Wave Structure of Matter

Re: The Wave Structure of Matter

Postby Raphael on Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:56 am

tat tvam asi wrote:Has anyone read Milo Wolff’s “Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe”?

Yes I have read a little of Milo Wolff.
Have you read the sequel called The Counsel of the Wolff?
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/catego … the-wolff/

Hello tat tvam asi … been a long time dude. ;)
My first post here is a hello to you…and…

Could you pass this gift of mine on to Geoff Haselhurst over at WSM?
Tell him “I told ya so”….
Here is how my theory has evolved since being chased from WSM.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … verything/

I did suggest to Geoff that we work together.
Tell him I have found the ‘archetypal grail’.
Stress it is archetypal…JC and CJ know what I mean.
Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung
Tell him I have held the ARK.
Tell him he miSSed the boat.

Imagine the irony of his site WSM, his ego chasing one of the ‘revealers’ (me) away…because that is what happened.
But that archetypal narrative plays itself out, time and again.
I experienced the same condemnation and ridicule over at the psuedo Myth site honoring Joseph Campbell.
Just another site that has been infiltrated by the wanker Judeao/Christians, who know NOT what THEY do in burying truths that shake their fragile foundations…

I recognized this pattern long ago, that is the reason why I left WSM, because Herr Haselhurst had a habit of editing/removing/marginalizing my threads in regards to the swastika.
How can that be discussion, or how can a search for a unified truth be conducted with such a heavy ignorant/arrogant hand?
Wordy philosophical Geoff always had a clever response.
I recognized it for what it was.

The Geoff HaSSelhurst Show and his soul-mate who sells trinkets outside the temple called WSM.
A temple of belief not even constructed by Geoff…he only appointed himself the Pharaoh who seeks the profits, the power and the glory.
Just another false profit.
Nice enough guy, I am sure.
But still a wanker to have crucified me and mi on his Altar of still unproven beliefs.

I have some amazing connections to make, to show the folks here at CODE 144, where I can connect the mysterious ‘flywheel’ to LSD / DMT / pineal gland of course / 4 Evangelists o AND the movie Pi, the numbers 216, 72 and of course 24….yup I must conclude as shaman**, it is all about drug, sex, rock and roll…
See if you can find the distinctive shape of LSD in that FLYWHEEL
Read this post…it will help you identify it immediately.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … d-shamans/
Yup…if Timothy Leary saw that FLYWHEEL he would exclaim ‘LSD’…the sublime poetry of my discoveries is always my gift tat, is it not?

By the way.
The most obvious connection (for moi) between this mysterious flywheel, the number 24, Phi / Fibonacci, and the energy we seek from this ‘engineering’ has already been conceptualized.

Marko Rodin has placed all of the above into his design.
The RODIN COIL is the same engineering as the Coral Castle flywheel
Wanna see the connections between RODIN Coil, CORAL CASTLE and the 24 Knights of the Roundtable, and the VATICAN, or has this connection already been made on this forum?
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 … -arketype/
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 … alchemist/

so how ya been tat?
still makin’ music?

I have uncovered a real secret yet to be acknowledged.
The Swastika was referred to as Jehovah by the ancients.
Shall we start the discussion there?



p.s. And what if we take these mystical suggestions by me one step further.
What if the ancient Antikythera device is a model of an AETHRIC Universe?
http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic … 3294#53294

** please don’t squeeze the shaman…above post is not to be used as toilet paper.


6 thoughts on “Wave Structure of Matter

  1. Your intellectual breakdown of the Universe is the most clear and precise “correlator” I have found yet.

    The flip side to the path is really quite boring compared to all of this, which is where I wander.

    But it is always good to come drink the waters of symbols to help clear some hindrances, and your material quenches nicely.

    A big thank you, and blessings to you

  2. Hi Mr R.

    That link you posted above led me to that pdf by mr 32 degrees. I have to say that and the ‘stuff’ here is is absolutely utterly fascinating.

    Thank you so much.

    Mr R.

  3. however i still dont know what it means. is this a mental block? i guess i do find it fascinating because i am here and that can only mean that i am looking to answer the question…maybe i cannot grasp the size of the question…yeah possibly, so let me think what the question is exactly…but the theme is why/how are we here and why are we us?

    you rock tho firefighter…

    sweet as.


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