Daniel Tammet SAVANT and moSeS

aAzzAa wrote:

Yeah, in my opinion, any 1/8 pair has a relationship.

I know very little about music.
However I remember reading somewhere and noting that those numbers were connected in a profound esoteric way to …. what is know as the Pythagorean comma.

Worth investigating?
Remember before a common notation was agreed on 1/8 could mean many many things to the archetypal mind.

108 rosary beads or what happens if you add a few more zeros to 108?
18 remove a zero or notation and number 18 is the MOON card in the TAROT

Read about the MANY 108 connections in the EAST…

Sacred within Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and connected yoga and dharma based practices.

NOW reading from the other direction OR upside down…1/8 can become…
?1?8? OR …


And when I show you a video where the mind of the SAVANT (Daniel Tammet) who sees the world upside down … connects the number 810 to the crescent shape of the MOON … lunar consciousness … what would you say?

Go to 5:25 of this video and you will start to recognize the archetypal truth of my words…

Actually I found the shape that Daniel Tammet the SAVANT connected to number 58 far far far more illuminating than the MOON … 810.


Is that the image Daniel Tammet sculpted using Play-DOUGH
Who writes this shit?
Beautiful, sublime, subtle, I am piSSing in mi pants…

The Universe laughs with you folks.
It is all a numbers game….
Laughing Laughing

I would love to do lunch with Daniel.
No doubt I understand this fella much better than the EXPERTS in that video…who use their LEFT BRAIN tinkering to make poor Daniel look like a chimp.

Well it is time the Prince (EXPERT champ) and the Pauper (non-expert chimps) changed positions…

NOT KIDDING … the LEFT BRAIN tinkering and thinking is way outta balance with reality.

Doesn’t the expert wanna make you puke all over him/her sometimes, expel your beliefs, baptize the expert with your eSSence?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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