Knights Templar and Da Vinci’s 2012 aWAKEning in Room 1258

Fintan wrote:
I suppose you are referring to the
ideas in these two graphics:
Oh y 


Hey Fintan I found your site some time ago, due to the imagery, and it has become clear that our work meshes nicely. We each bring something to the table, the Mesa Verde, Spanish for Table Green, or perhaps we could call it the Emerald Table?

Coincidental that you are located on the Emerald Isle?
My journey has been archetypal, yours was too.
Someone who has distanced themselves from RC beliefs has been reborn.
My journey could be termed a breakdown, a psychotic episode, a descent into the chaos of the right hemisphere of the mind.
And when you resurface, lost, you do what any person, or civilization would do after a catastrophe, you re-orient yourself first to the 4 directions.
Ask Herr Jung and his disciples.

That was the door I used to enter the temple…in accessing what you call the super consciousness.
Years ago before the internet existed, to find and piece together the archetypes as I have in these past 4-5 years, would have taken a lifetime.

Fintan I listened to the audio clip about what you call the necessary tool set.
I agree, understanding how a mirror works is KEY.
Understanding the inside out Z axis is KEY.
I wrote and posted a similar rant on my birthday of this year, posting it as a gift to be shared.

Understanding that the universe is veiled to us using asymmetry is KEY.
Two trees and Four Rivers in Eden, right?
The Tree of Knowledge is all about the Symme-tree of the creation, and the other tree found in Eden is the one not often mentioned by the Church, though all pagans and indigenous cultures have a reverence for the Tree of Life called the Asymme-tree.
Or is it the other way around?
Symmetry represents the Tree of Life?
Asymmetree represents the Tree of Knowledge?
Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge…a precursor to the fall…nature has both trees in the forest, but nature has a preference for asymmetree.
Nature prefers the 5 sided pentacle/pentagon OVER the 6-sided hexagram/hexagon/Star of David.


This softdrink can must have been overfilled under pressure and that’s how it came out of the carton. The forces of nature have chosen.

Here at TreeIncarnation Fintan I feel I have found a forest I can call home, and no longer feel the need to be grumpy or gumpy.
You know what TreeIncarnation needs in these archetypal ‘end of daze’?
A poetic interpretation of the unfolding of the events.

Some people seek ascension using the Tree of Knowledge, others find and use the Tree of Life and climb it, I found a tree shaded by both, here is the tree I fell asleep under.
Not the Bodhi Tree either, but it could be.
The tree can be found anywhere, even down by Walden Pond.
Ask Rip Van Winkle.

It is the Poet-Tree.

Fintan I also envision a wake, a party taking place.
I call it my Irish/I wish Wake.

This wake I wish for is to take place in Room 1258.
And a wake can also be the wake or wave trailing the boat as it ploughs its way through the stillness of the lake or the mirror.
And the wake and the wave and the formula for phi are all connected.
That is why the 2012 wake is being held in Room 1258, among other rooms.
But your attendance Fintan is needed in Room 1258, along with your pal JustO whom you trust.

Phi = (sqrt5 + 1)/2

Does Phi attempt to express a number of infinite complexity?
All I ask then is that we substitute the lemniscate or infinity symbol for the phi symbol that we use today?

phi = = 8
Thus the equation can become…

= (sqrt5 + 1)/2

And in fact this Phi formula has an ‘image’ or its reciprocal.
The macrocosmic Phi has a microcosmic image called phi.
And the image only requires that within the formula we change the + to a.

= (sqrt5 + 1)/2
Resulting in two values that actually never terminate.

macrocosmic Phi = 1.618 = = (sqrt5 + 1)/2


microcosmic phi = .618 = = (sqrt5 – 1)/2

Card X

Please note the numbers 11, 2, 5, 8, relative to the Room 1258.
Hmm why the extra 1?

The two equations representing Phi/phi >>> 8 = (sqrt5 + 1)/2
The ancient mystics could use an archetypal tool like Card 10 of the Tarot to help them remember and thus explain what X means when discussing the concepts of the macro Phi and the micro phi in a world where above and below conspire to become one again.
The 11 could in fact represent a 1 and 1.
When the Tarot was devised, the notation we apply to numbers had not been standardized or even been invented.
Imagine a time when numbers were merely a string.
Is it coincidental we ended up with a string theory?
Please understand that the strings still need to woven into a knot or Knazi theory.

X = asymmetry

And as you know when you are lost you feel like your world has been turned upside down. The image on the right is another clue as to why St. Peter was crucified upside down too. It fits the universal template to a T or should I say a Y?

Why Y?

So who else will be in attendance in Room 1258?
Crick will be there because LSD and DMT will be part of the ritual…hahaha
Crick had his epiphany about DNA due to LSD…

I am not sure how many have been invited, who has heard the bell toll.
Marko Rodin already mentioned should be invited because his torus is designed using the numbers 1258 plus the numbers 47, and those six numbers form his ‘torus’ design…and those six numbers are found in 22/7 = 3.142857.
And of course this is no coincidence.
47 would be a fine number to represent the modern vortex mathematician.
Euclidean proposition #47 deals with right angle triangles.
And Fintan, you and me know that is yet another tool or key the builders need, the right triangle triangle, known to the masons as the ‘builder’s glyph ‘L’.

WTC7 in fact has 47 floors.
Each floor had 47,000 square feet of rental space…
And it was equipped with a command center, installed about halfway up, the HQ was located on floor 23.
And 2s and 3s are used for composing music.
I see a big fib regarding 911 and the Fibonacci sequence plays a role in now all this unravels and then comes back together again, helping to provide a baseline for the narrative.

WTC7 was a rather odd geometrical shape, not like the other 6 buildings.
Built as a trapezoid. But then again Pythagoras was a geometer and a musician and his appreciation of the universe was based on a foundation of unifying universal SOUNDs.

And is it coincidental that the major tenants’ name in WTC was the Salomon Brothers?
>> 47-story building with a red granite façade.
Hmm, the bibical Solomon’s Temple and the present day Kabah in Mecca are made of granite too, I should mention also that NORAD HQ, which played a significant role in 911 is also located inside a granite Cheyenne Mountain, in the 4 Corners region of the US of Aleph.

The following folks should also be invited to Room 1258.
Who understands numbers and Christian script coded into the scriptures?
Bonnie Gaunt a devout Christian who studies Gematria should be in attendance because she can help unlock the KEYs using this ancient code.
She knows that the Hebrew word KEY = 528.

Jill Taylor Bolte
a brain anatomist who suffered a stroke and studies the asymmetrical brain needs to come because she has been to the other side and returned to share a wonderful narrative.

Dale Pond
who studies Sympathetic Vibrations would enjoy the vibes the room offers…He understands how the ‘luminiferous aether’, the Fibonacci numbers, music are all connected to a unity.

And because such a grim outlook of a world gone mad could use some humor to help us get through the day…Charles Fleischer the comedian also needs to be in attendance in Room 1258.
Because he understands ‘Moleeds’.

4 sure 4 sure 4 sure…
Comedy and death and tragedy are bed and coffin mates.

Last but not least there is another fellow I would like to see attend this Wake and I am sure he has a valiant role to play too, Dr. Len Horowitz.
He is a promoter of the healing properties in regards to the Sofeggio frequencies of which the frequency 528 hertz is claimed to heal DNA.
He is valiant and his efforts have been recognized, he is in fact a knight.
He has been accepted into the order of the Knights of Malta, an event I find interesting, because my path took me through ancient Malta, an ancient culture that worshiped spirals in a place called Tarxien, a culture that predates the Egyptian dynasties.
(Please note I did not say predates the pyramids )

Coincidentally Len is also a former neighbor of Marko Rodin, when Rodin lived in Hawaii.

So what are my credentials?
There is a good chance I was born at 5:28 am.

And I also have a badge issued to me in the year I retired from the Fire department…the fire department insignia worldwide as you know is the Maltese Cross.
And this badge I want to suggest allows me entry into Room 1258.

Note Fintan, that the divers tag also contains those four numbers.
I loved the analogy about the dive suit, peeling off a wet suit, like a ‘skin’.

So what do the Maltese Cross and the Knight’s Templar Cross have in common?
The numerous Crusades is an obvious answer.
What to do with your nights when knights were no longer needed because Jerusalem had been lost is another answer.
Below I want to offer an explanation for the Knights Templar magic square.
To my knowledge what I propose has never seen the light of modernity.

Knights Templar Magic Square

Using this magic square, found in Pompeii predating the Templars by over 1000 years we can uncover the knowledge of optics (binocular vision) concealed within this magic square, using these two images that you are familiar with.
Yes we can show how the eyes operate in a similar manner to how you perceive the ears ‘tune in’.

First step is to locate all of the crosses concealed within the square.
Spell the word AEON by drawing straight lines between these letters.
Do this 4 times.
The image will look like this if you choose to fill it in with red…NOTE that the letters AEO cover all the white squares and the neutral N square in the center.

However what do crop circles and the Knights Templar Cross have to do with optics?


According to a German chemist, Dr Peter Plichta, the Egyptians knew the secret to the hidden pattern of Prime Numbers. Imagine if you wrote the numbers from 1 to 24 in a circle, going clockwise,and the next 24 numbers concentrically around it, and you repeated these many rings of 24 consecutive numbers, have a guess where all the prime numbers would lie?
You guessed it, on 4 distinct diagonals or diameters that form the 4th Dimensional Templar Cross.

WTC7 similarities?
Note primes 23, 47 and 71 ALL share the same axis.
All prime numbers with the exception of 2 and 3 fall into the pattern as mentioned by Peter Plichta.
Both 2 and 3 are used to compose all music as I mentioned earlier.

A final aha for those who have persevered through quite a lengthy post.

I just want to connect that upside Vitruvian Man, to what his ARMS and LEGS are apparently suggesting.
Tell me you don’t get a tingle.

GOSECK circle is German Woodhenge … circa 4800 BCE

Image on the left is known as the 3 Soul Gates, and the image on the right is the logo of the brand new and improved SS, the Secret Service called Mi5.

Mi = 528 hertz and is associated with middle ‘C’, the 3rd note of the sacred Solfeggio frequencies.
Ask Len Horowitz.

St Peter’s Square looks elliptical and please note that the Heelstone in Stonehenge is located near the Black Door in the Vatican.
The Black Door is where the Popes are given their last rites.
The Black Door is the Sphinx.
The Black Door is the Moon, and the Old Testament says this is where your soul passes through after you die.
Fintan you have seen this image before.

Image on the left is the Rodin Coil, and the image on the right is well … you know. Twisted Evil

So the analogy I suggest is that St. Peter’s Basilica is the Sine Wave Generator?
Suggesting the Black Door in the Rodin Coil would be?

So who in interested in attending the party, the aWAKEning happening in Room 1258, there is much too discuss?

A meeting of the minds needs to take place.
Left with Right.
If you watched that video featuring Jill Taylor Bolte, you know what I am hinting at.

And I used the above mandala photographed in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery in 2006 to help in unlocking ALL of the above.
I added the swastika to help illustrate why this symbol was coveted by Hitler…it is a direct link to the Philosopher’s Stone.

I call it the Rosetta Fractal.
An image that suggests a fractal progression similar to the Fibonacci sequence.
Which brings us back to numbers and their intrinsic value to the ‘composition’ of the matrix.

…the Philadelphia Experiment that aimed to turn military naval boats invisible during times of war, did you know that the science behind it was purely working with the Fibonacci Numbers.

Fintan, in Canada we have a donut chain called Tim Horton’s which reminds me of Dr. SeuSS’ Horton Hear’s a Who…which reminds me of the Owl, which reminds me of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna / Ishtar / Venus which reminds me of…SOUND of Venus?

An intrepid seeker of the truth would have noticed another coincidence regarding those 4 numbers 1258 and the Transit of Venus cycle, the cycle takes about 120.5 (+ or – 8 yrs)
A cycle of celestial planetary movement that forms a pentagon/pentacle in the heavens.
A pentacle circumscribed by a circle contains ‘phi’ and ‘Phi’.

Hello hello can anybody hear mi?
Mi or Key 528 hertz it is rumored heals DNA.
According to Dr. Len Horowitz.

Back to donuts.
Marko Rodin’s torus looks like a donut.
My 25 cent binary Two Byte Two Bit Theory of Everything suggests we ate God.
God was the Hole in the center of the Donut that we need to continually FEED and also get our nourishment from. Going back to the well, is going back to the hole in the center for more nourishment and a REST.

Like the Eye of the Hurricane, the center spot is the most quiet.
But we seem to have it backwards in how we go about our lives…we sit on the edge and give others in the center all the attention.
The archetypal stadium is a valuable clue to human nature.

All modern stadiums are archetypal of the torus.
We the spectators sit on the rim of the donut/stadium and direct our energies onto the playing field…thus the home team is given a 3-point advantage in the contest…even the bookies realize and honor this metaphysical advantage.
Action at a distance…
Because both bookies and Einstein knew ‘God does not play dice’…
The archetypal God has the Emerald Table rigged…we can’t see under the table…

In conclusion, the so-called ineffable name of god is a non-electromagnetic sound wave…and it follows that the left and right hands of the creator alchemist are connected to the electro-magnetic light waves…the creation is BOTH a SOUND and LIGHT show, created using alchemy.

Inanna / Venus set her EAR to the Heaven Above and Heaven Below too.




I have some great new archetypal evidence re: the Nazca Lines supported by science.
I took a closer look at the Monkey with the spiral tail and two hands that have 9 fingers.

A bandlimited sawtooth wave pictured in the time domain (top) and frequency domain (bottom). The fundamental is at 220 Hz (A2).

220 hertz is half of 440 hertz.
We adopted the gematria tuned 440 hertz as the international standard for the note ‘A’.

In this image below we see the Sawtooth Wave as representing both TIME and FREQUENCY.
Frequency that can be plotted using what?
It will soon become quite clear.

Oh yeah.
As I type this … it is evident that HIS-story is about to take a turn for the worst …. and HER-story and history shall become clearer.

Can anybody suggest to me what that monkey might be weaving with his chiral asymmetric hands?
Remember our DNA, amino acids, crystals tend to be composed of chiral asymmetry…

The plot above shows the first 511 terms of the Fibonacci sequence represented in binary, revealing an interesting pattern of hollow and filled triangles (Pegg 2003).

That is what I feel that monkey is weaving.
Look at the different kinds of waves associated with this ancient sketch, I see sawtooth, square and triangular waves.
Are the 3 Soul Gates navigated using different kinds of waves?
A question we need to answer soon IMHO.

911 was a rite and ritual of gigantic proportions….what it actually suggests looms on the horizon.

It becomes apparent that even the monkeys knew about Euclidean Proposition 47 and the Fibonacci numbers, long ago on the Nazca plain.

The Gold Line in the image above with the monkey I want to suggest is the Golden Mean, the Divine Proportion.
I wonder what the heathens knew?

Hey Herr Pope?
Should we tell them about the mattang and how its secrets can be found or concealed in the Knights Templar Magic Square?
The mattang was a navigation tool used by the Polynesians an aid for sailing between islands.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

10 thoughts on “Knights Templar and Da Vinci’s 2012 aWAKEning in Room 1258

  1. Great question, RA PH a/el!

    I ask myself the same question (about being at all))), still you surely know that aphorism of Pascal))): “God is an intelligible sphere, whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.”)))


    p.s. Anyway every time I read “Where have you been?” I hear follows (Pink Floyd):

    Welcome to the Machine

    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
    Where have you been?
    It’s alright, we know where you’ve been
    You’ve been in the pipeline, filling in time,
    Provided with toys and ‘Scouting for Boys’
    You bought a guitar to punish your ma,
    And you didn’t like school,
    And you know you’re nobody’s fool,
    So welcome to the machine
    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
    What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream
    You dreamed of a big star
    He played a mean guitar
    He always ate in the steak bar
    He loved to drive in his Jaguar
    So welcome to the machine

    Perhaps as a teenager you say to yourself: “Welcome to the machine!!!”


  2. oh this was definately one of the most enjoyable articles! that link to mathemagics is brilliant! i’ve been on that site for hours now!

  3. you’re on to it!

    Amazing how it all seems to be buried inside sq root of 5… Funny how “L” suggests root 5 and is the 12th letter of the alphabet. Like the cornerstone’s exterior dimensions are 1×2 opening up a hyperspatial connection with spirit at the center of the dodeca…

  4. hi Raphael,
    not sure if you have come across Stan Tenen and his work on sacred geometry and squaring the circle but it’s fascinating research

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