‘Key 528’ St. George and Liars Dragons and Bear Sterns

mercurygirl wrote:

But seriously, maybe you should contact some of the people in media who you admire, if that’s your inclination.

For now, why not do some imaginary lectures onto a small recorder, just to see how it sounds? Have fun!

Truth resonates.
Somebody will hear mi message and contact mi.
Patience and a desire to share the truth, with good intentions, desiring no profits, will be rewarded.
Rolling Eyes

I do appreciate the support, you and others have given me for some time now MG, going against the PO flow, a flow that I feel is somewhat subsiding, has the tide in fact changed?
Can golem the ‘moon child’ born in the month of Tammuz (Tammuz was a month warned about, NOT to have children) alter the course of the tide?

I hope you can see how the story, the sublime narrative I feel I have ‘uncovered’ manifests, and also how as I have been gathering the evidence, with you and many others witness, the pieces in FACT do fit rather nicely…if a person does manage to follow my revelations.

Jesus had a ‘cross to bear’…and he had to carry his ‘final suit’ up to Golgotha.
Well I also have a ‘cross to bear’, a cross I link to the ‘bears’ up in the heavens, the MACRO and micro bears divided by a dragon. The bear we see adopted on THIS current Pope’s coat of arms, along with the traditional two KEYS, one gold and one silver, along with the Queen of SheBAA.And it is further a coincidence I assure you that in the German language star = stern
(google and take a look)

And the ‘cross’ I have chosen to ‘bear’ however is the svastika…and it fits me to a ‘T’ or is it a ‘+’ …
Personally I like to wear a suit that represents ‘balance’.
It is NOT the clothes that you can see that defines the man.
The hybred philosopher king will reveal himself naked..transparent…almost like the SS.
The Silver Surfer.
Rolling Eyes

The svastika is the Key to Universal Movement and intimately connected to this entire charade.
That plate from Samarra IRAQ, illustrates this vital connection to the archetypal realm.
The SWASTIKA still has a role to play in our history.

The Great Bear and the Lesser Bear divided by Draco the dragon.
And in mythology this dragon by george, was eventually slain by St. George?

Herein this little ‘connection’ I have made to St. George is revealed again a truth of how THEY scripted the archetypes into the stories, the narratives, that were NOT NOT NOT to be taken literally.
Twisted Evil
When they switched the narrative from a figurative to a literal interpretations, was when they started turning the wee lambs into herds of roaming Roman baastards spreading their gospel poo.

MG I just read the archetypal story about St. George.
In fact I could write a book/chapter dissecting its archetypal structure…here is a fine example…when armed with the archetypes…you JUST see them.

The CODEs, the KEYs do in fact exist, immortalized in the story of the Saint who slew the dragon.
Of course his name begins with a G.

In Christian hagiography Saint George (ca. 275-281 – April 23, 303[2]) was a soldier in the Guard of Emperor Diocletian in the Roman Empire, venerated as a martyr.

Saint George is one of the most venerated saints in the Anglican Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Churches, and the Eastern Catholic Churches. He is immortalised in the tale of George and the Dragon and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. His memorial is celebrated on 23 April.

Where is the proof of my journey, how does it fit the archetypal template?
Is St. George yet another of the archetypes erected for the initiate, as a marker that your journey is righteous and true?

Take a look at his ‘estimated’ date of birth and death.
275-281 – April 23, 303

Date of birth is estimated, but look at the numbers THEY chose to record their version of HIS-story … 275-281
Lets break it down.

27 is very important.
37 in Gematria = the creator
divide the creator/god 37 by 27 = 1.37
1.37 is the fine structure constant.
137 is a VERY significant number in that we can connect it to Moses and the 10 Commandments.

But these next 4 numbers define my archetypal journey that I have been sharing on this forum for some time.
5281 is very important to me and many others in the ROOM 528-1.

Please enter Room 528 NOW, and you will see who has already arrived, having a cup/chalice/grail of tea ‘T’, with golem
Here is where several of the modern day initiates have been lead.
Room 528

Dr. Len Horowitz and his study of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies brought him to Room 528.
Gematria ‘expert’ and theologian Bonnie Gaunt is there too.
And vortex mathematician Marko Rodin.

And guess who else is close by…indicated by the date of St. George’s death?

April 23, 303
303 = 33 = rumor of when the archetypal Jesus died, either at age 33 or in 33 AD.

But I am far more interested in what April the 4th month reveals.



Two expressions of the same number if repeated, read in opposite directions.

i.e.  4234234234234234 ….. infinity >>

It depends where you start and from which direction you are reading.
Sheeple and seegulliables can read in two directions, primarily.

Some see 432 (SUN) and some feel 423 (MOON).

423 is significant for many many reasons. But music is the one I want to focus on right now.
The note A tuned to 423 Hz is what some of the composers like Handel tuned their instruments to.

Today we tune A-440
The frequency Bonnie Gaunt suggests the code called Gematria used in both OLD and NEW testaments recognizes.

423 Hz is also esoterically connected to the MOON.

Now I when I suggest the Black Door we see in St. Peter’s Square and the Sphinx (lion) are both connected to the MOON and the frequency 423…

And I wrote this next blog about the Sphinx and the numbers 423 some time ago…now it is becoming much much clearer the significance regarding the Riddle of the Sphinx.

My or should I say mi (using the key 528 hz) interpretation of this ancient riddle was long long overdue, I believe it helps us penetrate the archetypal motifs used.

And when you add up the numbers re: birth and death of St. George your archetypal journey is confirmed once more.
DOB = 275-281
Apparently there is some dispute.
But if you add up 3 of the numbers divided by the hyphen…
528 = 15

DOD = 4/23/303 = 15

Date of birth and death = 15 15 = ISIS
The pieces always fit.

We have a very very very interesting archetypal narrative that needs to be told as we approach 2012…and appreciated for its merits.
Call me crazy.
Go ahead folks.
Crazy is the WAVE of the future…I am but a glimpse of a changing TIDE.



I was born 5:28 am July 3, 1957…my date of birth suggests to mi, that I have a purpose to fulfill in this life.
Obviously to create a little art using life as canvas.
Rolling Eyes

FearleSS vamPYRE resurrectHER?
Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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