Alchemy and ‘A’ = 440 Hertz … the band played on …

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…and they use the letter X a lot because in people’s minds it sounds like more serious medicine, and the reason that is..they because pharmacists symbols were PX..? right..

What would a pharmacist know about chemistry and alchemy?
4 separate blogs found on this page…help answer that question.
How far back can we trace the connections between alchemy and chemistry?…inal-solution/

Truth = Truth
An equal ‘=’ sign dividing the whole equation into 2 separate parts, implies an asymmetrical formula or solution…two sides of an equation that look different but mean or are equal to the same thing.
i.e. 1 = 2 – 1

Thus math and formulas are used to help express the creation called SpaceTime using numbers and asymmetrical formula.
However a bilateral symmetrical equation would look more like 1 = 1

So many different ways of expressing truth, are there not, as many ways as there are languages.
And until the ultimate truth is in fact recognized, all projections are mere illusions based on an asymmetrical truth.
The archetypal stencils/templates are always recognizable, at every dimension, at any point in time.

What is an archetype?

Trace out a shape on a piece of paper, it could be your hand.
Think of an archetype as both the stencil and the template.
Cut or carve out any symbol or shape.

Can I suggest you trace your hand…cut it out, remove it, color it with a RED shade of ochre.
Glue it to the cave wall.
This has been identified by those whose study this, as the POSITIVE aspect, and can I suggest it is the microcosm within the macrocosm.
Now the original piece from which we cut out the hand, we can color with a darker, almost BLACK shade of ochre.
Now glue this stencil with the cut out apparition to the cave wall.
This has been identified as the NEGATIVE aspect.
It is the original macrocosmic flat world, out of which a shape has been traced and removed.
A distinction is also being made between inside and outside…as well as left vs. right.

Why all the blah blah blah above?
The hands have been found in PREHISTORIC PRELITERATE CAVES in two flavors.

STENCILS have been identified as primarily LEFT hands and BLACK and associated with WOMEN.
PRINTS have been identified as primarily RIGHT hands and associated with MEN, along with the color RED.

And red and blue are powerful archetypes exploited all the time.…-blue-lillies/

That was 30,000+ years ago.
But today we still associate the electrical net charge called POSITIVE/RED/MALE vs. NEGATIVE/BLACK/BLUE/FEMALE.


Now do the same thing with a mask.
And I will illustrate how LEFT/RIGHT bilateral symmetry (vertical Y-axis) is quite similar to INSIDE/OUTSIDE (Z-axis) asymmetry.

Cut out the eyes, nose, mouth, maybe ears…all openings which hint at receiving and transmitting information, to assist in communication.

Think of those archetypal shapes that we have removed from your mask making endeavors.
The human face would contribute these geometric shapes…

Eyes can look like the vesica pisces, a shape that is the result of two overlapping ellipses or spheres.
We can control the aperture setting of how much light to allow in.
A blending of the stereoscopic vision = third eye?

Noses are often triangular.

Mouth can be formed/altered into many shapes, to assist the transmission of SOUNDS.
From the shape of a lune, to a line to a circle.

Ear shape is essentially fixed.
And it is no coincidence that the shape of the ear itself, lends a clue as to the shape of the waves, the frequencies of SOUND vibrations they are designed to tune into…a golden frequency called the divine proportion?

Golden Spiral = logarithmic frequencies perhaps?
Designed to capture ‘mechanical’ / non-electromagnetic SOUNDS generated by BLACK Holes…
the woofer perhaps could supply a universal or local baseline.
SOUNDS generated by BLACK Holes have been recorded as low as 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’.

And exploding Supernovas just might be the deliverers of the HIGHS, consider WHITE light to be associated with the tweeters.

And we seem to stuck in the middle of the commotion … thus we are to supply the mid-range.
Now the question is … what KEY do we sing together in?

Should the note ‘A’ be tuned to 440 Hertz as the NAZI propanganda minister Joseph Goebbels suggested … OR should ‘A’ be tuned to 432 Hertz, or maybe even to 423 Hertz.

Handel’s ‘Messiah’, during the Baroque period, was tuned, performed at the note ‘A’ = 423 Hertz.
J.S. Bach was also a composer who used this frequency.

Why is it important we pay attention to the collective SOUND being generated by the sphere called EARTH?

Because I think the SOUND / VIBRATION we are generating might just direct us toward a specific cosmic star-GATE.
Remember there are 3 Gates thus identified.

The HIGHS, the LOWS, and the MID-RANGE …
The UNIVERSAL composition and … do we get to contribute to the final product?
What kind of SOUND should we be generating as 2012 approaches folks?

Imagine for a moment the EARTH as a beacon, Lost in SPACE, from which a pulse (all musicians are playing ‘A’ in 440) is emanating.
Not only that … but we also punched holes through the veil that encapsulated the EARTH.
(this was referred to as atomic atmospheric testing which was later banned…Code Name Project ARGUS … 2bee continued)

What happens to a cell if it ruptures within the body?
What does the body, command central do?

And the band played on as the man-made illusion was consumed by the waters of truth…as the unsinkable and unthinkable happened.

The resurrection of the ancient concept of luminiferous aether, as a dark matter and dark energy, buried since 1887 is no different.
The luminiferous aether represents the universal waters …
That is why 2000 years ago the Polynesians used the mattang very effectively to navigate like their ancestors did…

1600 years before the Euro-Judeao/Christians knew how to calculate longitude…

Would a ‘navigation tool’ used to navigate the oceans be a big deal at any point in our history, would it be a ‘secret’ worth keeping from your competitors?

And what does my pet peeve called asymmetry have to do with the face?
The FACE becomes MORE asymmetric as we age…
The FACE-BOOK contains a story based on left and right pages…which represent the left and right asymmetrical brain…where the entire story originates … thus we are assisted in seeing the illusion by our eyes, brains and ears?

How does our heart participate?
Why did the Aztec rip it out of the body?
Why did the Egyptians leave it in the body?

Are the left and right sides of the Atlantic hemisphere (separated by the slowly widening mid-Atlantic ridge) … i.e. a representation of the archetypal separation that exists between west vs. east, resulting in a vertical reflection, is it quite similar to an outside vs. inside rotation?

What to do with the heart eh?




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