KEY 528 NAZCA Lines St. John the Baptist and Daniel Tammet

Raphael, this might blow you away, re Nasca lines:



The fact those Nazca Lines look like a ‘string instrument’…is of course just another coincidence.
It has nothing to do with the development of lutes, violins, cellos…of course not…those shapes came from the genius of certain individuals as noted in the scripted HIS-story.
BS … I see a little Stradivarius in those Peruvian Lines.

I could kiSS yo Oz.
How about a lick…?

KEY 528 again? …. my path appears to be true blue ….
Here is a link connecting our ancient ‘mechanical clock’, the Antikythera, (Sir Isaac Newton is doing 720 degree rotations in his grave), the two interconnected spirals and the work of another fella who is studying Stonehenge…and the Bush Barrow Lozenge.

Bush Barrow Lozenge and the Atlantis Cross

Which fits the universal template.
A center surrounded by 3 distinct square rings.

Above is the energy distribution within an atom / adam.

And the center of the Bush Barrow Lozenge looks very much like the Lo-Shu magic square.
A 3 x 3 grid…which contains the two diagonals comprised of the two sequences…4, 5, 6 and 2, 5, 8 OR the KEY 528.
Is 456 another key?

Remember Stonehenge along with Goseck, a German Woodhenge from 4800 BC is another clue, proof of beliefs that were cast in STONE.
LONG before the narrative called the Torah was scripted…shall we place FACT before FICTION?
And as we know Stonehenge, Goseck and the North American KIVA / igloo (ALL of which predate the Vatican), ALL fit rather nicely over/into St. Peter’s Square.
The Heel stone in Stonehenge is in the same location or approx. distance from the center as the Black Door in the Vatican.

Myths and legends of the Devil striking a “Friar’s Heel” with a stone resulted in its eccentric name, Heel Stone. Some claim “Friar’s Heel” is a corruption of “Freyja’s He-ol” or “Freyja Sul”, from the Nordic goddess Freyja and (allegedly) the Welsh words for “way” and “Sunday” respectively. It is doubtful whether any prehistoric standing stone has experienced as many name changes and interpretations. Only in the past three decades have world scientists used the name Heelstone consistently.

The DEVIL striking a ‘Friar’s Heel’?
And I want to point out that the modern day POPEs get buried over the Black Door of the Vatican / HEEL stone?, …said to lead to the tomb of St. Peter.
The tomb of which some people say contain animal bones?

And I can put all those geometric ‘archetypes’ into the Villa of the Mysteries found in Pompeii, where we also find the palindrome, SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS.
What the truth seekers have INCORRECTLY termed the Knights Templar Magic Square.
This magic square existed obviously 1000 years before the wannabe wankers became knightly bankers.
This magic square is connected to a culture (Pompeii) that had a magical reverence for the swastika…it can easily be shown.

And what does all this have to do with St. John the Baptist?
Name the numero UNO Church in all of Christendoom?
Is it St. Peter’s Basilica?
Who has the biggest PHALLUS / OBELISK in Rome?
Quite easy to locate the biggest pricks.…._John_Lateran

Lateran and Laterano are the shared names of several architectural projects throughout Rome. The properties were once owned by the Lateranus family of the former Roman Empire. The Laterani lost their properties to Emperor Constantine who in turn gave it to the Catholic Church.
The most famous Lateran buildings are the Lateran Palace, once called the Palace of the Popes, and the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome, which although part of Italy is a property of the Holy See that has extra-territorial privileges as a result of the 1929 Lateran Treaty. As the official ecclesiastical seat of the Pope, St. John Lateran holds the Papal
cathedra in its apse. The Lateran is Christendom’s earliest basilica.

Please note: show me an empire….and I will show the EWE where a crime against humanity has been committed.

Suggesting Christianity, the house that Peter built, endorsed by Constantine, got its start with a THEFT.
A theft we are trying to uncover as modern day Templars?
Our investigations are true wiz…keep at it.
Fun eh?

The late Baroque façade of the Basilica of St. John Lateran was completed by Alessandro Galilei in 1735 after winning a competition for the design.


Handel and Bach were two of the most famous Baroque composer dudes, and Handel composed his most famous piece called The Messiah, with the note ‘A’ tuned to 423 hertz.


This baroque basilica is seen as the MOTHER of ALL the basilicas in the Whole Wide World… www.
Baroque = 423 = Messiah = MOON

And if 432 = Sun?

432 – 423 = difference of 9?
What’s nine got to do with it?
Let me introduce someone who came from a family that had 9 children.
Poetic…ya gotta love this stuff, the narrative within the narrative.

The number 1 he’s drawn to for its brightness. ”Two is kind of like a movement, right to left, kind of like a drifting,” he says. Five is a clap of thunder or the sound of a wave hitting a rock. Six ”is actually the number I find hardest to experience,” he says. ”It’s like a hole, or a chasm. Number 9 is the biggest number. It’s very tall.” He seems frightened for an instant. ”It can be intimidating.”

Let me introduce the untapped power of the mind.
What those that covet the Power and the Glory, FEAR.

He is a modern day moSeS…I love this guy, he is a bridge, ALL SAVANTS are bridges….if the Church still had their way… these SAVANTS not that long ago, DARK AGES, would have been considered heretics and been institutionalized or burned at the stake.

This fella can help us figure it all out.
He is a messenger without a doubt.
SAVANTS hold the KEYs to helping humanity FIX the problems that the LEFT BRAIN has wrought humanity these past 2000+ years…they are living and breathing Rosetta Souls.

I would love to do lunch with a Savant like Daniel.
What a treat.
I have a most beautiful connection re: Daniel, the number 58, St. John the Baptist and a certain shape we can find near that Black Door in St. Peter’s Square …

AND the best part is … I can show how the EXPERTS who make Daniel jump through the hoops using LEFT BRAIN analySiS are OUT TO LUNCH.
I love showing how the EXPERTS today are wankers who fail to acknowledge they only use half of their people/sheeple brains.
2 bee continued…I am buzzing dude…time to put a stake through the heart of the scientist who has proved themselves kinda STUPID.

How about we call it St. Peter’s Lozenge, a bitter pill for the believers to swallow?




8 thoughts on “KEY 528 NAZCA Lines St. John the Baptist and Daniel Tammet

  1. Raph, what do you make of this?

    (Appears to make many of the connections you would be more than familiar with…)

    I noticed that the Basilica of St. John Lateran of which you speak is in the neighborhood of this other place the video points to: Santa Maria degli Angeli. The more I look around Roma there the more I see that everything’s lined up… You can go around from fountains or just tons of different domed buildings to others… It reminds me of almost a magnetic field, or something like the patterns our skin has on it (most easily visible on the backside and palm of your hand; as I’m sure you know)… Also, I’ve been studying some Ed Leedskalnin over on and I thought that just maybe the apparent 5 pointed star @ the Castel Sant’Angelo could actually be a 6 pointed star without the bottom- much like at the entrance to Coral Castle… With the entrance of the Castel Sant’Angelo being at the same point the point you dropped your dime to get into the Coral Castle- lining up with the same “baseline” that is shown here: and here:… Also noted on code144 is the association of the hexagram with water, and… The river… If you go to foot level, you can see actually it appears there is a moat around the whole place…

    Also, this is rather boring…

    But I didn’t know- Venus’s magnetic field is “weak” or it “doesn’t have one” according to the above site and my google search results. It just really rang with the whole… “subtle energy”, and how there seems to be a less detectable, different kind of electricity- if you will… the Feminine power… Am I totally off base here you think? Also do you experiment with any of this type of electricity or magnetism or anything of the like?

    I don’t pretend to be near the level you are with this stuff but it’s just staring at me, like it’s yelling silently, but yelling… “something is HERE…” Perhaps the key to my personal freedom, as I feel enslaved by… well myself and others.

    Hope this is of some use- I know you were expecting contributions after I had finished those books you recommended and I don’t want you to think that I am slacking on the job. I have just lost track of myself (again/still), can’t seem to finish the books and make sense of it, and am extremely out of balance. Though I was reading through your stuff again the other day and I want to start yoga I think… I literally have extreme physical imbalances (sweat more on one side, noticable difference in hair growth, etc.) Do you reccomend yoga, a certain type (I researched Hatha, and it seems broad, but it’s what I will dive into.)



  2. jer that Code 144 site is outstanding.

    Glad to report that my three numbers 528 appear…as 825 on page 4 of his presentation.

    he has made some great connections….to the flywheel etc…prime numbers are important.
    thanks for the link…it is a good one.

    re: yoga good choice…I also should get back to it.
    hatha is one of the oldest…
    I would start there.

    …as I feel enslaved by… well myself and others.

    that is a realization, a by-product, a waste product of this process…time to let go and free yourself?


  3. B&R,
    It gave me the chills listening to it. I automatically started singing some uhh, what I would say “Arabic sounding” music but perhaps it’s just my pre-history calling out at me. Thanks B, much appreciated.


    “that is a realization, a by-product, a waste product of this process…time to let go and free yourself?”

    Indeed it is sir. I just feel like I’m way behind, and out of time… I am so concerned for my family, and how to prepare… Feels like I make all this progress and learn all this exciting stuff, but don’t know how to apply any of it- so I’m not exactly sure the good it does. I worry and whine too much. I really hope to meet you guys in some form, some, way…

    Just feels like spinning plates in this concrete jungle. I do appreciate all the help, inspiration, perspiration, and persistence. I’ll get there eventually I hope. We’ll all get there eventually I hope. (balance)

    Thanks again,

  4. “…Indeed it is sir. I just feel like I’m way behind, and out of time… I am so concerned for my family, and how to prepare… Feels like I make all this progress and learn all this exciting stuff, but don’t know how to apply any of it- so I’m not exactly sure the good it does. I worry and whine too much. I really hope to meet you guys in some form, some, waY…”

    hey, I might have a head start, and it could even be a lifetime, but the road is so so so so long mr. tortoise and I am bound to take a nap any moment…no guarantees on who the winner will be.

    jer…from time to time I also feel ‘frozen’ by what I have ‘recovered’.
    call it shock…

    I feel a big part of the game is ‘remembering’.
    I feel confident when the time comes…I will know how to apply the lessons I am learning today.

    the payoff is seeing all the underlying unity…and taking note that the archetypes suggest we are in fact ‘immortal’…and maybe remembering this ‘archetypal’ knowledge will help us ascend another floor when the time comes…?
    What if?



  5. “the payoff is seeing all the underlying unity…and taking note that the archetypes suggest we are in fact ‘immortal’…and maybe remembering this ‘archetypal’ knowledge will help us ascend another floor when the time comes…?
    What if?”

    I’m speechless man. That’s damn near the same question I ask people when asking them to consider the afterlife, in a hypothetical sense… “What if your consciousness survives- will you know what to do?” I always tell them I want to be ready, if I turn to dust- won’t matter much anyway then. It also primes the whole conspiracy subject quite well, because none of the mass manipulation makes much sense without the invisible. This is why I hound you so much (with questions and comments), because I think that you have methods of getting “out of body”, perhaps I’m totally wrong, I don’t know. I have had fleeting moments in lucid dreams myself- I just want control. And reading that, lets me know you’re right. It’s time to let it go…

    The most important thing I just realized, is I should be outside right now, playing with my kids.

    Talk to you later,

    P.S. I noticed you capitalized the Y (of way in my last sentence). I know you like that letter- I just wasn’t sure why there… if any reason at all. =]

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