Tibetan and Navajo Cosmology fit the Universal Model

I want to refresh your memories regarding these symbols and their possible connections to each other….

image on left CARD X of the Tarot
image on right
 is a standing wave

What are the connections between all of the various models?



image on left circular European ‘Woodhenge’ 
image on right rectangular sacred altar

Important to note these models usually have a center surrounded by 3 or 4 rings.

That last 2 images summarize the model that extends from the biggest spinning star to the smallest spinning quantum particles/waves…

Starting at the center and moving outward…the stages or ages might be…

  1. Center
  2. Clockwise Orbit
  3. Clockwise Orbit
  4. CounterClockwise Orbit

Now I offer yet another book already written that supports this glaringly obvious pattern uncovered…

Great book written by Peter Gold

It does an in depth comparison of the Navajo and Tibetan traditions/cosmologies.

Guess what?
He has encapsulated both cosmologies for us, so we can rest a bit.
It is uncanny how the intuitive journey has again scored yet another important game winning bulls eye.

[Image: atlantiscross.jpg]

Bulls Eye vs. Atlantis Cross

And it is not a coincidence that a bull’s eye looks quite similar to Plato’s description of Atlantis…why would it be … the eye of the hurricane and the solar system and the standing wave of an electron!

Hurricane vs. Solar System

And it is not a coincidence that if I suggest this model of Atlantis is the model of the Universe that can be found on each and every level of the creation…and that I have indeed struck some more gold…because what if it does in fact represent that metaphorical carrot we will always keep reaching for…the spark within to create an Atlantis?
From the macrocosm to the microcosm…Peter Gold, the Tibetans, the Navajo and our work here all meshes.
Truth is like that…would you expect to find anything else, but a simple truth?

This model also shows how people seemingly unrelated, (the Navajo and Tibetans are practically polar opposite geographic locations…hmm…like in astrology), yet in different and remote parts of the world, we can still connect on a metaphysical archetypal level…

Truth is truth in any language, using numbers, letters, symbols or your hands.
And right now … right hand rules are used.
But that is going to change, I suspect.

Here is a little of Peter Gold’s gold.

Tibetan (left) and Navajo (right) Cosmology

The text that accompanies those archetypal cosmologies supports the Universal Theme that has been uncovered.
Same setup…same mechanics…imagine that Sir Newton?
Center + 3 rings or valances or orbits

In the next post: the swastika in Navajo cosmology takes on a very auspicious role.
And what does this KEY to understanding Universal Movement in all dimensions reveal when placed over these two crosses?


Greek Zodiac Cross and the Chaldean Zodiac Cross
note the 4 KEYs and another wheel in the center

Hey Ezekiel could you explain the wheels within wheels concept?

Remember the expert Dr. Timothy Leary referred to the symbol on the right which is also Solomon’s Knot as LSD.


And you can find lots of LSD in Amiens Cathedral
… along with the priests handing out LSD for free!

Amiens is where the symbolic head of St. John the Baptist is kept.

BLACK with a little gold in the center surrounded by a …
WHITE circle on a …
RED background

BLACK WHITE RED are the ‘magnetic’ strings that connect the SWASTIKA to ATLANTIS and pi

All of the above are coincidences I aSSure ewe ….

2bee continued.




Today Raphael is [2016 AD] known as the 137 SS Mezine Mystic


3 thoughts on “Tibetan and Navajo Cosmology fit the Universal Model

    LOVE THE YEAR composed 1515 or ISIS?

    In a painting by Master Jorge Afonso

    (The Apparition of Christ to the Virgin, 1515 A.D.)

    St. John the Baptist’s face is the inverted shape of the face of Portugal…

    It is also interesting to notice that St. John the Baptist is the announcer of Light…

    ANYTHING re: ST. JOHN the B…is noteworthy.
    Easily proved that the Knights Templar, who probably became the Masons, revered St. John (who was the feminine aspect veiled) and NOT Jesus Christ.

    A secret worth disbanding the Knights Templar for.
    Call the god they worshiped Baphomet…whatever…Baphomet was represented the pentagram or pentacle, upside down, rightside up, does not matter, both ways is still VENUS…and Venus is a goddeSS and not a god.


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