SOUND declares the DOUBLE SLIT Experiment is a SHAM

I recently re-joined a forum that had banned me, the reason?

They were discussing the contentious ‘aether’.
I posted the following entry on their forum:

SOUND declares the DOUBLE SLIT Experiment is a SHAM

Because the name of the site is Thunderbolts I choose the user name Valhalla.
Evidently they don’t like Raphael nor his fictitious friends.
Here is the message I received when trying to log on this morning.

You have been permanently banned from this board.
Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.
Reason given for ban: Raphael apologist – not required or desired on our forum.

A ban has been issued on your IP address.

Raphael apologist?

Too funny…and my IP address has had an All Points Bulletin issued to assist in the search and destroy…
Oh my, can Homeland Security be far behind? 8) 8)
I want to share with you what gave them fits over at Thunderbolts…the obvious.
Probably caused some of their empirical emperors to have a sheepless night.

Yes I managed to sneak back in, and leave them a gift of insight, long overdue.

I wonder what the Dunderbolts at Thunderbolts will do with my gift, that points out the OBVIOUS?
A forum that is lost in space, and wants no help in navigating through the luminiferous aether.

Not mi problem.
Call it prophecy. The ego does this kinda of thing all the time.

They fear the swastika and all it reveals on that forum.
Because it challenges and destroys their contentious SATURN theory.
Can Dave Talbot, who has invested 20 years in his Saturn theory allow this to happen?
Can the ego roll over and play dead, and beg like a dog, and play a game of fetch?

Go fetch Dave…

SOUND declares the DOUBLE SLIT Experiment is a SHAM
by Valhalla on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:59 am

I propose a simple alteration to the experiment, because it has become quite clear that the empirical scientist has failed to account for the apparent SOUND waves that have been present in their laboratories when they started opening slits and bouncing light off mirrors…
They failed to perform a proper exorcism and create a laboratory that was like the vacuum, they failed to recreate the vacuum that they proposed was in outer space.
With their primitive detection equipment they could not detect the luminiferous aether/plasma/dark matter/dark energy, this has become apparently true.
Chandra can and does. Newer technology often trumps older technology.
True in optics and SOUND.
I am calling bullshit on ALL those ‘light’ experiments, that have ignored the role of SOUND.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the biggest fool of all?


What would happen if we replaced the above screens containing the slits, with a WALL of SOUND frequencies traveling perpendicular to the photon or electron?
Or if the slits were opened/closed/altered with SOUND frequencies?

What if we started acknowledging that in a very eerie way, that ALL those experiments conducted till this time, in those rooms/laboratories where these photon/electron particle experiments have taken place, SOUND waves have never been properly accounted for.

In other words we must acknowledge that those SOUND waves recorded by the Chandra telescope, post 2000, are ever present.
Always have been.
Apparently part of the Cosmic Background Radiation.

SOUND waves with wavelengths so long … they would approximate or look like a taut straight piece of rope/string as it passes through our dimension/Solar System.
Now you can introduce your chain theory Altonhare.
Along with the Fibonacci sequence and Archimedes’ screw.


And the most elegant string theory ever proposed, is a truth instantly recognized.
The most elegant string theory ever devised to explain the creation was developed eons, long ago, it discusses that taunt string that divides the solar system in a divine proportion…
I mean this theory is definitely golden.
Yes, I want to propose that the formula for Phi is in fact an ancient ‘String Theory’.
It identifies the formula and can generate a line, a spiral, and a sine wave.
Buried, all over the world, from Pompeii to Troy to Jericho, we can find evidence of this ‘String Theory’.
Simple and most Elegant…Phi has been around along time.
A truth that was mixed with fahrenheit 451 in places like Mesoamerica and Africa.
Think about it.
The chain theory I have seen so thus far explained doesn’t mention the thread that runs through it, like a river.

What would happen if we generated very low and very high SOUNDS, and we passed a photon or electron through this field?
Would it pass through undisturbed?
Could we make it bounce like grains of sand … as illustrated by cymatics.
Could we alter its direction as it passes through the altar or GATE of SOUND that we have created?

Case closed.
So who are the observers that were present in these laboratories, doing the observing?
How many were actually present…were they ALL accounted for?
WAVE / PARTICLE duality is a sham.

And we should ALL be conCERNed about those scientists who are wasting valuable TIME and the illusion MONEY, make believe money that I believe is made better spent helping humanity…
What should be done with the surplus of money that was used to build this technological WHITE Elephant?
Have those scientists build musical instruments.
NOT the doomsday machine…
But that is another thread to itself.

Where is the BANG formula that follows the Big One?
Will we all be witness to a man-made version of the BANG?
By what method should we ‘thread’ the needle?


The dunderbolts@thunderbolts prefer the SOUND of silence when discussing theories about everything.
THEY can’t explain the role SOUND plays in the creation process either.

Seems I am one of the few who want to discuss not only LIGHT and HEAT but also the role SOUND plays…when discussing a theory called the Big BANG?

Again another paradox.

The BANG is a SOUND we cannot detect.
Yes the truth is always painfully obvious.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


14 thoughts on “SOUND declares the DOUBLE SLIT Experiment is a SHAM

  1. Electric Magnoflux Alternative Universe

    The electromagnetic stuff that exists inside atoms of material is made up of magnoflux energy. There is nothing else inside a molecule but this electro-magnetic stuff. Further, the shape of the air gases molecular shells cannot be spherical as the molecules must fit together exactly without leaving any vacuum gaps [see part 2]. Not only is matter made up of magnoflux energy stuff but also creational light.

    A photon of light is a unit pyramid shaped volume of magnoflux [stuff] energy which pinches together with other photons and tumbles forward sinusoidally. Photons in space move in pairs, as although they both contain a unit of magnoflux energy at opposite ends of an electro-static separator; the far end always appears out of phase magnetically to the other half, as the field reverses inside out every other cycle. So it takes 4 pi [∏] to complete a cycle instead of 2 pi [∏] for a standard Sin wave. This agrees with the fifth Feydman diagram that shows a photon splitting into an electron and positron pair. The virtual positron once released immediately annihilates an electron releasing the energy as heat. A light ray cannot be deflected electrically because of the continual double helix reversing of the pairs [ forming a magnoflux micro tunnel], it just vibrates a little but continues in the same Z direction through the magnetized fabric of space.

  2. This is and isn’t, isn’t and is, is and is and isn’t and isn’t and yet is all of these things and isn’t.

    I do not think you have reached the spiritual level acquired to understand quantum physics rafael. Quantum physics explains the infinite.

    Humans will just carry on arguing forever won’t they?

  3. hello seo

    Are you suggesting a person needs to reach a spiritual level to understand quantum physics?

    Thus your comment suggests it would be wise to recruit the shamans / witch doctors / clergy / nuns / and psychics and convince them to become particle physicists?
    Or maybe the Pope will finally dispense a ‘Theory of Everthing’?

    too funny, I was trying to find a way to defend what I wrote, in some manner, then I realized how absurd your comment was …

    what’s quantum physics got to do with this particular reality?
    please go here:

    But I still feel this next post illustrates the depth of my insights…suggesting your comments above are rather ignorant.

    If I am correct about my research documented above, can I suggest it is you who are not seeing the light…or FEELING those SOUNDs we cannot hear.

    Please do share your quantum quotes and notes…instead of just dropping in and slagging the author.

    Comments like this suggest you are a wanker.
    “Quantum physics explains the infinite.”



  4. No, he’s right.

    Mathematics and quantum physics proves the existence of the Divine. If one does not accept this fact, then they will miss the rest of the big picture. Technological sophistication goes hand-in-hand with spiritual advancement. It is possible to become advanced technologically without becoming advanced so much spiritually, but this ‘advancement’ comes with the price of following a dark path through violence and warfare. It cannot be sustained and will eventually burn-out.

    About this sound discussion, I know sound is an important player in Creation, but am not knowledgeable enough to weigh-in on space-traveling sound-waves, at the moment.


  5. No Kenny he is wrong.
    Aborigines are spiritual, the Kogi are spiritual, and they know fuck all about western math or quantum physics.
    A person DOES NOT need to understand quantum mumbo-jumbo to ascend dude….
    Don’t be so arrogant, as your next post suggests…

    “About this sound discussion, I know sound is an important player in Creation, but am not knowledgeable enough to weigh-in on space-traveling sound-waves, at the moment.”

    AUM the ineffable name of the quantum god cannot be spoken…don’t even try.

    Kenny what you don’t understand about SOUND is that undetectable SOUNDS have yet to be accounted for by the quantum mathematician.

    The quantum mathematician can’t explain the significance of the magical number 137 …
    Until they do … the theory stays on the blackboard and is just mental gymnastics for the left brain.

    Until you understand SOUND Kenny, maybe you should keep your comments to yourself.
    Otherwise you are just contributing to the background noise.
    Which eventually leads to war and shit…


    Can you FEEL the SOUNDS you can’t HEAR?
    Takes practice.
    Start meditating using the RIGHT hemisphere of your brain.


  6. If the two of you (seo and Kenny) are suggesting we all need PhDs to make the world more spiritual place …

    Can I suggest that the two of you take your arrogant silly nilly thoughts elsewhere?
    Metaphysical ignorance shall not be tolerated on this wordblog.

    “Quantum physics explains the infinite.”
    Phi explains the infinite quite nicely too!!
    Phi is an ancient golden string theory, recognized long long long ago, based on ratios.

    Why ratios?
    Because the division/the relationship is asymmetrical.
    Kinda of like removing a rib and making a woman…
    Means Adam has one rib less on one side…means the perfect creation is now less symmetrical, less perfect.

    Metaphors, parables and archetypes were used for a good reason fellas … because they transcend TIME and SPACE.

    I do NOT need quantum physics to tell me what I already know.
    To help me ‘remember’, maybe yes, but I already know what I know…I arrived with the truth intact.
    That is in fact the role of the Elders, to help the next generation ‘remember’ the truth…

    You fellas are lost with only numbers to explain, form, color, sound, life…

    Get a life fellas, drop your slide rules and calculators….there is far more to life than math, it is the myth that makes it interesting.


  7. You seem to know a lot of stuff…

    But you don’t seem to know how to talk to, or treat people.

    More can be accomplished by many people working together for a common cause than for one person to show-boat, show everyone up, and show them out the door making them feel like somekind of idiot.

    You must feel awfully alone.

    You seem to have mistaken my intentions in backing-up what the other guy said. All I am saying is this:

    The Divine operates by rules. These rules are Truth. As Truth, these rules are not just the providence of gods and God, but can be used by ‘mortals’, or more mundane creatures/beings. If these rules are not allowed to be used by lesser beings, then they are not True, are they?

    These rules manifest in mathematics and prove the existence of the Divine once you realize that there practically is no such thing as coincidence. Yes, to a degree, I think there is, but for the most part things happen for a reason as ALL is inter-connected.

    No, you don’t have to be a quantum physicist, nor an awesome magician to be able to break through into the hidden realms. The Beatles had it right when they sung “All You Need is Love”. Love comes first. Through Love, we all connect with the Divine and know all things because we find that we are/have been all things.

    Quantum physics and mathematics starts to show you/prove to you that which has been hidden from us. It also shows that, if it be True, it cannot remain hidden forever. There are still a lot of unknowns, but these will remain so until physicists realize that Science is describing the Divine and that the Divine is the Ultimate Science. I suck at math, and I am no quantum physicist, but I have felt the Love that transcends all Love and have seen some awesome things.

    And I also believe that there are certain technologies that MAY remain undiscovered until the physicist, or mathematician understands what he/she is looking at; that God is looking at you through the numbers and the geometry and, if you won’t accept it, then you won’t ‘get it’. The higher meanings will elude you until you accept what IS. Like I said, if you are spiritually advanced, you will see the ‘Big Picture’ and more will be revealed to you (as a scientist). If you are not spiritually advanced, then certain Truths and technology will elude you because such sophistication must be tempered with a respect for all life and even the Creation/Nature around us, or else more ‘mundane’ folks will blow themselves, or someone/something else up.

    I’m not trying to get into a war of words, step on toes, or create enemies, or whatever. I am seeking a higher Truth than what I have been taught in school. I am seeking that which will help me to realize that there is/must be more to life than the bullshit that seems to have been sold to us/shoved down our throats. Unfortunately, my experiences are sporadic, so I feel I am missing some key info and that is what I seek. I know I won’t understand everything about quantum physics, nor will I understand everything about math, or magick. However, I also know that not all of this is necessary. It just helps some of us to see the Light.


  8. Hey mr. anderson NOT to be confused with the ONE called NEO … duh thanks for taking the time to post that.

    I bet you are a real swell guy too…going around making the world a much nicer place to live, eh?

    Letting everyone know how EWE feel about them?


  9. After having spent some time reading other work that you have published on this site I wish to retract my earlier remark.

    Maybe you are not a complete twat!

    This page was my ‘point-of-entry’ to your site (via web search on double slit).

    I was very immediately unimpressed by your apparently narcissistic and condescending attitude (especially apparent in the “responses’ section of this page) which is expounded by your assumption that Andersson, my last name is some reference to a fictional character.

    Unless my records are mistaken (is possible) you have since corrected some surprising inaccuracies on this page concerning the physics of sound (you do know what I mean!?!)

    Your ideas are in general interesting, and I will continue to read what you write.

    With kind regards

    Torre Andre Andersson

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