SOUND solves the wave/particle duality paradox

bigmoose wrote:

Do you want people to listen to you?

Here let me share a letter that still needs some polishing up.
Even in rough draft it still should be shared with all who are seekers of the truth.
It will resonate because it represents a fundamental truth.

Bigmoose will the people listen to an obvious TRUTH that has been veiled from them and once exposed, this embracing of a truth might even participate in the undoing of their current lifestyles?

The answer to that question is too obvious…prepare for the grand unveiling anyway.

Dear Sir,
I read your comments re: Keely and felt the need to respond.
Here is why Keely was on the right path and it also provides the why and how of Einstein getting duped into NOT believing in a luminiferous aether.
And the best part is it helps explain why wave / particle duality exists too.
SOUND waves are the KEY to a deeper understanding of the universe … sound wavelengths that are soooo long that they stretch across the diameter of our milky way universe, and because the wavelength is so long, these SOUND gravity waves appear as simply a line passing through our solar system, similar to the divine proportion, the golden mean.Sound gravity waves emanating from black holes and exploding supernovas.

That is what Chandra Telescope is now telling us…but the particle LIGHT magician/physicist is still enamored with the flashes of LIGHT.

The ineffable name of God is SOUND, haven’t they heard?
The goddess Inanna spoke of Sound and the EAR was important. (more on this vital clue later)
In the beginning was the WORD…
and the hum of a magnet…
Coincidentally the inner ear canal is shaped like a helix, resembling the golden spiral, in the shape of those ‘incoming’ sound waves, perhaps?

SOUNDs we cannot hear I and others are suggesting represents the elusive luminiferous aether, the elusive gravity wave is connected to non-electromagnetic sound waves.

And sounds as low as 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’ suggests the archetypal God/Sound particle/gravity wave has been present in every double slit experiment that has ever taken place.
The scientists have NEVER accounted for those SOUNDs that were present in the room when the light behaved in bizarre ways.
Experiments that resulted in a quantum conclusion, suggesting the observer affected the observation.
And the observers did effect the gravity wave at the shorter distance because it is a weaker non-electromagnetic sound wave…HOWEVER the ‘electro-magnetic thought waves’ of the participants observing and conducting the experiment, over rode the weaker non-electromagnetic gravity wave at the shorter distance. Because we know electro-magnetism is stronger than gravity.
But if you leave the room, go have a coffee … and take your thoughts with you, the photons will default to the BASSline / baseline, and display the underlying sound wave that is present in the room ALL the time…We were not aware of these SOUNDs until the Chandra telescope observed a black hole in 2003.
Ever present sound gravity waves that are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS present.Get in touch with me if you want to know about the archetypal theory of everything.
The first chapter of such an archetypal book is of course called Genesis, and it suggests the Big BANG was both a LIGHT and SOUND show involving DNA…

CERN is a waste of time and money.
It is TIME a new standard model of physics was drawn up.


What is the ‘KEY to Universal Movements’ and what are its movements?

My current thesis/claim: These Universal movements can be found on each level of the matrix,

i.e. we could start with a hydrogen atom, a hurricane, the Milky Way, and these movements can be shown to coincide with the cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes.
Once in possession of this key to the universal movements, it can be used to predict where electrons might appear next, on which valance and where, but on the macrocosmic level it can also be used to predict the movement of the Sun itself, tracking it during the cycle once called The Great Year, the Platonic Year, and then later science renamed this event Precession of the Equinoxes.

This KEY to Universal Movements can be used to make profound celestial predictions as we approach 2012.

It is a universal key or archetype, thus the movements, whether visible or invisible, these movements are always present within the universe.
The archetypal evidence suggests this is true, and the human evolving asymmetrical archetypal mind has known this fact since at least 5000 BCE, as my evidence suggests.

This wordblog shows the ‘Universal Movements’ that can be found at every level, from the Macrocosm to the microcosm. … milky-way/

It is consistent with how the wheels within wheels rotate…similar to Ezekiel’s vision.

My theory’s fit with Ezekiel’s vision is not by chance.

I actually have had the same vision.
Accessed by recognizing the universal archetypes that transcend Time, Space and Motion.

The symbol, representing this archetypal concept has been known for at least 7000 years.
Suggesting, maybe even proving, religion and science have in fact conspired to keep us ignorant by veiling the truth, a truth easily revealed by exposing the unifying underlying universal divine archetypes that exist, that ‘just are’, and too ‘are just’.

One question remains.
Is the ‘conspiracy’ that has obviously manifested over the centuries, a conscious or unconscious conspiracy?

In conclusion the obvious must be restated…how can a ‘Theory of Everything’ ignore SOUND?

It cannot.
Prepare to have your empirical asymmetrical world turned upside down…or should I say turned inside out?



PART II the next day

And this morning I received a reply from another fellow I had corresponded with in regards to the Karanovo Zodiac.
This link he sent me displayed the following image.
It is a valuable clue to the 3 Gates and the 3 Keys.
I have yet to respond and show him the connection I have made.

(Reiche 1993, p. 173)  The Gapped Portion of the Zodiac of Constellations as Framed by the Second and Third of Heraclides’ “Gates.”

Read the passage found at this link suggesting Cancer and Capricorn are gates … &ct=result
Have you noted the position of those gates yet?
But we must rotate the image and place Cancer (Tropic of Cancer in the North) and Capricorn (Tropic of Capricorn) in the South.
Thus we face east…hello Allah.
And once rotated it became clear where these 3 gates could also be found.
Please note the reference to the God of 9, God of 12 (2+1=3) and the God of 15 (1+5=6)
OR I want to suggest that Marko Rodin and me would suggest this ancient reference is in fact the God of 3, 6, 9?
Here are the sequences.
1, 4, 7
2, 5, 8
3, 6, 9
What is so special about these 9 numbers Pythagoras?
The Dalai Lama suggests the universe can be found in an atom.
He is right.
By using these 9 numbers we can unlock the archetypal universal symbol.
And the universal archetypal symbol resembles an atom.
On one level.
But this archetypal template can be applied to other ‘levels’ or dimensions of the matrix.
i.e. the same movements we observe in a microcosmic atom can be found in how the macrocosmic Milky Way behaves.
A hydrogen atom…the origin of the elemental species.
One atom that evolves into 87 others, naturally, into 88 elements
Coincidentally if the universe is musical the following are not coincidences….88 constellations…88 piano keys.

I want to suggest that we can use the 9 numbers 1-9, to help open the ‘gates’ that we find below.


Mi5 Secret Service Logo
Note the position of the the 3 gates in both images.




Can I suggest esoterically these are three 3 x 3 Lo Shu Magic squares?


See those 4 lampposts in the entrance to the Mi5 Headquarters?
We find them in the Vatican.


And those 4 lampposts represent the 4 constellations we find on CARD X of the mystical, arcane, esoteric Tarot.
A visual archetypal aid.
4 lampposts = 4 Persian Royal Stars displaying the CODE I have used to help solve this ancient riddle.

11  2  5  8


And of course ALL roads lead back to Rome.
I want to suggest the largest of the 3 crowns we see in the Mi5 Logo represents the Black Door in St. Peter’s Square.

Something I found in mi archives, one of many images that matches the universal template…something that supports the thesis…again.
It is really is quite profound.
When we add to what we already know.
The truth has become evident.

UPDATE: September 27th, 2008

The Goseck circle is a Neolithic structure in Goseck in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It consists of a set of concentric ditches 75 meters (246 feet) across, and two palisade rings containing gates in defined places. It is considered the earliest sun observatory currently known in Europe. Interpretations of the ring suggest that European Neolithic and Bronze Age people measured the heavens far earlier and more accurately than historians have thought. The site was made public in August 2003. German media have called the site “German Stonehenge,” although the use of the term henge for structures outside Britain is disputed and it apparently has no bank.

The Goseck Circle is a most valuable clue to the 3 Gates and the 3 Keys as we shall soon see.




Well that should just about do it…I rest mi archetypal case.


Above I present the KEY to Universal Movement.

It is represented (this time) as a digital sky survey of the Milky Way.
Those arrows are indicative of the Universal Movements that extend from a microcosmic electron to the macrocosmic galaxies.
This is the KEY to Universal Movement.

This is it.

“So what, big deal” … I can anticipate some people bleating.

What is the big deal?
Knowing these movements can help us predict two most important things…just in time for the 2012 party…

The KEY to Universal Movement can predict the movements of both an electron and our SUN.
They follow the same archetypal paths…hence this is my claim.

The symbol representing Precession of the Equinoxes and the movement of all sub-atomic particles is found the world over.

Here it is:


Sometimes this glyph is referred to as Solomon’s Knot.
Different cultures had different names for this weave…
And where you find this knot is both a clue and proof that the culture that worshiped this symbol knew about the Great Year, the Platonic Year, both of which were names for the Precession of the Equinoxes, long before science claimed it.

When you follow the archetypal path back in time, regardless of culture…they ALL lead back to, default to, this 25,812** year cycle of the Sun, and the events that might occur in this period of time.

** why do I use 25,812 years instead of 25,920 for the Great Year?

First I must point out that the length of the Precession cycle is in fact in dispute.
Different websites, different scholars quote different numbers.

However I noticed that vortex mathematician Marko Rodin found the number 2151 significant.
So I adjusted the often quoted number 2160 per astrological age to 2151, based on intuition.

2151 x 12 = 25812

I must say I do prefer those numbers which contain my 4 badge numbers again…1258.
And here is what else is significant.

29920 – 25812 = 108 rosary beads = 1 and 8 Pythagorean Commas too.
(I do prefer 2151 for other esoteric reasons)

What follows is poetry written by the Creator Alchemist…

March 17 – Albert Einstein publishes his paper “On a heuristic viewpoint concerning the production and transformation of light” in which he explains the photoelectric effect using the notion of light quanta.

Take a look at the date 3/17
137 and don’t forget in Einstein’s home town of Ulm, there exists the tallest spire in the Roman Catholic domain.

It is 528 feet.
And in ancient Gematria the word KEY = 528.

Did Al Einstein hold one of the keys?
See how there exists an accessiable underlying sublime seductive narrative under all the blah blah blah?
It is amazing how the numbers can reflect or help translate the narrative we all live…

Numbers and letters and images worth thousands of words.


The above template has been used repeatedly throughout the ages to build temples, as this wordblog shows. … iva-linga/

Of course we can find connections to Stonehenge and Peru. … -is-a-key/



DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

So who have I lost in space while defining time and motion, while dispensing a brief archetypal theory of everything?
p.s does this have any bearing on why we keep defaulting to 27 kilometers?

The Circuit Walls of SyracuseIn 402 CE Dionysius I began building the The Circuit Walls of Syracuse they were completed in 397 CE. Syracuse was the most powerful of the Western Greek colonies. He was regarded by the ancients as an example of the worst kind of despot–cruel, suspicious and vindictive.Facts and Figures: Length: 27 Kilometers
Width at base: 3.3M to 5.35M
Number of known towers on Circuit: 14 (including Euryalos)
Largest tower: 8.5Mx8.5M
Deepest ditch (at Euryalos fortress): 9M

Building so big a fortress would have involved installing well over 300 tons of stone every day for 5 years.

My insights suggesting THEY still follow sacred dimensions when building temples and altars is not just flippant paranoia.

…written in response to a kind response.
Susan wrote:

Seriously, this was/is beaut!
Sorry I cannot contribute in an informative way myself, most bases covered that I thought of, but I do love reading it.
Thanks Raphael.

You are welcome Susan, stop encouraging mi to sing like a canary.

A breakthrough has been made. A breakthrough that negates much of the past cosmological theory based on this ‘blind leading the blind’ wrong turn 121 years ago. … experiment

As the letter in mi above post mentioned, SOUND is the Key, misplaced.
DNA is the oldest crystalline structure on the earth…
Been here 3+ billion years.

But how do you activate DNA or other sub-atomic particles…how do you cause the smallest particles to start that initial spin, THUS once the rotation begins a charge is ‘created’?

Can Sound gravity waves echoing off the ‘cave walls’ be the ‘voices we hear’ that we would follow, if lost?
Light would only get lost going around the corners, down the spiral passageway…in the labryinth, light would get trapped in those dead ends.
NON-electromagnetic Sound waves do not…they penetrate further into the cave.

Light penetrates however if you use a tool called ‘asymmetry‘.
And asymmetry is the result of using mirrors OR by introducing an axis of symmetry.
i.e. your left and right hands are chiral and asymmetric. If you put them together, left to right in prayer pose, it is the same thing as holding a hand against a mirror.
Your right hand is an asymmetric image of the left hand we see in the mirror.
So yes a light magician would be able to bend the light through the cave using mirrors, to help navigate and penetrate the labyrinth.

Baryon is asymmetric

these words of particle physicist wisdom are important …

The baryon asymmetry problem in physics refers to the apparent fact that the baryons in the universe which have been observed are overwhelmingly matter as opposed to anti-matter. Neither the standard model of particle physics, nor the theory of general relativity provide an obvious explanation for why this should be so. There are competing theories to explain this aspect of the phenomena of baryogenesis, but there is no one consensus theory to explain the phenomenon at this time.


Asymmetry has without a doubt played a key role in both parity violation (1956-57) and CP symmetry (1964) which was later violated too.

Historically, CP-symmetry was proposed to restore order after the discovery of parity violation in the 1950s.

I think it becomes obvious that Asymmetry has been the thorn in these lyin’ scientist’s paws, since the time of Daniel.


Please note that the archetypal prototype representing a universal chiral asymmetry, which is a fundamental building block within the creation process, can be found in Archimedes ‘screw’.

The following are ALL asymmetric.
It is a thread we can follow from the largest macrocosmic objects in the visible universe right down into the microcosmic, sub-atomic, molecular, invisible, shadow, quantum world.

The Universe is asymmetric due to all of those ‘violations’ noted by the particle physicist. Thus if the universe is in fact asymmetric could heaven and hell be too?


The left and right hemispheres of your brain are asymmetric, and it has been found each half of your brain dominates one half of the asymmetric human body.

What is X in body architecture?
A recurring theme in ancient symbolism.
X = asymmetry
X = left brain controls right side of body and right brain controls the left side.

And our bodies are put together using proteins that actually ‘fold’ according to Newtonian laws.
The amino acids that build these proteins are asymmetric, however the source DNA, that gives the amino acids the blueprint for building these proteins is of course asymmetric, and chiral.

Seeing a pattern here? 

So finding a solution to the underlying cause of asymmetry seems to be the final veil in formulating a potential ‘theory of everything’.

As I have pointed out, and the beautiful truth is so simple that even a child can ever understand it …

SOUND has participated and been present in EVERY double slit experiment ever conducted, but has NOT been accounted for when trying to solve for the paradox of wave/particle duality.


But the ’empirical scientist’ has overlooked this SOUND variable…
SOUNDS not heard and not accounted for can cause these ‘violations’ and ‘paradoxes’.

Isn’t that obvious?

It has been 121 years since that critical wrong turn engineered by M and M.
121 = 4 (in how I keep my books)
4 years left to acknowledge a truth about the Macrocosm and Microcosm that M and M helped obfuscate using their light magic?

Michelson was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1907 for his ‘flawed’ experiment, where he proved a luminiferous aether did NOT exist.
It has been 101 years since a Nobel Prize was awarded for this error in empirical judgment.
All I request is a mini noble prize in presenting a new theory/paradigm based on

Asymmetry 101, Archetypes for Dummies.
Fact: In 2001 a Nobel prize was awarded to three economists who proved essentially, that business and commerce is NOT a level playing field. In my own words, they proved the world of business and commerce is rigged asymmetrically.
Having sold real estate myself, having been a salesman I must agree with their conclusions.

I do have one question left that seems to have an echo to it…

Who are ewe going to listen to?
Who are you going to listen to?



p.s. time to pull the plug on CERN for the moment and sit in the dark, and consider those SOUNDs we cannot hear.

(more proof)

A fella by the name of ‘world change’ sent it my way…suggesting

“watch this you’ll like it!” … re=related

DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”



6 thoughts on “SOUND solves the wave/particle duality paradox

  1. Nice work!

    Have you seen this site, It doesn’t mention sound but has reletively the same theroy regarding the structure of dna.

  2. Hi

    I loved ready this. Brilliant , and Interesting, quite rare to find someone who clearly has a Broad Interpretation of Relics.

    I spent 4 months a few years back now, looking into the “Spear of Destiny” of which im sure you are aware of its “Mystical” history, ie: Almost Every Great Conqurer Held this in there possesion whilst in Battle etc, and became unbeatable, With Hitler scouring the World for this spear, i think you can sumise the same as me, as well as the DNA implications of the sword.

    Another compelling and rather unusal mini research i undertook a few years back, was the possibility of Time Travel with the Aurora Aircraft that “No-one admits to having”?? This craft has the power to sonic book within a sonic boom, call it NOS on NOS if you will, In the UK, approx in 1996 a World Wide Congress was called, and attended by leaders throughout the world.

    The Science section of this meeting, held a breifing on Vortex issues, and making the Aurora, “Time March”

    I would love to hear you you think.



    • Which CANON?
      please be specific I AM

      try to show ME+me how smart you really are IF you can match the CANON you speak of with what I wrote and help me understand instead of relying on guesswork that we are on the same page…?

      go ahead give it a shot
      I AM issuing YOU a challenge to raise your game and explain yourself to prove to the reader you know what you are talking about?

      good luck

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