‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ and the Lion Man/Woman of Hohlenstein

Del wrote:
I just want to bring us back on track here.
The original question posed here is Why Did the Mayan Calendar start in 3114 BC?
djhyperspace wrote:
It is surprising that nobody exactly remembers that the belt of the zodiac was widely used around this time five thousand years ago! Most of the ancient civilizations made it very important to track the movement of the zodiac. The Yugas are part of this, and Egypt was in on this trend as well. The alternative history of the Sphinx can be described as that of a monument to Leo when humanity was existing during its reign, about 11,000 years ago. Coincidentally, alternative geologists Graham Hancock, John West, an American scholar, Robert Bauval all present compelling information and evidence that the Sphinx is part of a much older “Egyptian” tradition. If this is the case, Sphinx would have been watching over the Eastern horizon as the sun rose in Leo, 10,800 years ago. There is much more centering around our zodiac belt than that of what our currenty history can pull out.

I am not a scholar…but do you need to be to figure things out?

That plate from Samarra Iraq (c. 5000 BC) can be linked to the Dendera Zodiac which appears 4000+ years later.
And the hypothesis of a much older Sphinx is bang on when you realize PRIOR to 10,800 years ago the LION/person was a very big deal.
Can we trace the Egyptian Sphinx back to the concept of a man/woman/lion?
Does this support the opinion of many many independent thinkers, that the pharaoh likeness was chiseled in many, many, many years after the Sphinx had actually been built?

What if I can in fact trace this Lion Man/Woman back to 28,000-30,000 BC?
Here is where I suggest the controversy of who would be King/Queen of the human jungle began.


Lion / person approx 30,000 BC
A lion headed figure, first called the Lion man (German: Löwenmensch), then the Lion Lady (German: Löwenfrau), is an ivory sculpture that is the oldest known zoomorphic, animal-shaped sculpture in the world and one of the oldest known sculptures in general. The sculpture has also been interpreted as anthropomorphic, giving human characteristics to an animal, although it may have represented a deity. The figurine was determined to be about 32,000 years old [1] [2] by using the C14 method on carbon bearing material from the same layer in which the sculpture was found. It is associated with the archaeological Aurignacian culture.

Although this is known in some places as the lion lady, it is by no means certain that it is female. It is known as both Die Lowenfrau and Der Lowenmensch.

The arms bear striations carved into the ivory. Years after the initial discovery the museum officials were presented with an ivory lion muzzle found in the cave. It was a perfect fit. Today it is pieced together from more than 200 tiny pieces. This ‘venus’ may be an attempt to capture the power of the lion.

And Venus the flytrap was her name?
“Be fruitflies and multiply”

Here is what someone born at 5:28 am notices.

Why can I connect both the Transit of Venus to the Maya and the Vatican and the numbers or KEY 528 and when the calender was changed in 1582 (a date in history which contains the key 528) AND coincidentally is 528 years AFTER a supernova exploded in 1054 AD.
1054 + 528 = 1582
Coincidence? A connection?
That supernova which was visible to the naked eye, was recorded by the Chinese, and I believe it was the event that delivered 2 more amino acids requiring an alteration to how TIME would be kept, of course, and helped Europe descend into the dark ages…

That Lion Man or Lion Woman is the earliest ‘VENUS’ that exists.
It is kept in a museum in ULM, Germany.
Einstein’s home town is ULM.
ULM or should it be AUM or Umm?

In FACT the town of ULM contains the tallest church spire in the world.
528 feet is of course again another coincidence…until I suggest those 3 numbers are THE KEY to figuring out GRAVITY and a THEORY of EVERYTHING.
Now I am starting to ponder if any of my relatives are from Ulm?

djhyperspace wrote:
I believe we could find a lot of coincidentally parallel information in Yuga texts, and a lot of ancient astronomy of every culture, if we look hard enough.

Funny you should mention that dj.

That is what I do…I go looking for unity through numbers, animals, shapes, etc andmost important are the historical anomalies.

Can we take a big guess that Maya timekeeping (very accurate) is in fact connected to the ‘birth of the first new moon’…the same event that marks the beginning of TIME in the Torah, and the Hebrew Lunar Calendar which is also very accurate.
And the Hindu still use a lunar calendar too…the Yugas take the MOON into consideration when forecasting TIME.
MOON: This is why the OLD Testament Jews still make a big deal out of PASSOVER.

What if Passover = 3114 BC Maya start date?
Suggesting the two meso cultures used both the Sun and the Moon when considering calendars and forecasting future events.
Which religious institution is it that has appointed themselves ‘mediators of humanity’, and then proceeded to travel the globe trying to stamp out the loonies, lunes, Moonies, Goddesses, and the feminine sacred?
Which institution frowns upon horoscopes, the occult, forecasting, divining, and other stuff, traditionally esoteric knowledge reserved only for the ‘temple priests’?
Which institution builds their ‘temples’ using sacred geometry?
Any guesses which is witch, who the good guys and bad guys are?

Also what if the creator alchemist is a tad dyslexic?
Call me out there…but I really believe a start date of 3114 has something to do with…

3114 BC = Pi = 3.141

And I also believe that the numbers/concepts re: phi and PHI both play a role re: gravity and sound Del.

Pi / Phi / phi / pY and Pythagoras are part of the narrative.
All of those numbers above highlighted are ‘transcendental numbers’.
This means that these ‘concepts’ befuddle the mathematician and particle physicist.

Is SOUND relevant to all of this?
What sounds are in a given name, sounds/frequencies that you will hear your entire life?
What message is in a sir/name?
What message can be found in a birthday Del?

EureKA! just recently I finally understood the sublime role a fella with an archetypal name like Archimedes would play as a puzzle piece…in helping solve these riddles.
The Archimedean screw is chiral.

In conclusion I do believe that Pi has a profound connection, along with the New Moon, to the Maya ‘start’ date of 3114 BC
But again, I seem to be alone in my ponderings.

In conclusion I do believe that Pi has a profound connection, along with the New Moon, to the Maya ‘start’ date of 3114 BC
But again, I seem to be alone in my ponderings.

A clue is to simplify.

4 3 2 1 = 4 Yuga stages (4321 represent the number of legs of the ox/brahma (the bull not the beer) remaining…we are in the 4th Yuga suggesting we only have 1 leg left to stand on, maybe it is time we had a beer or two?)
4 2 3 1 = Riddle of the Greek Sphinx
4 3 2 = number associated with the Sun … its radius (think Pi)
3114 = 3 2 4 = Maya?

It is when you investigate the significance of the sequence 4 3 2 verses 4 2 3 that you are able to move forward.
You soon realize they can represent the same line…it just depends on the direction of travel.
They are ‘reversals’ of each other.
And the FACT is: I use the Greek Zodiacal Cross/Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika Samarra plate to prove my hypothesis.
2012 is an event that indicates we are receiving more amino acids…to help with the evolution, the creation, the alchemy.

Prior to 1054 we only had maybe 20 amino acids … indicated by how the Maya kept Lunar time.
Now we have identified that in fact there are 22 amino acids … indicated by how time was recorded…22 matches the number of letters in the Hebrew Alphabet and the Aztec Book of Days and the 22 Cards of the Major Arcana.

And soon we will have 24…and the cataclysm that follows that one may give us 26 followed by 28…call it evolution.
They have found amino acids on meteors.

And soon we will have 24…and the cataclysm that follows that one may give us 26 followed by 28…call it evolution.
They have found amino acids on meteors.
And new amino acids means new protein combinations can be formed.
And you soon realize that a simple formula exists that helps you understand the dynamics of life and death.

evolution = alchemy = creationism




DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


4 thoughts on “‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ and the Lion Man/Woman of Hohlenstein

  1. Does someone have a technical answer?
    As screensaver I had till this morning this one:

    By restarting my computer I found this one:

    Now, I had it in the memory of the computer but: does the computer choose the images by itself?

    I understand every day less… . Maybe it is the emerging soul of Hal?!



  2. I have actually been able to take the lines directly from DaVinci’s last supper using a thin plastic sheet, and without scaling them in ANY way, matched them to contours in pictures in the news, personal photos and pictures taken during a walk.

    It’s infinitely scalable.

    They match well to collisions in particle accelerators too. :s That is a bit spooky. As though EVERYTHING has the same shape or contours at an infinite level, even to the shadows it throws and the changes in colour.

    Part of my fiindings are that, throwing the plastic on grass, and even grass strands matched the lines on the template. Pictures of galaxies by Hubble :s

  3. Hohlenstein-Stadel

    Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my … keeping the archetypes alive … this entry on Hohlenstein-Stadel comes to life when viewed via the archetype … we have a womb, hollow rock or a ‘barn’ later becoming a biblical manger … we have the lion/womb/man … the queen and king of beasts … and we have the ‘bear’.

    UPDATE to Ann Walker’s claim of channeling, the Lion and Bear are still viable archetypes leaving their imprints on our collective imaginations … why?

    Hohlenstein-Stadel is a cave located at N 48° 32′ 57.57″ and E 10° 10′ 20.75″ in the Hohlenstein cliff (not to be confused with the Hohle Fels) at the southern rim of the Lonetal (Lone valley) in the Swabian Alps in Germany. While first excavations were started after the second half of the 19th century, the significance of some of the findings were not realized until 1969. The most significant finding was a small ivory statue called the Lion-man, which is one of the oldest known sculptures in the world.

    The name of the cliff is derived from a combination of Hohlenstein meaning ‘Hollow Rock’ and Stadel meaning ‘Barn’. The Hohlenstein cliffs are made of limestone which was hollowed out by natural causes to create caves. The Stadel is one of three caves that are of important paleontological and archaeological significance. The other two are “die kleine Scheuer” (small barn) and the “Bärenhöhle” (bear’s cave).

    The first excavations at Hohlenstein were made in 1861 by Oskar Fraas, who was searching for bear bones. The finding of the Lion Man sculpture came on a later expedition in 1939 by archaeologist Robert Wetzel. However, the excavation was stopped abruptly due to the outbreak of World War II, so the artifacts were collected and donated to the Museum of Ulm in Ulm, Germany. Decades later, a museum worker came across the archeological findings and assembled the pieces to the Lion Man. Robert Wetzel returned to Hohlenstein-Stadel in 1954 and continued excavating there until his death in 1961. Many prehistoric artifacts and Cro-Magnon remains were discovered.

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