Swastika = 9 Pearls of Lo Shu, Loh-e Qurani and Square of Saturn Wisdom found in Samarra IRAQ?

UPDATE August 14, 2015
Note this original blog was posted in 2008.
I recently came across the Loh-e Qurani and noted similarities in shape, form, (3×3 grid) and in name, to the Lo-shu magic square called the magic square of Saturn in the west.
Now because I operate on the assumption that there are no coincidences, what if we assume/pretend that these 3×3 grids share a common source?
What are the meaning of lohe qurani? Lohe Quraani
Lohe Quraani It is commonly said that the Meaning of this Words are Know only to ALLAH (Subhana wa taaala) and his Beloved Rasool (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) and to whomever He reveals, know their precise meanings. These are the Hidden Arabic Words, being the Muslim, this is our belief and as told by our Research Scholars and Religious (Sufia Karam) persons that it is unanswerable in this existing world (Temporary), the meaning of this will be told in the next world (permanent) Heaven the answers are written on the heart of man but not the heart that exists in your chest but above your neck.


Ashalamualiykum Janab Mufti Sahib, My question is as under:

What is Loh-e-qurani the words of same is for e.g. Yasin, Ha Meem, what is it’s meaning, is it mentions to our holy prophet (PBUH), it is allow to keep in shops, office, or home for hoping that allah wil increase our business etc. as Barelvi believe.How many words of Loh-e-Qurani for e.g. Yasin, Ha-meem, how many words are in Loh-e-Qurani and what is its meaning.



(1) These are called Huroof-e-Muqattaah (abbreviated letters at the beginning of chapters). Theses are rumooz (codes), only Allah knows their meanings, and we believe in whatever their meanings are. People should not pursue to know their meanings. As far as the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) knew their meanings or not is concerned, the Ulama say that may be the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) knew the meaning and was stopped to reveal to the people. It is a matter of reward and blessing to recite these words. However, the prevailing custom to hang Loh-e-Qurani at homes and shops amounts to desecrating the Quranic verses, people touch them with hands without ablution which is unlawful.

(2) Loh-e-Qurani contains 14 words which are in the beginning of the Surahs, they find mention in 29 Surahs. In some traditions, the comprehensive meanings of some of the letters have been indicated. As per the experience of some pious men, these letters are a matter of blessing, helpful to protect form troubles and to earn abundant livelihood. The indications given in the Hadith support all these. It is lawful to hang Loh-e-Qurani with reverence or to wear it while being studded in a ring, but it is essential to protect it form desecration.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

2B continued clearly ….

The name Beloved RaSooL clearly demands further investigation.
i.e. consonants RSL and vowels a and o aka alpha/omega

~ end of UPDATE ~

Originally Posted by MythMath

Nine Pearls Enclasped

When the tabs above are viewed as swastikas, they strongly resemble this variant from Japan:

9 Pearls Enclasped…nice verk comrade.
Allow me to open the oyster a wee bit further…
Give me a lever and I shall expose the truth exclaimed the archetypal ARKimedes…!
One pearl, a nugget of wisdom awaits…
How about we go a back a bit further in Time and Space to illustrate the importance of this powerful archetype?
Let’s set the wheels of motion into reverse…using archetypal mirrors and not particle physics and expensive particle accelerators, archetype helps expose the ruse.
Which is?
Profits can be made every time the wheel is re-invented by the false prophets.

Halaf Ceramics IRAQ and SYRIA c. 4900 BC

Mythmath man I believe we have an EXACT fit/replica to any one square or pearl of 9 Pearls Enclasped…can you see it?
So why do the same archetypes keep reappearing…these plates were ‘handmade’, and not made with a potter’s wheel…7,000 years ago…predating anything found in Egypt.

Well that is probably bullshit too…because the Sphinx is much older than we have been lead to believe.

Handmade using our LEFT and RIGHT chiral asymmetric hands.

And the reddish black-on-buff decoration as it is known are characteristic of this period.

And if we go back even another 100 years to 5000 BC the truth regarding archetype becomes clearer…

Samarra IRAQ 9th-century great mosque with its spiral/helix minaret.

Reminds me of the famed biblical Tower of Babel/Babylon and DNA.

The town SAMARRA was the scene of fierce fighting between Sunni insurgents and U.S. occupation forces in 2004.

But what can be found in Samarra around 5000 BC?

Could that swastika in the center of the plate represent a helix minaret?
YES it could, I mean probably does.
But I am not pleased with this image.
So I had to scan a better one.
Taken from a book called 30,000 years of ART.

A thought before proceeding:
Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
Here we have another chicken and egg paradox.
But please understand this first.
It should be a goose and not a chicken.
Chickens are full of fear…geese will stand their ground, as will a rooster.
An exploration of the ancient term ARGUS illustrates mi contentions in regards to which fowl we choose to represent our consciousness.
Once we link the goose ARGUS to a clandestine US space program called Project ARGUS…the paradox regarding the foul fowl and the cosmic egg becomes clearer.
Another thread to come.

And of course as we go back in time, the chicken-step is thus replaced with a goose-step and the swastika.

I need to take a break…just lost some valuable thoughts due to a computer glitch…err should I say human error… 

…but mi thoughts had to do with these images of cave ART found in Argentina, circa 7500 – 10,000 BC, and mi profound archetypal thoughts were about chiral asymmetry, left and right hands, allegory of Plato’s cave and also a narrative called the bible.
Time for a garden break…annuals need a watering and some fertilizer.



p.s. later I connect all of the above to a Persian alchemist ‘Geber’ circa 800 AD / Fibonacci 1200 AD and the Lo Shu.

7 thoughts on “Swastika = 9 Pearls of Lo Shu, Loh-e Qurani and Square of Saturn Wisdom found in Samarra IRAQ?

  1. You wanna laugh or just smile? I was right now (before reading your post) writing about Samaria, Shomron, Samarra, same root.




  2. … and I took that picture of that pottery (2004) in Pergamon Museum perceiving GD.:.:::AU god YHVH (with vowels, everyone, one one one).

    So: Ciao!



  3. The Loh e Qurani consists of 29 letters (Arabic Alphabet), just in case if ‘Hamza’ and ‘Alif’ are considered as two separate letters. And there are 29 Surahs in the Holy Quran.

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