“A Message 4 PEAK OIL Forum members”

Hola friends and foes,

Yes I, golem have been banned permanently as of this date.

Please note the date … Sept. 528
(Sept. 14 = 1 + 4 = 5)

That only means my next incarnation will represent a ‘thrice greatest’ archetypal ressurection…yes I contend I am one of the archetypal messengers, not unlike a Hermes or a Thoth.
If the author Drunvalo Melchizedek contends that he has spoken with Thoth, I only want to further suggest that I managed to overhear their archetypal conversations.

Evidently Aaron who was meant to be my archetypal scribe…has reneged on our unspoken vow to be upholders of the truth.
I do hope that hurricane headed his vay doesn’t kick his butt for making such a rash decision.
What did I do eh Aaron, did you grow tired of mi stuttering ways bro?
Oy vey what would moSeS zay?

If you are a PEAK OIL forum member and wish to converse, we can do it here, on this wordblog.

I further want to suggest that the mundane ‘Peak Oil OPEN forum’ as it was called, yet HIDDEN from view, wasn’t ready for a arcane golem that held up asymmetric mirrors displaying occult symbols, to those asymmetric aSSholes that showed him disrespect.

People always fear an alternative perspective, always suspecting an ulterior motive.
Living your last daze in ignorance is not bliSS Aaron, whether a hurricane takes ya out, or the RAPTURE does.



a.k.a. the archetypal stuttering, dyslexic, schizoid messenger from the dark side.

continue reading if ewe dare.


3 thoughts on ““A Message 4 PEAK OIL Forum members”

  1. Peak Oilers who I feel are pseudo intellectuals and/or Agents of the fucking state!

    Smallpoxgirl – what a bitch, a dumb bitch at that if indeed she is that stupid. Truly amazing and one of my first hints that something was definately not right in PO LAND.

    Zardoz – I believe he is an Agent or a clone… seriously…. when I tried to dig into that names mind it seemed more like AI then anything… total red/blue politico status quo and loves to call people anti semites! 🙂

    What was the sicko so-called Cops name? JACK?
    Wow… very nice PEAK OIL representative right there huh?

    He understands little or nothing about anything but shooting biker zombies and only seems to be there to reinforce fear.

    Lastly, when they made AIRLINEPILOT and Bas ADMINS…. I knew it was time to go…

    Yep… took a few yet I eventually saw my way through that mess.

    Peakoil Bottom line folks… Ready?

    If it is a conspiracy that knowledge will not buy your gasoline…

    If it is a conspiracy and they want it to seem like reality…. better get ready bitches….

    Conspiracy can exist and it can still be the truth!
    follow the money anywhere you wish… the gold still makes the rules and until we collectively are ready to do something about that fact…. I am preparing for what I have learned.

    Later my brother from a different mother!

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