The Pagan Pope … part I

To be or not to be a Christian, Jew, or Muslim?
I hope there are other ways, JC suggested there are.
JC is the deceased mythical mythologist Joseph Campbell.
As a young man, Joe, not shoeless, was struck by the fact that the western Indian cultures were similar to his Roman Catholic upbringing. Joe a seeker of the truth, by no Occident, left the Roman Catholic church and followed one of its roads to the far east, to study the traditions of the Orient.

Which structure was built ‘first’?
The PIT house … the KIVA or the House of St. Peter (built over a pagan rock)…?

The KIVA started appearing in the American southwest around 500 A.D.
The KIVA evolved from domestic PIT houses…which are in fact the oldest known living structures in North America.
So who copied who?

St. Peter square looks identical to a ceremonial KIVA.
Which structure was built first?
Was it the PIT house / KIVA or the residence of the self-proclaimed mediator between God and humanity?

Also worth noting when collecting evidence and looking for patterns is the following fact.
Of the 4 Mayan Codices that remain (the rest were destroyed, comparable to the burning of the Libraries at Alexandria and Constantinople), the one called the Dresden Codex helped the roaming Roman/Euro-thieves figure out the Venus Transit cycle.
A cycle that the Mayans paid much attention to.
Along with the cycles of the SUN and the MOON.
Cycles depicted on this mandala, below.
Please note the 4 eight pointed stars…this is a direct reference to light and dark, or morning and evening.
Is it a coincidence that the Vatican imposed a new calender 90 years after Columbus discovered the new world in 1492?
Eliminating 10 days.
One day it was Oct 5th…the next day when you woke up it was Oct. 16th.
That was 1582.
1582 is 528 years after the Chinese recorded an exploding Supernova in 1054.
Not when 528 = KEY in ancient Gematria.
Not when your badge issued 1258.
Not when you were born at 528 am.
Not when the 4/5 numbers you have been tracking for the last 4/5 years are 11258.
Not when you see what I see.

And this ‘alchemy’ symbol / mandala I found in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery, in 2006, helps explain it all.

Black Cross
White Circle
Red Background

The connection to the NAZI adopted swastika is without a doubt NOT a coincidence.
The Pagan Romans also liked those colors. Including yellow representing gold.
Compare the Roman heraldry colors with the 1st Holy Roman Empire known as the 1st Reich, with the NAZIs and the 3rd Reich.
And did a 4th Reich rise from the ashes of a defeated NAZI Germany?

A couple of examples of how the divinity of the swastika lives on…the above connection is obvious.
Can we find a hidden swastika in the above mandala.
In the center of the mandala is a cross.

Can you see the other arcane/occult/hidden swastika now comrade?
The people who designed this symbol at NATO knew what they were doing.
See the gold and green acacia leaves used in the mandala above, and the 4 lines/axis of symmetry?

And the United Nations recognizes the 8 pointed star (8 points = 4 axis, x, y, z and ?) of Venus too.
And is it a coincidence that both Israel and the United Nations use Biblical Blue and White?
Same colors as the Greek flag too.

The Pagan Christ?

The Pagan Pope?

See a slight resemblance between this KIVA and St. Peter’s Square?
Read what it says in the text, re: Chacoan Kivas, about the sub-floor passageway used for theatricks and ritual.
This would coincide with the Black Door and the Basilica … IMHO
(more evidence forthcoming…)

Who copied who?
Who is zooming who?

Baa baa baa baa = how to reinvent the wheel and prosper at the expense of sheeple….
And to my knowledge the indigenous American heathens who built these structures were not mathematically inclined like their Judeao/Christian cousins who arrived with square and compass in hand, to help create a new world order…but the Indians though lacking in technical knowhow still seemed to get the sacred ‘dimensions’ correct…
And though their architecture more than hinted at understanding ‘divinity’ on the level of the Pope, their way of life was rubbed out.
Another trial by fire.
Why do the followers of the Torah, Koran and the Christian BibleS have a penchant for setting fires and burning libraries containing humanities accumulated knowledge?
What makes their western beliefs so special?
The Buddhists have obviously tapped into this divine ARKitectural truth too.
And in the far east, in India, China and Japan, the swastika is a most highly revered symbol.


We note immediately the 2 Pillars in the Buddhist vision.
Did I mention the symbol I found in the Peruvian Catholic Monastery had 2 Pillars?

Are these the same 2 Pillars we find in all Freemason Temples?
Are these the same 2 Pillars referenced in Solomon’s Temple?
Are these the same 2 Pillars referenced in the Tree of Life?
Are these the same 2 Pillars or ribbons, moving in opposite / mirror directions that make up your DNA, your tree?

What colors do these fellas seem to like to immerse/surround themselves in?
Black, White, Red, Gold and a Green Tablecloth?
A Green Tablecloth or a Verde Mesa or perhaps an Emerald Table/Tablet?

Without a doubt the archetypal Pope is both an archetypal Santa and an ARKetypal Satan.
He represents both LIVE and EVIL.
He is both a DOG and a GOD.
Both he and Leonardo know about mirror writing and divination.

But those 4 colors representing the spiritual transmutation process (re:alchemy), and a 5th, the color green are displayed profoundly on 12th century map of Jerusalem.

I go into more detail on this blog re: the above image.…tarot-reading/

Please note the colors used above:
If my interpretation of this map is correct, it suggests the reason the Knights Templar were disbanded was because the Vatican had become this secret societies real ‘enemy’.
The Knights Templar is represented by the White Knight wearing a Red Cross impaling the side of the Black Knight, which seems to display the 4/5 colors, the predominant colors used by the Vatican Secret Society Men’s Club.

They do love those colors that seem to share in a profound symbolic, mystical arcane archetypal ancestry.
The Pope in this narrative also plays the role of the evil step-mother-fokker…the leader of the Red Barons…
The grand poop-ah, the big malteaser…

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

Or is it…shall we reach/Reich for the top, one more time, for a 4th time?
Mi-ra, mi-ra on the veiling vall …

Holy roaming Roman Empire Batman, this Pope is a combination of the Joker, the Riddler, Ra’s al Ghul, he even wears the colors of the Emperor Penguin and believe it or not, the Pope is Mr. Freeze too!



p.s. black and white images scanned from this book.…/dp/0195066650
A gem I recently purchased for $7.50 in a used book store.
More to come…

PIT House cosmology when placed over St. Peter’s Rock is illuminating.
Indians didn’t keep secrets as well the Judeao/Christians…


7 thoughts on “The Pagan Pope … part I

  1. Turn the image of st. peters square around and you get …drumroll… an image of a keyhole. interesting?! I have been reading your blog and I too feel the same way about many of the things you have written about. I feel that I have an easy time seeing /connecting the dots than do most around me. I have been seeing the numbers 222 or 1222 everywhere conSCIENCEly for the last 9 years. I wish to know what those numbers represent. I am 31 born Nov. 8th 1977. and since childhood I have felt like I am here for a specific reason. I am but a mere artist and self educate myself on all things related to what you write about. Personally i’m trying to find a connection between the metaphysical and the quantum physical. peace.

  2. If you look for unity with intent…it will be revealed is my feeling.

    Sorry I can’t help you with finding your purpose…but I do imagine when you find your reason for being here, those numbers will have an association.

    Those intuitive thoughts can follow you around eh?


    • which videos were removed…some links may be dead?
      not sure….

      I do know many images were removed because they had the NAZI black,red,white swastika displayed or placed over other images.

      but I use the asymmetrical image of the NAZI swastika.
      Note the similarity in the colors.

      The removal of these images may just be another example of ignorance, more than a conspiracy…

      if I should stop writing…that would be more of a concern.


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