What I learned at f.U.



aAzzAa wrote:

By applying As Above So Below to this scale, one simply reverses the flow of the tones and semitones
F Gb Ab Bb Cb Db Eb F/F G A B C D E F

The note ‘f ‘ as an archetype…how would it manifest in the mind of the creative man/woman who apparently was connected to a divinity?

work speaks for itself. Laughing

The note ‘f’ is actually placed on many string instruments …
What appears as two ‘S’ scrolls ‘facing each other’ are actually references to the note ‘f’…they are mirror images of each other, divided/separated by ‘strings’.
(4 strings to be exact)
Could the two ‘f’s be viewed as reversals, mirror images?
The strings can be plucked/made to resonate, composing from either direction?

People walking past Mozart’s Tomb claim to hear ‘strange music’ coming from his grave…
However it was finally discovered that he was only de-‘composing’.
Laughing Laughing Laughing

What is so strange if Art and Life are in fact participating in a creative dance called evolution/creation?
What would Stradivarius suggest as the meeting point that exists between Art and Life?

‘f’ @ 432 = ancient string theory?

‘f’ = Question

Stradivarius Violin

While the sound of Stradivari’s instruments still has not been fully explained by modern research tools, devices such as the scanning laser vibrometer are aiding researchers in testing the theory that the careful shaping of belly and back plate, in order to “tune” their resonant frequencies, may be an important factor.[11]Glues and varnishes used by Stradivari have been analyzed extensively, and have also been attributed for the sound and quality of his instruments. There remains no consensus on the single most probable factor, and most likely, it is some combination of all, and something not yet recognized…

…something not yet recognized?

Would you fellas disagree?

Art and Life are quite similar to Creation and Evolution.
And Creation and Evolution are defined by Religion and Science.

Call it Yin consciousness vs. the Yang.
Call it whatever you want.
In any language the message is the same.
Both are vital and necessary to achieve and understand balance, peace and unity.
That exists somewhere between the two ‘f’?
And where did I come by my knowledge?

‘f’ University found in nature if schools or churches lead you astray…

The graduating adepts learning to adapt, and when they find themselves engaged with one of the sheeple people…remember your best response is still …

Why don’t you go ‘f’ U -self, and find the music within …


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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