‘KEY 528’ = GRAVITY = Higgs Boson = SOUND = 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’ = phi

So here I present mi formula for Gravity

And all the expert wankers gotta do now

Is prove it.

That is quite often how it verks.

First someone such as myself provides the inspiration, and then the experts provide the perspiration…now the verk begins for the experts.


Higgs Boson = Gravity = SOUND = 57 Octaves below meso/middle ‘C’ = KEY 528 = phi

It is simple enough to prove I would think.
I will suggest an old old experiment.
The ole’ double slit wave/particle duality test.

It explains why the light particles would rearrange themselves on the other side of the barrier…

SOUND was playing a role in the experiments but they were unaware of this force of gravity which is fact a SOUND frequency…

Duh…the SOUND wave that is 57 Octaves below the human threshold of HEARING and are at such a low frequency, they would penetrate everything…BUT how low can the Grand Alchemist go?

Do the EWE think the Grand Alchemist would use LIGHT…nah ya dopes…much too easily reflected and toyed with by the EGO, the magicians black and white who play, play, play with our minds and hearts.
Light by itself is not sufficient to create and maintain the illusion.

Mythical Perseus, the source of the supernova, 57 Octaves below the human threshold and his use of a mi-ra to defeat mi-dusa.

Today’s mi-dusa is the EGO that wants to go out into space and beyond…but you must poke a hole in the bubble, to escape this bubble…
And that of course leads to trouble if the ewe poke a hole in zaa bubble…ja ja ja
On a cellular microcosmic level what happens if a cell bursts its bubble?

“cells are hypertonic to pure water, meaning that they have solutes dissolved within them and are not 100% water. osmosis is the diffusion of water from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. since there is a smaller concentration of water inside the cell, water form outside of it will flow in to try and balance out the concentrations. eventually, so much water will flow in that the plasma membrane will burst.”

“so much water will flow in that the plasma membrane will burst.”

Age of Aquarius is seen as a cleansing in a way, the global baptism promised, the agent cosmic plasma…the spiritual awakening.

Please do try to appreciate what that means on a global level.

Those fu*kin wankers were poking holes in the membrane in 1958, I know for a fact, I have a gut feeling.
Why would I say that?
I was in mi momma’s belly when THEY were hatching their plans…call it a vibe, and the snapshot taken at mi birth was 5:28 am, and I have been lead to believe, and I do believe in the magic of purpose and intent, connecting with that SOUND wave that permeates ALL.

Remember the Magi followed the stars, Magi-cians love to bend and play and toy with light.
And in a poetic way I can show how THEY, the light magicians can use polarized light to help polarize the people.
And the shield I shall use as Perseus is of course the swastiKA…a wonderful tool, to help bend light and create illusions…but the Grand Alchemist is solid too, not just full of gas or seeking the bright lights, he permeates all, light can bend and go around an object, but the sound of the Grand Alchemist = name of god can never be said…

And when I was about 1+ year old THEY detonated 3 bombs in the upper atmospheres trying to alter the magnetic radiation belts…that they had predicted would be there.
Who had predicted?

“Project Argus

“Perhaps the most interesting story of that era concerns Nicholas Christofilos, a Greek elevator engineer whose avocation was the study of particle motion in magnetic fields. Pursuing those studies he discovered “strong focusing,” now a widely-used method of controlling beams of energetic ions in accelerators. He communicated this to scientists in the US, but received little attention until the principle was independently re-discovered. He then came to the US and worked for the rest of his career on various aspects of magnetic trapping of particles, in particular the trapping of plasma in devices intended to release fusion energy (see plasma).

“As a grand experiment he proposed in October 1957 to the US Air Force to launch rockets with small atomic bombs, and detonate them in space. Atomic bombs produce large numbers of energetic electrons, and Christofilos hoped that such electrons would become trapped in the magnetic field as an artificial radiation belt.

“That project, conducted in secrecy and code-named Argus, received a great boost when Van Allen’s Explorers 1 and 3 discovered the natural radiation belt, and it was carried out above the Southern Atlantic in August and September 1958. Three bombs were exploded outside the atmosphere, above a deserted stretch of ocean, and the public only learned about it the following year, when many related scientific studies were published.

“The bombs indeed produced many high-energy electrons. Some of these were guided upwards along magnetic field lines, followed those lines across the equator and came down again near the Azores islands, where a remarkable artificial aurora was seen, in a region where no auroras had ever been observed before. Other electrons mirrored above the atmosphere and stayed trapped, creating artificial radiation belts which gradually decayed in the matter of weeks. The new belts were studied by the satellite Explorer 4, built for this purpose by Van Allen’s group at the University of Iowa.”

And that is all true ultraviolet blue pouring IN

…that now the ‘plasma’ will start to flow IN….because these experts, most of which, failed to appreciate the 2nd Line of the Emerald Tablet…they were not Alchemists looking to transmute and travel the inner cosmos accessiable to us all…too bad.

IN where?

Take a look around….it explains everything, it has been coming IN.
Thus there would exist frequencies that are perhaps even lower than 57 Octaves below middle/meso ‘C’, mi KEY 528 that I have followed thus far?
How would we know how low the rabbit hole goes?

Frequencies of sound/vibrations that cause everything to fall into place, like iron filings, or Nazis doing the goose step…or string theories getting woven into celestial knots, and of course, SOUND, I have proved countless times affects our DNA and do remember something vital too, those that have only there own interests at heart are actually standing on their heads.

They are the fallen men who are no longer operating in their hearts but solely through their minds, as I learned recently from a Mayan Elder, of which there are 404. And where I live the 404 takes me north, and that is what the Hopi saw as a door impoSSible to acceSS.
I also learned recently that Maya and Hopi elders agree their prophecies are identical.

As we have learned there is no such thing as matter, matter appears to be transitory, it is all vibration, and I want to share one more insight, we know the Grand Alchemist is in fact cooking something up, a celestial dish that we can’t even imagine, the alchemist can do ‘everything great’, that we aSSume, shuffles quite well too, and the alchemist does play Dice but they are loaded, and in the end the house wins every time, smokes herb (see sig below), and tends a garden, and in that garden is in fact a Lilith and an Eve…



Myrhh-ijuana mystic


Macro-micro man


3 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ = GRAVITY = Higgs Boson = SOUND = 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’ = phi

  1. “They” are experimenting with sound…on water…um, I heard something about, depending on what is said to the water, some part of the water…changes structure…? Interesting…GREAT POST!!! later-no

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