Birds and Beavers and the SOUND of ‘One Hand Clapping’

Take a close look at those ‘birds’.

In the top image we see ‘bird toques’, from Mezin, Ukraine 10000 BC, and second image, a present day descendant of ancient Mesoamerica cultures, still ‘attempting, trying’ to practice the ancient traditions, many of which are ORAL and musical, based on SOUNDS.

the narrative continues:
Because of what I ‘see’, people call me a ‘bird brain’.
Jonathan soaring even further on higher: “Stop being such see-gullibles, come fly with miiiii…”

This is exactly how ‘archetypes’ transcend TIME and SPACE and MOTION.
Can I suggest both cultures, on both sides of the ocean, ‘tapped’ into this ‘particular archetype’, and hence the motifs and symbols are consistent, everywhere.
If Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, or a Quetzalcoatl, all messengers were to deliver a message that all could understand, it would arrive in an ARK.
An ARK is a profound ARKetype.

What ‘tapping’ into the archetypes also suggests is quite dramatic.
‘Migrations’, over a land bridge like the Bering Strait is no longer a ‘necessary’ requisite to account for ALL shared cultural motifs, symbols, with accompanying narratives.
This is evident in that it has been shown that the Peruvian rain forest shaman and the Aborigine access the same realm using different methods.
Suggesting we have been given many aids to assist in this realization.

Sometimes consuming a drug cocktail, consisting of rain forest botanical, is a shortcut that reading the scriptures just can’t compete with.
Ask Terrence McKenna or Timothy Leary.
Not my idea.
I just agree with it.

An understanding of the functionality of the role archetype plays, is a fine way to help account for a 100th Monkey phenomenon without a doubt.
Action at a distance, why do things happen when there appears to be NO obvious connection?

Fact is, many ancient gods were a hybrid of a bird’s head on a man’s body.
Many of the important gods, as a matter of fact, as we all know.

The ancients also spoke of a ‘language of the birds’.
Would wearing such a hat, playing a flute, in the Andes, be considered an attempt to try to commune with the spirits that are represented by the bird world?

But I am from KAnada, a land of promise, I ponder will the KAnadian shield protect mi in the future?

Because I am from KAnada I did notice that the back of the hat looks like a ‘beaver tail’.

This beaver tail and the esoteric tale contained within the archetype may further help explain, and be another profound link in mi archetypal journey that I have linked to my new occupation as ‘fearless vampire killer’.

And this is quite cool.
Just before ‘retiring’ to mi new occupation last year I was even issued a new badge to represent my new occupation.
As scuba diver, firefighter, and now fearless vampire killer, those numbers
1258 seem to be constant reminders of mi purpose here this time around the wheel of life.

And look posited at the top of the badge, in the ‘north’.
A beaver.
What does a beaver do, when trying to warn his mates.
Yup, he slaps it tail…suggesting the same thing as ‘one hand clapping’.
Will it soon be time to submerge?



(I took above photo)
And when I was in Machu Picchu in 2006, I was blessed with witnessing the language of the birds and the magic they imply.

turned mi world upside down.


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