BLACK DOOR conceals the Vatican’s Cunning Stunts

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Now we can add the “all seeing eye” to the list or is it the feminine ‘vesica pisces’ ?

A woman?
Ah yes the feminine sacred…
I have spent much of my manhood trying to open the veils, and coax the microcosmic phallus out of it’s hood…literally and clitorally, it is the Oral traditions of which we speak…and my whispers manage to create a swelling…
With the intent of course to penetrate the love tunnel (the Stargate), with my macrocosmic phallus that I have nicknamed….
Obi Wan Ka … an abrreviation for Obelisk meets the Chinese Swastika 

The intent of mi penetrations is simply to plant one seed.

A cunning stunt if I do say so mi-self.
Billions served daily.

The star above is Fomalhaut … also been nicknamed the Eye of Sauron for obvious reasons, LOTR fans.
It resembles the Love Tunnel from which ALL men are born and then sadly they spend the rest of their loves trying to get back inside…Lickety split.
Evil never looked soooo good and enticing.
I will bring the icing, for the cake that I get to eat too?
Yummy mummies unwrapped.

Know what a MILF is?
A MILF is me announcing ‘Moms I Lick Fomalhaut!’

In the beginning … it is all about sex and fertility.
It is all about life and death and life and death and …
Even with Standing Spherical Wave Theory there exists a mechanism for fertility or division.
Clockwise vs. Counterclockwise spin direction determines whether a female (electron) or male (positron) will evolve.

Tit & aSS always sells because it is part and parcel of the fundamental neceSSary mechanism to life continuing.
Intersections or Crosses, like the macrocosmic tau cross, ‘T’, a microcosmic crucifix ‘t’ and the SS = Holy Spirit?
What say thee JuliuS CeSar, jeSuS, moSeS, genSiS, iSiS, oSiriS, SiriuS … S/ZeuS?

So what is the big deal about Fomalhaut?

It is one of the 4 Royal Stars.
That is the big deal.
It really is.
That is why so few people have heard of these 4 Royal Stars.
The other three Royal Stars are Regulus (Leo), Antares (Scorpio) and Aldebaran (Taurus)
Fomalhaut is the ambassador of Aquarius, the new AGE we have/are entering?

The Persian 4 Royal Stars found their way into the Christian narrative as the 4 Evangelists. 
In the above tympanum at Chartres Cathedral we see Jesus surrounded by the 4 Evangelists inside the vesica piscis.

Some people say Jesus performed miraculous cunning stunts too!!!

The Persian 4 Royal Stars are in fact 11, 2, 5, and 8 on your astrological dial…found on CARD X of the illuminating Tarot…
And therein lies the story veiled…

Greek ASTRO-logers and NAZIs had King Solomon in a Knot

Those 4 Royal Stars, 4 Evangelists reappear as Ezekiel’s 4 Beasts of the Apocalypse in the final chapter of the bible.

Why were the Persian’s tuning in to these 4 Stars and the Christians were not quite clued in?
Because during the ‘Dark Ages’, as the Christians were being burned at the stake and deterred from seeking answers from the ‘celestial’ movements above and to have faith in the scriptures that the Church was force feeding the masses, meanwhile the Persians, Chinese, Indians east and west and other countless indigenous societies were in fact NOT ignoring the stars and were tracking their movements along with the Sun and the Moon and the morning/evening star called Venus, Ishtar, Ashtarte, Inanna.

So what would a modern wanker Judeao/Christian/Islamic bred scientist who is still recovering from the Dark Ages, and who gets his daily bread from the divine scriptures call the luminiferous aether today?
Dark Matter of course….is the new and improved and resurrected, but still veiled luminiferous aether that science helped kill long ago with the aid of a questionable theory put forth by a priest, a theory called the Big Bang.
The theory of creation that science embraces is a actually a religious one.

And of course this knowledge of celestial movements was then encoded into the Tarot…or maybe the archetypal information in the Tarot actually assisted in helping to script the Torah?
And the anomaly regarding Fomalhaut, which is thus connected to the Age of Aquarius is this…

Fomalhaut is the only one of the 4 Royal Stars that is NOT occulted by the MOON.
And somehow I feel that may serve a purpose in the bigger picture of the unfolding of events.

Card X solves X.
How appropriate and poetic.

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Again we have the 3 & 7 or 30% & 70% of a circle @ 108/252 degrees no wonder as Raphael said somewhere dead Popes are celebrated or sent on their journey from the Black gate.cheers from oZ

Now that we realize the Christians had been handicapped during the Dark Ages, what does the Koran say about a 70/30 ratio?

And Christians have a HIS-story that suggests they do not like to learn from history…
IMHOthe Judeao/Christian belief system is terribly flawed…
Islam shares in the dysfunction.

What is the percentage of surface land mass to water here on earth?
70.8% of the surface is water, 29.2 % is land.

The extact? percentage of water (on Earth) is 71.11%.

Also the exact? percentage of land (on Earth) is 28.89%

In the Holy Koran the word EL BAHAR (sea, water) is mentioned 32 times.
EL BERR (land, earth) is mentioned 13 times.

Look carefully now:
32:45×100%=71.11111111111% (Percentage of water)
13:45×100%=28.88888888889% (Percentage of water)

71.11%+28.89%=100% (The percentage of water and land on Earth)…r_on_the_earth

And I want to point out…that the 70/30 ratio is about the same for the human body.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Another method of determining total body water percentage (TBW%) is via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). In the traditional BIA method, a person lies on a cot and spot electrodes are placed on the hands and bare feet. Electrolyte gel is applied first, and then a current of 50 kHz is introduced. BIA has emerged as a promising technique because of its simplicity, low cost, high reproducibility and noninvasiveness. BIA prediction equations can be either generalized or population-specific, allowing this method to be potentially very accurate. Selecting the appropriate equation is important to determining the quality of the results.
For clinical purposes, scientists are developing a multi-frequency BIA method that may further improve the method’s ability to predict a person’s hydration level. New segmental BIA equipment that uses more electrodes may lead to more precise measurements of specific parts of the body.

 And it was snowing on Mars?…-20080929.html

All coincidences.
Curious how a universe might try to achieve a thermodynamic entropic balance as dictated by the universal thermodynamic laws 1, 2, and 3?
Maybe the Ultraviolet Blue light streaming into the earth’s atmosphere, is the baptismal light needed to quick start an event?

You need ultraviolet blue light to make electrons dance and jump with rapturous joy and delight, red infrared light does NOT excite the metals very much…if the Creator Alchemist wanted to turn base metals into gold…what tool or magic would the Alchemist employ…?

Waves … electromagnetic and mechanical?

Ask Einstein about his Nobel Prize and his square head filled with dancing electrons.
A Baptism is in fact part of the alchemy process.




2 thoughts on “BLACK DOOR conceals the Vatican’s Cunning Stunts

  1. That’s the biggest crap I ever read, about Eye of Sauron. Obviously if you take your clues from the LotR movies, you’ll end up with such conclusions, that “tit & ass always sells” (??) – no, that’s what they’re trying to *convince* you of. The real stuff doesn’t work that way.

  2. Slender Snail I did not give it that particular name (Sauron).
    I just make the connections.

    So forget about LOTR, the thread is really about the star Fomalhaut, one of the 4 Persian Royal Stars, that came to represent the 4 Christian Evangelists and the Tetragrammaton.


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