Interesting article featuring well known author Jim Marrs.


(laughs) Well, of course, there is the question of the oil. But I don’t think that is the real reason because we were getting only 16% of our imported oil from Iraq prior to our invasion and we aren’t even getting that now because they keep blowing up the pipelines. That’s also the sticking point even with our little puppet government that we put in power over there is they are dragging their feet on the relinquishing the rights to all their oil to us. They have pretty much gone along with everything else, but they still don’t want to give up all their oil rights. So, I don’t think it was about oil.

Q/ What Did Bush Administration Want from Iraq National Museum in Baghdad?

Personally, I think it had more to do with the looting of the Iraqi National Museum because I have in my files news articles from the associated press and European media from 1999 through 2001, speaking of ‘amazing new discoveries being made in Iraq by French and German archaeological teams, which I find very fascinating because after all it was probably France and Germany that were most opposed to our invasion of Iraq.

When we decided to attack Iraq in the spring of 2003, we violated normal military tactics, which is to seize an objective, consolidate your winnings and then move on to the next objective. We simply made a beeline for Baghdad, which is one of the reasons we’re having so many problems still is because we failed to pacify the countryside. Instead, we went straight to Baghdad and despite assurances to world museum directors by the Pentagon that the Iraqi National Museum would be protected, it was not and there was wholesale looting. According to Col. Matthew Bogdanos, who investigated the Iraqi Museum looting for General Tommy Franks, he described the looting of the basement as an ‘inside job.’ He said there were guards conveniently missing; they had keys to some of the locked vaults; they knew exactly what they were looking for; they by-passed expensive looking fakes. They went right for the new, uncatalogued stuff.

Iraq National Museum, holder of 5,000-year-old treasures and artifacts from the time of Mesopotamia onward, was attacked and looted soon after the United States invaded Baghdad in March 2003. TV news reported American troops were also going underground to search thirty miles of tunnels beneath Baghdad for “weapons of mass destruction.”

So after reading this article it becomes possibly apparent that the WMD that the US went into Iraq looking to find and defuse was the TRUTH!

W eapons of
M edia
D eception

^^^ And as this blog shows there seems to be discrepancies between 7,000 year old history as depicted in Samarra Iraq, and a scripted self-serving HIS-story that dominates today’s consciousness.

I have actually found the ‘archetypal’ Key to Universal Movement and it matches Milo Wolff’s model of the standing wave to a T.

What is the most important commodity?
What is more important than gold or oil or treasures kept in vaults?


Truth will set you free…gold and oil will gain you admission to the game.
A game being played at a level, unaware to most of humanity, that is really about tricking the soul into staying in the game called ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’.

The swastika will always have a role to play in how history evolves.
It is a distinct part of vortex mathematics and it a vital KEY to the Universal movements.
Get over it…it is part of the divine narrative…like the moon and the sun…did you know the swastika is a symbol for BOTH!!!
The solar aspect we all know, few know it also represents the moon too.
So by default the right eye (sun) and left eye (moon) of Horus defaults to the 15,000+ year old swastika, a diplomat hinting at an intelligent design.

The swastika is DIVINE…far more divine than the crucifix, which is in fact a symbol that represents a CULT that makes the Nazis and the holocaust look like a boy scout jamboree.

I want the swastika/svastika back.
It is part of our UNcollective consciousness, does the UN know that …?
The current UN consciousness being scripted sucks!!!

I want the Bab-Ilu back.
The Bab-Ilu / the swastika / the Gate of God … belongs to everybody.

TRUTH hurts



DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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