Chaos and Weather and ‘Blinded by the Light’

global warming
global cooling
global dimming

climate chaos is all of the above.

I feel global dimming is a vital clue to understanding why the weather is ‘changing’.

maybe the electro-magnetic field is changing?
maybe the van-allen / christofolios radiation belts are ‘changing’.

why did they try to alter those belts starting in 1957-1958?
secretive project Argus was designed to alter those belts.


maybe because they act as two polarizing filters would?
surrounding the earth…any idea what I am hinting at?
why would they try to alter them?
it was one of the first missions attempted with new rocket technology.
attach a nuclear device and explode it into the radiation belts that surround the earth…
they seemed in a hurry to explode those devices in those radiation belts, based on a theory by a fella called Christofolios.


is it connected to today’s climate change…those radiation belts?

By the way these ‘belts’ are similar to venetian blinds that OPEN and CLOSE to let ‘light’ in / out…

Here is the best example I can think of…using sacred geometry and an ancient 4000 year clue for us to ponder.

The Enneagram which becomes a very very very recognizable symbol after the ‘polarity flip’, a future event, which is connected to those radiation belts, the blinds that are capable of OPENING and CLOSING.

THEY (the mythical secretive hierarchy) know something, that THEY are not sharing with the herds of sheeple.

My feeling is that it is connected with 2012, and the resetting of the clock.
It is how the entropy is reset back to a state of minimum entropy.
The bubble that surrounded us…made the system ‘closed’ and subject to entropy.
Putting holes in the bubble … opened up the bubble.
Can you think of another way?

Problem is … what happens when a cell ruptures?
Is the earth any different?
How do we know?
If you believe as the ancients did…the Macro universe can be found in an atom, well what does busting out of an encapsulated spherical earth imply?


Above is the image that suggests the ‘people’s car’ or the MerKavah, a spiritual chariot awaits.

…that image above…was taken from vortex mathematician Marko Rodin’s website.
Marko and me, and Len Horowitz and Bonnie Gaunt and the composer Handel and even St. George the dragon slayer…we have all gathered in a room of enlightenment.
One of the many rooms.
The number of this room is Room 528.

Do you posses the KEY to enter?
There are 3 Keys available to the initiate…who wishes to catch the archetypal elevator that goes right to the top …

Wanna know what they are?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


5 thoughts on “Chaos and Weather and ‘Blinded by the Light’

  1. Hey Raph. Only key I have has a H on it (I mean that literally, as in my car keys). Does kind of look like that rune stone pic from a few posts back…

    What’s the deal with all this initiation stuff? I have a feeling I’ll probably miss that elevator you’re talking about. What happens then, any ideas? Do I even wanna know?

    As far as the keys go, sure, I’d love to know. But even if I knew I probably wouldn’t “get it”… Most of your posts here are over my head. I realize now that no matter how much I read, it’s more about doing. I don’t think I can do it, my head’s all fucked up. Perhaps that’s an excuse; Sorry, I’m not really here to whine. What I really would like to convey is thanks for all the ideas and some semblence of hope.


  2. Hey man. Was this not worth a response? I am just curious why sometimes you don’t care to respond. I just wonder, that is all. I assume it’s due to my sounding so pathetic at times. I am only trying to be honest. Sorry for terrorizing your blog. Can’t wait to read about CERN. Take care,

    P.S. I watched most of Marko Rodin’s video’s, he’s amazing. It literally made me excited to be alive. Which was weird because I don’t get very happy “for no reason” very often. Obviously there’s something my (excuse for) intellect isn’t seeing. Thanks again for showing me his stuff.

  3. I have started playing Piano. I have lost all my interest in anything that the “money world” has to offer (well not completely, but I see it’s not the end-all be-all I once thought it was). I just wish I had something to do with music, or something I felt was REALLY important (like catching that elevator). I’m at work here now, and well it just feels like spinning plates (futile).

    I realize it’s not personal, and that’s why I was trying not to respond like a child, as I am past the point of expecting anyone to “save” me or hold my hand through anything anymore. I have gone through a period of relative isolation from my family and it’s changing me drastically (and it hurts like hell). Basically I wanted to see if I was bugging you, because if I was, I would want to stop. Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it sir. Once I am done with some of my drivel (work) I will continue on your rollercoaster.



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