‘KEY 528’ the Wheel of Fortune CARD X and Phi and phi

I just finished the above post, had a thought, followed by a ‘truth chill’.
That is usually a good sign.
Rolling Eyes

I believe I can feel what is behind both Door 4 and Door 5…or at least what they represent.
I truly am coming full circle…weaving the narrative together…
Of course this card is involved.

And so are these people…
I have actually marked DOOR 4 and DOOR 5 on the Disney uniform logo…

Funny I should have picked their uniform logo.
Because those two symbols representing the two representations of phi and Phi dictate the illusion, eSSentially, those two symbols represent ALL the uniforms we doff and don as we go through life.

And the CODE representing those 2 symbols phi and Phi is in fact found on Card X of the Tarot.
Wheel of Fortune, how poetic.

Wheels and Vheels make zaa vorld go round, evolving into spirals which change into helices dictating the direction of TIME.
But can TIME be reversed?
evolution>>>change>>>and reversals

The 3 Laws of the I Ching or the Trinity:

1/ Evolution
2/ Change
3/ Reversal in Extremis (what does extremis mean? Shock )

Back to Card X and THE CODE 11 2 5 8, which in fact contains the KEY 528.
This CODE, 11 2 5 8, represents DOOR 4 and DOOR 5.
Doors the ancients were well aware of.
I have already shown that on this word blog.

Now to understand how that Tarot Card above contains THE CODE…I do ask for a quantum leap of faith…I am not going to ask you to believe in any gods or such, or even in an aether, or the hypothetical graviton, or the god particle called Higgs Boson, or in a Dark Matter or a Dark Energy…please do understand many of the above are taking place in the minds of theologians and mathematicans…a battle that will rage on forever ad nauseum, unless we drive a stake through their wanker vampire hearts…that only desire more and more blood. (resources for their upside down empires)

All I ask is this, and here is the quantum leap of irrational right brain hemisphere pictogram illogic I want the herd of EWE and the flocks of circling SEEgullibles to follow…

Did the ancients connect the figure ‘8’ with the concept of TIME and or INFINITY?
As an archetype?
Yes or No?

I once claimed I that my intent, with all mi rants and raves, mi goal was in fact, was to be able to convey to a child the meaning of life using just ONE hand 4 fingers + 1 thumb.
Sorry for having such a silly nilly thought…what a silly goal to embrace in life eh?

Yes in fact you should have seen the ridicule I received from the herd of sheeple I received for making that comment.

Yes just ONE hand = 5 digits, not quite as good as Pythagoras however who suggested he could use only 4 fingers to understand the Universe.
i.e. Pythagorean Pythagorean TETRAKTY

i.e. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10
Is that Pythagorean formula 4 digits or 5?

Is the number 8 connected to the octagon?
Can I connect the number 8 to the following image found recently in the NazKA region?

Take a square and rotate it 45 degrees.
Place another square over it.
What we have of course is a very recognizable image.
A square placed over a diamond?

Now rotate the square another 45 degrees in either direction…poof the diamond is gone and what you are left with is just a square…obviously the other square could be considered ‘occult’ or hidden.

Anyway if I am allowed just a wee bit of latitude or is it longitudinal as mentioned, to suggest that the figure 8 = INFINITY?

But of course most of us know the infinity symbol rotated 90 degrees or as pointed out longitudinal…to the original axis…

Now watch the golem magic…how I weave 4 years of searching left and right hand paths using archetype, immersing myself in an archetypal world….
I am quite proud of what I can do with mi formula, with the CODE 11 2 5 8

I will not be denied what that CODE means.
My interpretation comes from mi heart, I can feel it.

Here ultimately is the magic, and it is simple and true, I feel, and it makes everything Dan Brown wrote in the Da Vinci Code, look like the wanker VatiKAn endorsed fairy tale it is …
(though I did enjoy the two books I did read Embarassed )

Why two 1’s

I see two potential formula.
125 8 and 125 8

Now simply substitute those two series of digits into the two phi and Phi formula…and we have the TWO KEYS that unlock what is behind DOOR 4 and DOOR 5.
Elementary Dr. Watson, you bumbling expert wanker, lacking the Sherlock ‘Holmes”? RIGHT BRAIN initutive poetic inspired interpretations…

aSSume because I do want to make an aSS out of the ewe and mi
8 = infinity symbol

i.e. the first series of numbers would be…

Which DOOR is this?

phi = 8 = ( 1) + sq rt 5 / 2

and the second would be rotated so they are longitudinal to one another….
Rolling Eyes

Which KEY opens this DOOR, the silver or the gold?

Phi = 8 = (1) – sq rt 5 / 2

What if those are DOOR 4 and DOOR 5?
Maybe we have identified the two paths, phi and Phi, that an asymmetrical brain can follow…?
However those never quite seeming to intersect and merge, with that ‘line’ that goes right down the middle…or meso.


Suggesting that the ‘crack of the whip’ as a prophecy is the sound of ONE hand clapping, we do not hear the other one do we?

Reminder, have the EWE already forgot yesterday’s leSSon?
57 Octaves below middle ‘C’…. Exclamation

It is a blue wave of truth that ewe will feel.
Do not fear it…fill yer sheeple hearts with love NOT anger, and I guarantee you this…it is a belief I adopted from Gandhi

At the moment of your death…LOVE or ANGER…what you have in your heart is the last step in this consciousness that you carry forward…

Really really really important to know that and be aware of that, it is TIME now to start looking for that switch…in ALL the impending CHAOS, in the dark, (Christians don’t like the dark), I can guarantee you that the sheeple will have a hard time finding those switches** when TSHTF.

And that is what a mythical THEY would want…fear anger war…
Isn’t it, always stirring the fu*kin’ pot with BIG Lies that are so unbelievable, people believe them.
That is prophecy in a nutshell.
Rolling Eyes



** I know, as a firefighter, I had to train to find those switches.
Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


3 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ the Wheel of Fortune CARD X and Phi and phi

  1. Be nice Jayray, I am the all powerful OZ on this wordblog…I have the power to make everything you say disappear…I do acknowledge however at this time, I too could disappear…

    But yeah I know what you mean. I will see what I can do.
    I need to set up my own domain, .com.
    I already have a domain name reserved.


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