SOUND and 369 = Bab-Ilu = the Gate of God

Here let me share a letter that still needs some polishing.
But it should be shared with all who are seekers of the truth.
Bigmoose will the people listen to an obvious TRUTH that has been veiled?
Too obvious…prepare for the grand unveiling. 

Dear Sir,

I read your comments re: Keely and felt the need to respond.

Here is why Keely was right and it also provides the why and how of Einstein getting duped into NOT believing in a luminiferous aether.
And the best part is it helps explain why wave / particle duality exists too.

SOUND waves are the KEY to a deeper understanding of the universe … sound wavelengths that are soooo long that they stretch across the diameter of our milky way universe, and because the wavelength is so long, these SOUND gravity waves appear as simply a line passing through our solar system, similar to the divine proportion, the golden mean.

Sound gravity waves emanating from black holes and exploding supernovas.

That is what Chandra Telescope is now telling us…but the particle LIGHT magician/physicist is still enamored with the flashes of LIGHT.

The ineffable name of God is SOUND, haven’t they heard?
The goddess Inanna spoke of Sound and the EAR was important. (thus the owl)
In the beginning was the WORD…
and the hum of a magnet…
Coincidentally the inner ear canal is shaped like a helix, resembling the golden spiral, in the shape of those ‘incoming’ sound waves, perhaps?

SOUNDs we cannot hear I and others are suggesting represents the elusive luminiferous aether, the elusive gravity wave is connected to non-electromagnetic sound waves.

And sounds as low as 57 Octaves below middle ‘C‘ suggests the archetypal God/Sound particle/gravity wave has been present in every double slit experiment that has ever taken place.

The scientists have NEVER accounted for those SOUNDs that were present in the room when the light behaved in bizarre ways.
Experiments that resulted in a quantum conclusion, suggesting the observer affected the observation.
And the observers did effect the gravity wave at the shorter distance because it is a weaker non-electromagnetic sound wave…HOWEVER the ‘electro-magnetic thought waves’ of the participants observing and conducting the experiment, over rode the weaker gravity wave at the shorter distance. Because we know electro-magnetism is stronger than gravity.

But if you leave the room, go have a coffee … the photons will default to the BASSline / baseline, and display the underlying sound wave that is present in the room ALL the time

We were not aware of these SOUNDs until the Chandra telescope observed a black hole in 2003.
Ever present sound gravity waves that are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS present.

Get in touch with me if you want to know about the archetypal theory of everything.
The first chapter is of course called Genes-is, and it suggests the Big BANG was both a LIGHT and SOUND show involving DNA…

CERN is a waste of time and money IMHO.
It is TIME a new standard model of physics was drawn up.
A theory that is based on ‘The Key to Universal Movement’, a theory that takes into account both the light we can see and sounds we cannot hear.
Sounds we feel on the quantum level.

What is the KEY and what are its movements?

These universal movements can be found on each level of the matrix, in a hydrogen atom, a hurricane, the Milky Way, and even in the Precession of the Equinox cycle.
Once in possession of this key, it can be used to predict where electrons might appear next…which valance and where, thus it can also be used to predict the movement of the Sun in the cycle called Precession of the Equinoxes.
This KEY can be used to make celestial predictions.

It is universal thus the movements, whether visible or invisible, these movements are always present.
The archetypal evidence suggests this is true, and the human evolving asymmetrical mind has known this fact since at least 5000 BCE.


The symbol / the concept has been known for at least 7000 years.
Proving religion and science have in fact conspired to keep us ignorant of the underlying universal divine archetypes.
One question remains.
Is the ‘conspiracy’ that has obviously manifested, a conscious or unconscious conspiracy?

In conclusion the obvious must be restated…how can a ‘Theory of Everything’ ignore SOUND?
It cannot.
Prepare to have your empirical asymmetrical world turned upside down…or should I say inside out?



And this morning I received a reply from another fellow I had corresponded with in regards to the Karanovo Zodiac.

This link he sent me displayed the following image.
It is a valuable clue to the 3 Gates and the 3 Keys.
I have yet to respond and show him the connection I have made.


Read the passage found at this link suggesting Cancer and Capricorn are gates

But we must rotate the image and place Cancer (Tropic of Cancer in the North) and Capricorn (Tropic of Capricorn) in the South.
Thus we face east…hello Allah.

And once rotated it became clear where these 3 gates could also be found.


Please note the reference to the God of 9, God of 12 (2+1=3) and the God of 15 (1+5=6)
OR I want to suggest that Marko Rodin and me would suggest this ancient reference is in fact the God of 3, 6, 9?
Here are the sequences.

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

What is so special about these 9 numbers Pythagoras?
The Dalai Lama suggests the universe can be found in an atom.
He is right.
By using these 9 numbers we can unlock the archetypal universal symbol.
And the universal archetypal symbol resembles an atom.
On one level.
But this archetypal template can be applied to other ‘levels’ or dimensions of the matrix.
i.e. the same movements we observe in a microcosmic atom can be found in how the macrocosmic Milky Way behaves.
A hydrogen atom…the origin of the elemental species.
One atom that evolves into 87 others, naturally, into 88 elements
Coincidentally if the universe is musical the following are not coincidences….88 constellations…88 piano keys.

I want to suggest that we can use the 9 numbers 1-9, to help open the ‘gates’ that we find below.


Mi5 Secret Service Logo

Note the position of the the 3 gates in both images.


Can I suggest esoterically these are three 3 x 3 Lo Shu Magic squares?


See those 4 lampposts in the entrance to the Mi5 Headquarters?
We find them in the Vatican.


And those 4 lampposts represent the 4 constellations we find on CARD X of the mystical, arcane, esoteric Tarot.
A visual archetypal aid.

4 lampposts = 4 Persian Royal Stars displaying the CODE I have used to help solve this ancient riddle.

11 2 5 8


And of course ALL roads lead back to Rome.
I want to suggest the largest of the 3 crowns we see in the Mi5 Logo represents the Black Door in St. Peter’s Square.
So who have I lost in space while defining time and motion, while dispensing a brief archetypal theory of everything?



p.s does this have any bearing on why we keep defaulting ‘27 kilometers’.

Why was CERN built in a tunnel that had already been constructed and its length being 27 kilometres?
Maybe this will help us understand.

The Circuit Walls of Syracuse

In 402 CE Dionysius I began building the The Circuit Walls of Syracuse they were completed in 397 CE.
Syracuse was the most powerful of the Western Greek colonies. He was regarded by the ancients as an example of the worst kind of despot–cruel, suspicious and vindictive.

Facts and Figures:

Length: 27 Kilometers

Width at base: 3.3M to 5.35M
Number of known towers on Circuit: 14 (including Euryalos)
Largest tower: 8.5Mx8.5M
Deepest ditch (at Euryalos fortress): 9M

Building so big a fortress would have involved installing well over 300 tons of stone every day for 5 years.

My insights suggesting THEY still follow sacred dimensions when building temples and altars is not just flippant paranoia.

selah V

DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


9 thoughts on “SOUND and 369 = Bab-Ilu = the Gate of God

    • AZTEC Sun-Stone Calender

      Sorry but the site you linked to does not have the key….or at least you managed to bury it under all of the data, some of it is pure nonsense.
      Like the 2012 information, and the fact you like everybody else used the AZTEC Calender Stone to prop up a Mayan prophecy.


      • hi, my English is not enough to explain everything in English, so I translate it with google for you.

        So your body consists largely comprised of water right? google for water crystals! water has a crystalline structure. which will then recognize the star of david in the water crystals. This has nothing to do with judaism, because water has been around longer than religion.

        how do you get water in vibration? with sound! and if the sound is good you get goosebumps.

        the sun has its own sound, every planet in our solar system has its own sound!

        the sun brings the water on the earth in vibration and shape it happen!

        google water sounded images!

        You even can use the water in your body put in vibration! humming the “om – tone” as the buddhists etc.

        where does all that the human being has ever created at the first place? in the brain! ideas, imagination …

        reality is created by fantasy! mind over metter.

        you can make your brain waves through deep meditation in the lift gamma range.

        google brain waves!

        if you manage to get my meditation in the gammefrequenz area, you can see the reality in almost real-time affect !!!!!!!!

        think positive !!!! what do you think you radiate and what you radiate is attractive (magnetic) or repulsive to others (people, animals, etc.)

        the heart has the largest electromagnetic field, the brain is the second largest.

        you know the aureole around his head jesus? or other holy people on these old images?

        this is a very strong electromagnetic field !!! it is so strong that other people can see it with the naked eye !!! his aura!

        it is generated with positive thoughts, the same you can also use the hearts generate !!! your MERKABA !!! which can only produce good-hearted people !!!!!!!!!!! Love is the key to it! not only the love to your partner. the love to animals, the nature, the cosmos. this is the secret why egoisten MERKABA this field can not produce! they only think of themselves. Egoists!

        do you know this quote?

        For more of a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

        bab ilu which I write in my blog you can only pure hearts open! no entree for others, this is the firewall !!!

        with your thoughts, you can create new realities! that is quantum physics or metaphysics !!!

        believe me or not, but that’s reality.

        US intelligence would like to know this. all secret services would like to know this, but they do not have pure hearts, they want to centralize power! but that will not succeed before it rains asteroids.

        google this PSI phenomena and secret services. project paperclip, MK ULTRA, etc. PSI agent’s this UFO stories, awareness manipulation, MONTAUK PROJECT etc.

        ich kenne die geheimnisse des kosmos und wie er funktioniert.

        such dir jemanden der deutsch spricht und dir meinen blog verständlich übersetzt.

        und schaue ab und zu rein, ich werde noch einiges veröffentlichen. die welt so wie sie derzeit ist wird sich bald ziemlich verändern.

        hast du den papst in letzter zeit verfolgt? er hat die mafiosi exkommuniziert, er hat die kurie stark kritisiert…

        glaub mir oder auch nicht

        ich wünsch dir alles gute

      • I noted two things in your last response.
        You ignored what I said in my response to you and went off on a tangent….and everything you mentioned is in my blog in greater detail than what you have offered.

        thanks for the effort

        this blog you have commented on was written in 2008.
        the following is more current


      • hi, I took the picture from the calendar stone, because most people think this is the mayan calender.

        google: “mayan calender” and you’ll see. but that does not matter, it does not change what I want to convey with my blog.

        tell me what you mean by the black sun, and what is the secret of the black sun. how can I open the gate to the beam of light?

        tell or describe me exactly what to do?

        if you can not do or know, I’ll tell you the true secret of the black sun, because I can not find any infos about this on your blog.

        not misunderstand me, I just looked at your blog and looks interesting.

        king of king regards

      • ok, go in a completely dark room. close your eyes. you see, or rather you then you perceive this color flicker. these are your brain currents! or brain waves!

        you look swell the matter or swell the antimatter.

        open your eyes again. you see it even with open eyes.

        begin to meditate and increase your brain waves. focusing your thoughts on anything and increase you in.

        the color flicker field is getting stronger! turn on the magic eye.

        that is to see the technology for these kinds of images

        I hope you’re not a nazi.

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