been on fire.



God said:

RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In this Sign Conquer”

Photon Knights Templar are awarded Maltese Crosses similar to this one…why?


Quantum holography sheds light.

FaKebook friend Gabriel Clarke shared the following link below with ME+me on October 8th at 12:09 p.m.

Hologram of a single photon ~ original pdf. dated January 11, 2016.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram.

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

As the above image on the left illustrates you can construct a Maltese Cross by joining the letters AEON found in this 5×5 square known as the Knights Templar Magic Square, its attributions were assigned the planet Mars, and Mars was the god of wars, including chivalry, valor, and creativeness.
Note also that wars is an anagram of Mars.
4 AEON or 4 AION or 4 AGES results in one Maltese crusader cross as we can clearly see in the above illustrations.

~end of UPDATE~

There has been a spiritual heist ~ this is a stick up ~ put your hands in the air!

author of this blog many moons ago

The gods were called upon and asked to manifest themselves. This was done via a ritual, which involved the invocation of the First Time, which was seen as an existence outside of this reality, comparable to the world of archetypes as defined by Carl Jung.

In the ritual, an image of the god that was called upon was made. Then, the “opening of the mouth” was performed, by reciting certain words of power, which meant that the image became filled with the presence of the god. The statue was his residence.
Not only gods resided in statues. Statues of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were believed to hold his ka.

The ka was a spiritual double and was born with every man and lived on after he died as long as it had a place to live. Of course, the body was mummified to try and preserve this, but it could also apparently be transferred onto something else, like an “artificial body”: a statue.

The “opening of the mouth” ceremony performed on the deceased Pharaoh was precisely linked with tying the ka to its Earthly residence… and it is also the inspiration for the so-called mummy’s curse, which would become popular in the late 19th century.

The story of visualising the gods by continued thought is similar to the biblical story of Jacob praying to his angel, who finally, after much concentrated thought, manifests himself. Jacob too challenges and fights with his angel, before he gets from that angel what he wants. The “guardian angel” in ancient Egypt was often referred to as the ka: it was the conscience or guide of each individual and in Asclepius’ dialogue with Hermes, we should perhaps see this as an inner dialogue, of Asclepius talking to his “guardian angel” and guide – an archetype, Hermes.

Or in my case the guardian angel appears to be Raphael or Labbiel.

Heka or Hike ~ activating the Ka ~ ta da

Heka (/ˈhɛkə/; Egyptian: Ḥkȝ; also spelt Hike) was the deification of magic in Egyptian mythology, his name being the Egyptian word for “magic”. According to Egyptian writing (Coffin text, spell 261), Heka existed “before duality had yet come into being.

Heka literally means activating the Ka, the aspect of the soul which embodied personality.

So if you tell somebody to go take a ‘hike’, it means go activate your ka?

Top Ten Power Poses

Gold Medallist Tommie Smith, (center) and Bronze medallist John Carlos (right) showing the raised fist on the podium after the 200m in the 1968 Summer Olympics wearing Olympic Project for Human Rights badges. The third athlete is silver medalist Peter Norman from Australia wearing an OPHR badge to show his support for the two Americans.great site helping to relive the moment:

But but butt what number is Tommie Smith wearing …?
  • 307

Second place finisher Peter Norman was wearing …

  • 111

3rd place finisher John Carlos wore …

  • 259

Together Tommie Smith and John Carlos were at the time making a statement about ‘power’.
And the significance of that act of defiance is only starting to become even clearer today as a ‘coincidence’.

It is a MEME MEMEory image connected to civil rights, and by chance, by mere coincidence one pair of black gloves defined a moment in history.

What is less known is that Norman, a white Australian, donned a badge on the podium in support of their cause, the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR). On the way out to the medal ceremony, Norman saw the badge being worn by Paul Hoffman, a white member of the US Rowing Team, and asked him if he could wear it. It was also Norman who suggested that Smith and Carlos share the black gloves used in their salute, after Carlos left his gloves in the Olympic Village. This is the reason for Tommie Smith raising his right fist, while John Carlos raised his left. Asked about his support of Smith and Carlos’ cause by the world’s press, Norman said he opposed his country’s government’s White Australia policy.

I also happened to notice the following coincidence too:

1 = 307 (3+7=10=1+0=1)
3 = 111 (1+1+1=3)
7 = 259 (2+5+9=16=1+6=7)

Tommie Smith RIGHT ARM raised + John Carlos LEFT ARM raised = KA
I feel like a winner power pose!

307 … 259

Is there a cosmic idEA linking 37 to the power pose and god and the collective unconscious?

Are we underestimating the fine print that we dismiss as ‘coincidences’?

Japanese variations of the Manji  


The premise is simple.

If I can provide proof that the ancients believed the following to be true…

JEHOVAH and the SWASTIKA are profoundly related idEAs …

Are these the many faces of JEHOVAH?

…then I must ask the obvious…are my rants and raves and my theSiS signature below, in fact proof of my ‘ongoing conversations’ with the creator alchemist jehovah/god OR however defined, these past 4+ years? … shhh … don’t tell anybody, the Creator Alchemist, the Grand Architect, the Big Kahuna, talks to me using sign language.

Do you know of anybody else that is as driven as little me about this particular symbol, known popularly as the very unpopular swastika?
It is true that I have been banned from more forums than have allowed me to stay because of my inceSSant ranting and raving.

What if I can’t help it?
What if something within me is like a untamed flame called passion?
Is it the responsibility for each member of the herd to turn their receivers ON?

Once I had my receiver engaged I was led to this symbol in a Peruvian Monastery which is associated with the Dominican Order.

What is the difference between the Dominicans and Jesuits?

Dominicans vs Jesuits

Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. “What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders? ” the one asked.

The second replied, “Well, they were both founded by Spaniards — St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy — the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.”

“What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?”

“Met any Albigensians lately?

Image  Image

The image in the center and on the right I photographed in Peru. It captured my very soul it seems, it is associated with the Egyptian concept of the ‘ka’ or the ‘vital essence’. I added the Nazi swastika to show the most remarkable similarity.

The Ka (kꜣ) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a potter’s wheel and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies.

The ka was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate ka as double.

I have also written about the ka and various associations.
(all of my blogs are a work in progress, like the author of this blog)
Rosetta Fractal Mandala

I have superimposed the NAZI version of the swastika over the Rosetta Fractal Mandala … cropped to the approximate dimensions of a flag.

It was not long after this symbol engaged me that the underlying meSSage, signal, started coming in loud and clear.
Once I linked these two symbols together by color and form, the conversations with Jehovah/YHVH seemed to intensify.

We know that Hitler was raised a Christian Roman Catholic, his legacy being the evil monster who dispensed with the Jews?
Based on the HIS-story of the Roman Catholic Church, should we be surprised?

And the fact that the Teutonic Knights flag is essentially the same as the NAZI adopted flag suggests what?
Two more things you need to know, the Teutonic Knights had swore an allegiance to the Vatican since the days of the Crusades.
Hitler had the Teutonic Knights disbanded in 1938.
(but they regrouped after the war)
Hitler chased out of Germany all secret societies, including the Freemasons.


Teutonic Knight flag in 1914 next to adopted NAZI flag design in 1920s.


The above mandala that I photographed became a KEY to help unlock the mysteries of ALL the AGES, quite similar to the Rosetta Stone which assisted in the deciphering of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.
That is why I decided to call this mandala the Rosetta Fractal.

It became a KEY factor that looked  like a KEYHOLE or a ‘lightbulb’.

The Rosetta Fractal Mandala certainly has its Rosicrucian charms in its design, along with the fact I can show you the swastika embedded in the Mandelbrot Set.
And certainly when discussing recursive fractals, the Mandelbrot Set is the definitive example.

It is important to understand the foundational archetypes, what is allowed and what is not, how else do you expect to navigate once you leave terra firma?
But by the sun and the moon and the stars?
Well it would help to know what those archetypal cosmic sign posts that transcend time and space look like, I feel.

Since its discovery a quarter of a century ago, the Mandelbrot Set has become a universal icon for the doctrine of chaos–the emerging scientific idea that simple processes can result in infinite complexity. It’s the set of all complex numbers z for which sequence defined by the iteration

z(0) = z, z(n+1) = z(n)*z(n) + z, n=0,1,2, … remains bounded.
This means that there is a number B such that the absolute value of all iterates z(n) never gets larger than B. A bounded sequence may or not have a limit. For example, if z=0 then z(n) = 0 for all n, so that the limit of the (1) is zero. On the other hand, if z=i ( i being the imaginary unit), then the sequence oscillates between i and i-1, so remains bounded but it does not converge to a limit.

I don’t believe in God but I’m very interested in her.
-Arthur C. Clarke


Shall we take a psychedelic trip with Mandelbrot, LSD, DMT and the 4 Evangelists?

Watch the third video found at this link:

Let there be light!



LSD  and the SEED pattern:


Pit House sketch on the LEFT is taken from the west coast Thompson Indians
PIT HOUSE cosmology, explained here;



And I do love the fact that we can place the MandELBrot fractal next to St. Peter’s Square and it seems to be a nice fit.
How could that be?

The only answer, the most logical and intuitive one would be that we have been sharing in the same gene-meme-teme-DREAMS-theme pARKs.


image on left is a Nuraghe, Sardinia

The nuraghe [nuˈraɡe] is the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900-730 BC.
Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization.


I think we have a match regarding the ‘pagan’ temple that has stood the test of time, even copied by the ‘copy KAt scribes in ROME.

A simple design that spans thousands of years….not much new under the SUN in the Vatican is there?

Even the MOON has been accounted for.
It is the Black Door where they bury the Popes and give them their last rites in a ritual:

Nazirites in fact worthy of a Samson or St. John the Baptist:

In the Hebrew Bible, a Nazirite or Nazarite, (in Hebrew: נזיר, nazir), refers to one who voluntarily took a vow described in Numbers 6:1–21. The proper noun “Nazirite” comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”.[1] This vow required the man or woman to:

  • Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors[2] and vinegar distilled from such substances.[3]*Refrain from eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.[4]
  • Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head; but to allow the locks of the head’s hair to grow.[5]
  • Not to become impure by corpses or graves, even those of family members[6]

After following these requirements for a designated period of time (which would be specified in the individual’s vow), the person would immerse in a mikveh and make three offerings: a lamb as a burnt offering (olah), a ewe as a sin-offering (hatat), and a ram as a peace offering (shelamim), in addition to a basket of unleavened bread, grain offerings and drink offerings, which accompanied the peace offering. They would also shave their head in the outer courtyard of the Temple (the Jerusalem Temple forJudaism) and then place the hair on the same fire as the peace offering. (Numbers 6:18)

The Nazirite is described as being “holy unto YHWH” (Numbers 6:8), yet at the same time must bring a sin offering.

This has led to divergent approaches to the Nazirite in theTalmud, and later authorities, with some viewing the Nazirite as an ideal, and others viewing him as a sinner.

wolf rolf ROFL

What are the associations between the goddess Amy Cuddy,  the Nuraghe [pronounced new rage] , and Vonder Voman?

recall the opening video …. the Top Ten Power Poses




extra tripping no charge and no tipping allowed:


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory=LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=Universal asymmetry=matter vs. anti-matter=spin

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

So which came first?


The WWII NAZI stormtrooper?

The NAZIrite with rites?

In general there are three types of nazirites:

  • A nazirite for a set time
  • A permanent nazirite
  • Of the Nazirites for life three are mentioned in the Scriptures –Samson, Samuel and St. John the Baptist. The only one of these actually called a Nazirite is Samson.

The AshkeNAZI Jews with high IQs?

The Ashkenazi are the population of Jews originating in central and northern Europe. In the 20th century, they made up 3% of the U.S. Population, but won 27% of U.S. Nobel prizes.
More than half of world chess champions are Ashkenazi.

Einstein, Feynman, and Bobby Fischer are all of Ashkenazi ethnicity.

Gregory of Nazianzus  – Gregory the Theologian – Gregory Nazianzen

Or the town of NAZIanzus?

Nazianzus was a small town the history of which is completely unknown.

It became the Turkish village of Nenizi east of Ak-Serai (formerly Archelais), in the Ottoman villayet of Koniah, but has sometimes been wrongly identified with Diocaesarea.

In 1370 it was united to the metropolitan see of Caesarea Mazaca (modern Kayseri).

Or the town of St. NAZIanz?

St. Nazianz is a village in Manitowoc CountyWisconsinUnited States founded in 1854.The population was 783 at the 2010 census.



28 thoughts on ““My Conversations with JEHOVAH = SWASTIKA”

  1. You fools amaze me in your pomp and audacity. You are licking the crumbs of the divine plate. A place at my table has nothing to do with “Zion” but everything to do with Sion. If you want to dine of the fruit of the everlasting tree of life youre going to have to humble yourselves.

    Go ahead keep playing with my numbers, go and eat a donut for all I kkkare. The outcome will be a rudimentary awakening for you agnos and eugenos.

    Do you think that the end justifies the means? If this is your despot sition then consider yourselves Banta fodder. The globale agenda is not yours and not mines.

    I let free will its do and the vanity of man proves the neccesity to take the car keys back. Jesus, Yahashua, Yeheshua, YHVH not to be played with to the profane.

    If you do not want to be good sheep and choose to lose, then you can enjoy being a goats ass. The Gothas know you will enjoy the stay. The Goetia helped secure your meal ticket. Vanity vanity all is vanity said Job, now get back to the great work and do your job well or you are going to get FIRED!

    Thus I have spoken, I am the Lord………

  2. Uh, Ya, it wasn’t Job who wrote “Vanity vanity all is vanity.” It was me. See the book Ecclesiastes.

    As for the rest of your comment, right on. Too bad I backslid in my old age & worshipped demons & false gods at the persuasion of my many hundreds of pagan wives & concubines.

    My only consolation from Hell is that my Masonic progenies intend to rebuild my Temple on Mt. Zion… it shouldn’t be too much longer now…

  3. Raphael: I found your site a few years ago but lost it due to computer problems. I finally found it again. I really enjoy your work and look forward to future posts. Are you currently just on this site?

  4. Book:
    Gentle Swastika by Manwoman.
    There is a movement to reclaim the peace of the swastika (but we will never forget the 6 million)

    • It appears we have forgotten the 60 (sixty) million indigenous in the americas who were wiped out by the crucifix waving Christians who needed New World lebensraum.

      Frankly I feel those 60 million need to be remembered MORE than the 6 million.
      It puts the bigger picture into perspective.

      Christianity in its current incarnation is the problem.

      Because it was Christians who wiped out both the ‘heathen’ and who put the ‘jews’ into concentration camps…

      Under those NAZI uniforms were Germans raised as Christians.
      Hitler himself was a Roman Catholic.
      Both Hitler and Newton were inspired by gott and god.
      Why is that never discussed?


    • hey VM I appreciate the plug.

      raphael formerly Ralph/Rolf is ROFL

      why am I Rolling On the FLoor Laughing…?

      feel free to pass on this message to the IGNORANT gang over at 2012 and THEY know who THEY are….tell them I can now use 21st century nano science based on swastika geometry to UNZIP their low brow DNA!!

      VM if any of the 2012 gang want to be fb friends all they gotta do is ask ME.
      >>> https://www.facebook.com/137raphael

      My life is an open book that sheeple tend to slam shut.

      I AM really enjoying using fb as a medium to convey a SWASTIKA message that in fact UNIFIES all the ignorant under ONE grand IDEA.


  5. You may be interested in what I have found and published on my website, blog and youtube not only about the swastika. om-page.de, emvsinfo.blogspot.com and youtube-user OmetaOne

  6. New thing found that The Swastik and Magic square are pair in my 25 year invention . and as a proof made a man size magic square ( 5 feet) , used nos . 4 0 9 6 , made in pdf , ask evry to look , this is not a simple thing to control tomuch number code .

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  8. what’s with all the jevhovah bullshit? I’m Hellenic and we never named God ‘jehovah’. That bullshit is left for people like you who have perverted Christianity like the so called ‘catholics’. if you people had remained Orthodox, you wouldn’t be in the shit you are in know. But instead you refuse to follow what is correct, and you continue to function like heretics along with the ‘catholilcs’ and those other perverted groups. You’re a sorry sorry individual.

    And before you tell why i was looking at this page, I was searching for stuff about Stephen Kings The Dark Tower, and the egyptian ‘ka’, and stumbled upon this https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/ka-and-chirality-and-chiram-abiff/
    I thought you were on a logical path until i stumbled upon your jehovah bullshit and just had to comment about your sorry ass.

    Oh and another thing. The Greek symbol you have above, isn’t even suppose to look like that. Also its referred to as the ‘key of Athena’ or Athens.

    • What Greek symbol is called the key of Athena?
      I posted many images, maybe you could be more specific?
      A search using google images for the ‘key of athena’ does not yield any clues.

      Oh and another thing … maybe you could tell me what the suffix KA means in the word swasti-KA?

      Is the Egyptian concept of BA the soul and the KA the vital spark in some way connected to the swasti-KA?
      Prove to me what the swastika represents does not collide with the what KA embodies.
      I know it does.

      Have a nice day Johnny M on your quest.
      Do try to remember that Stephen King writes fiction.

      selah V

      • apparently you have comprehension problems, and conveniently avoid what i said. I was talking about his ridiculous comparison of ‘jehovah’ and Hellenic symbols. Two things which have nothing to do with each other.

      • What Hellenic symbol are you yakking about??
        Are you calling the swastika a Hellenic symbol?

        Apparently you are unaware of this simpleton equation which does associate Hellenic thinking with QaBaLaH tinkering?

        GOD or GOTT = JeHoVaH = JHVH = YHWH = tetragrammaton = swastika

        the swastika unifies east and west
        the swastika unifies north and south

        too bad you are conveniently avoiding what is in plain view?

      • Displaying your denial, in this comment https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/my-conversations-with-jehovah-swastika/#comment-12473 , with your if-by-whiskey fallacies isn’t going to help your argument. What you are saying has nothing to do with what I stated. Your examples in english is just that: ENGLISH. Obviously you need bifocals, because you apparently don’t want to see that i was talking about GREEK, NOT ENGLISH. I really don’t care what english words you use to make comparisons. That’s not what was talking about, and you are conveniently ignoring that simple fact. Go learn Greek, and become Orthodox and then come and tell me i’m wrong. Until then, don’t bullshit me by being evasive. You’re only making yourself look like a moron who just wants to promote a heretical religion.

      • I really have NO IDEA what you are getting at.
        Obviously your agenda is to rant and rave about old world Greek Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic issues.
        And you are not doing very well I might add.

        Geez I hate to put Johnny on the spot before I flush him down the loo with the name ‘John’ on the door, but it seems to me that your infatuation with everything Hellenic/Orthodox/Greek has not served you well.

        Your refusal to see the evidence of a unification that transcends your intellectual ability to see or comprehend the obvious is not my problem.
        It is yours.

        Do you think the Greeks invented the wheel or the concept of zero?


        Pythagoras and his theorem dated to about 500 BCE was not new or original.
        We can push back this date regarding knowledge of the 3-4-5 right angle triangle to about 4000 BCE if you follow the clues.

        Greek culture stole from other cultures.
        Hello did you digest that?

        So let me ask you one more time a simple question YOU have been avoiding.

        Are you referring to the swastika as the Key of Athena?
        Yes or no?

        selah V

      • Wow Raphael. Johnny wasn’t even talking about ‘catholics’. In fact you’re the one who has changed the subject for the third time. It seems you’re either being purposefully fanatical with your jehovah witnesses comparisons, or being purposefully dense to what he’s saying because you don’t like the truth – because nobody, I think, can be that stupid. Then again, George Carlin did say there are a lot of stupid bastards walking around, and it seems you’re one of them.
        P.S. I’m an anglican, and besides finding your ‘jehovah’ ideas insulting, I see that your simpleton comparisons in a pseudo-dialect, with spelling that is severely skewed, quite lunatic fringe. And it only strengthening the obvious: you’ve believed whatever jehovah witnesses crap that’s been given to you and now you are grasping at straws by using spelling that is far-fetched at best, and changable at the drop of a hat.

      • Jehovah’s Witness comparisons?
        Where in that blog do I mention the Jehovah’s Witness?

        WOW is all I can say…
        … it seems Anglicans and Hellenics both only want to see what they want to see?
        Now I can see why SIN a.k.a. Sir Issac Newton was not fond of Anglicans.

        Apparently Samantha failed to read Johnny on the Spot’s first rant directed at this blog?
        Here it is…does Johnny M mention ‘Catholics’?

        Johnny M said:

        what’s with all the jevhovah bullshit? I’m Hellenic and we never named God ‘jehovah’. That bullshit is left for people like you who have perverted Christianity like the so called ‘catholics’. if you people had remained Orthodox, you wouldn’t be in the shit you are in know. But instead you refuse to follow what is correct, and you continue to function like heretics along with the ‘catholilcs’ and those other perverted groups. You’re a sorry sorry individual.

        So Samantha tell me EXACTLY what you find insulting about the correspondences made in this blog?

        Here is what I find insulting about ignorant folks like you who get aggressive based on their chosen POV.
        Are you in fact ignorant of what the swastika represents in relation to ‘god’?
        Are you ignorant of how we can link the architecture of the swastika to energy efficient engineered nano light mills showing a profound correlation to the Buddhist Jaina Cross/swastika and the replication of our DNA?


        NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR
        Science and Religion reconciled >> http://at37.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/applications-for-the-swastika/

        selah V

      • Greeks gave the light to the world, you pompous prick! When we were using golden utensils, the rest of you were eating pine cones!

        And you’re still avoiding what i said.
        Here’s something to educate you, you jehovah-ass: We kept the secret of zero like a couple of other cultures, but we were the only ones to use the ‘dangerous’ idea of zero to our benefit. Which is why calculus was invented by us.
        If anybody stole anything, it would be those italian frauds like Galileo who plagiarized our ideas and never revealed their sources.

        don’t think that your unrelated comments, are going to make me forget that you are avoiding my initial comments. You’re a sad sad individual who likes nothing but propaganda. The yugoslavs would be proud to have you lol

      • oy vey it appears we have another weeny who thinks their CULTure is #1!!!

        AM I wasting my time here?
        PhDUH which came first?
        The Hebrew ALEPHbeth or the the Greek ALPHAbet?

        Apparently Johnny the orthodox Greek can only rant like a fucking Hellenic lunatic?
        Is Johnny lacking Knossos Gnosis?
        go here:

        Now please TRY to comprehend this next statement I AM about to make. This is the last opportunity for you and your rants to remain on this blog.

        Hermes Trismegistus
        Johnny M let us revisit that first silly rant of yours on this blog thrice times Hermes.
        Now is it a coincidence that the Greek Hermes happens to correspond to the Roman Mercury and Egyptian Thoth?
        Please answer this question or ye shall see your posts on this blog disappear.

        Is the swastika synonymous with the Key of Athena?
        Is the swastika synonymous with the Key of Athena?
        Is the swastika synonymous with the Key of Athena?

        Please answer the above question or your ability to spew nonsense on this blog will come to an end Johnny M.


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