‘The SECRET’ and INANNA and the ‘me’ LAW of Attraction

Raphael, with the descent of Inanna to the Underworld and the 3 days & 7 garments (I assume are chakras) removed. Then 21 x 360 degrees is a harmonic of the Great Pyramid side of 756ft. So we might as well add the GP to the list of suspects.

NASA quote:

By fitting a theoretical model of the composition of the Universe to the combined set of cosmological observations, scientists have come up with the composition that we described above, ~70% dark energy, ~25% dark matter, ~5% normal matter.


Seems what we consider normal ‘5%’ … what we are primarily composed of, places us in the minority within the universe.

… Our egos are trying to wag the tail without first figuring out what the animal / beast which is comprised of dark matter and dark energy looks like?
Playing with particle accelerators and poking holes in our atmosphere with nuclear devices…just might attract the wrong kind of energy…if you know what I mean.

For those of you who believe in Secrets and the Law of Attraction think about this…most of the new age wannabe millionaires that all want to know the secrets to finding out the secret, a treasure map revealed to those who seek a path paved with millions, yet what is true and evident is most never think of what their collective desires may bring down upon ALL of us…
What would a world comprised of 6 billion people, scurrying about the 4 corners of terra firma, each finding The Secret, each wanting their material desires and carnal pleasures fulfilled, both by a Hummer, look like?
What happens to the world?
Again another symptom of the me me me me me me me generation.

7 x me ?

Inanna is associated with the 7 me, not that she took the 7-me-UP … she took the7-me-Down in her descent.

Inanna would need to pass through a gate perhaps?

Clay Plaque. Mesopotamia 2000-1600 BCE

An open door leads into the interior of a rectangular terracotta box that probably represents a shrine. Inside sits a bird-beaked figure, wearing the long flounced robe characteristic of divinities.

I cannot help notice this baked clay tablet has a center door opening surrounded by 3 (three) identifiable etched rings or valances…
(that is the archetypal structure…a center plus 3)

“When Inanna arrived at the outer gates of the underworld, She knocked loudly.”

The above and other quotes taken from here…

Above we see the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem which also fits the archetypal template.
And this sacred shrine is where the Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls are kept by the way.
A White Dome and a Black Door.
The Black Door is curiously about the same distance from the center of the White Dome as the Black Door is from obelisk in St. Peter’s Square.

Here follows more quotes from the book Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth, and the me.

page 15…
Fourteen times Enki raised his cup to Inanna.
Fourteen times he offered his daughter five me, six me, seven me.
Fourteen times Inanna accepted the holy me.

Great Pyramid side of 756 ft

page 19…
Inanna gathered all the me.
The me were placed on the Boat of Heaven.
The Boat of Heaven, with the holy me, was pushed off from the quay.

page 53…
Inanna gathered together the seven me.
She took them into her hands.
With the me in her possession, she prepared herself:

page 123…
…Moreover, to keep the cosmic entities and cultural phenomena operating continuously and harmoniously without conflict and confusion, they devised the me, that set of universal and immutable rules and limits which had to be observed by god and man alike.

page 157…
To prepare for her journey, Inanna gathers together the seven me. Just as a hero takes certain talismanic weapons to ensure his success, Inanna takes the seven me, transformed into such feminine allure as a crown, jewelry and a gown, to serve as her protections.
Inanna dresses like the Pope, me thinks.

page 171…
Once Inanna takes up the me, the holy form of things, she assumes her destined role, and her spiritual force moves froom the wild and unpredictalbe “heart” to the all-knowing and all-seeing “eye”

page page 173….
Inanna’s descent is needed to set in motion the annual cycle of life on earth. According to the me, which dictate the order and form of things, a New Year’s Day is ordained that marks the earth’s awakening to new life.

i.e. New Year’s Day could be the Jewish Passover, the Christian Easter, and the Islamic New Year all occurring around the same time, coincidentally the same time of year as the vernal equinox.

And the 4 Evangelists on CARD X of the Tarot are an archetypal map directly related to the Precession of the Equinoxes, which is a reference to the vernal equinox…coincidentally.

Which is about reversals of fortune, and maybe even a spiritual flip-flopping about, like dancing electrons…or cats on a hot tin roof?

Ganesh is dancing.

Cats would be better than elephants though.


p.s. It is Halloweenie, the one time of the year the sheeple don’t say baa, they say boo.


7 thoughts on “‘The SECRET’ and INANNA and the ‘me’ LAW of Attraction

  1. “law of actraction” “secret” “door”…sometimes i ask myself if you’re reading what i’m reading, maybe it depends we rotate together following same stars))).



  2. Oh my … seems I have found ‘me’ own personal Inanna Goddess of Heaven and Earth, willing to show ‘me’ the 7 ropes?

    Yes I am a dog, but not in the traditional Chinese intrepretations, in the eyes of my former spouse I was a louse and a dog.

    Actually I am a strutting Rooster, with a house full of hens, and I am keeping guard like a dog, with an ever watchful eye, announcing the rising day, and yes sometimes behaving like an unchained undisciplined dog, because of the wolf in ‘me’.

    By the way, I can ride a horse well bianKA, so I am sure we would enjoy taking that ride together anyway.
    I am also a Cancer, am I ascending, not sure what that means?



  3. Nobody told me “Inanna” before))) – o dear! –
    “ascending”? me, too, almost still (smile)*


    p.s. one of my favourite book is “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes))), a stone(!) which helped me ascending.

  4. I would think Inanna missed the East and the Bull..wouldn’t you?
    If she had had time, I presume she might have mentioned dolphins which followed the boats.

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