‘KEY 528’ Gravity Wave is Detected and HEARD

Yup today is that day that Gravity was ‘heard’, by mi.
Hey ‘mods’ do not be so quick to relegate this thread to ‘my forum’.
Please do not be so foolish…
Rolling Eyes

Here is what I hope you realize after reading this thread.
Everyone as they say has at least one book inside them, and I agree.
Thus we all possess a narrative that meshes beautifully with the creation…and that will be the basis of my book based on the universal asymmetric archetypes.

For those of you who have been following my threads, the numbers 08/15/2008, today’s date, might seem more than little familiar to you.
I do mention them all the time as 1258, those 4 numbers were my badge, and my former employee number, which was 52801.

So what happened today?
I ran into a psychic/astrologer friend of mine.
He is internationally known…his name is Anthony Carr.


I have known Tony for about 30 years…I meet him through the gal I was dating in my early twenties, and through her father.
I had not seen Tony in quite some time, but I was quite excited to talk to him of my epiphany and the fact I had quit my job as firefighter to write a book…and fulfill mi passion.

We then briefly discussed the ‘book publishing’ business and he was quick to show me a copy of one he had recently published…
he then said I could keep it…good move Tony. Wink
And Tony could tell I had changed, ‘something’ was up…
We spoke of getting together soon, we both suggested visiting each other’s web sites…

I left Tony and went to a discount bookstore and spent $100 on five more books…not realizing the gem I already had in mi possession.
Once home I picked up Tony’s book and read a few passages about some of his past predictions…like 911…I then closed my eyes as I lay on the couch…and rested for a bit…
After about 10 or 15 minutes of resting, I re-opened Tony’s book randomly to page 101. (101 is another story to itself)

And there was the passage that will change my life…

“a story from a world famous observatory that said it recently discovered a supernova, some trillions and trillions of light-years away (through the Hubble telescope) that emitted a vibratory musical note that is fifty-seven octaves below middle C on the piano”

actually it is 250 million light years

57 octaves below middle C?

you must read this article….

In musical terms, the pitch of the sound generated by the black hole translates into the note of B flat. But, a human would have no chance of hearing this cosmic performance, because the note is 57 octaves lower than middle-C (by comparison a typical piano contains only about seven octaves). At a frequency over a million, billion times deeper than the limits of human hearing, this is the deepest note ever detected from an object in the universe.

“These sound waves may be the key in figuring out how galaxy clusters, the largest structures in the universe, grow,” Allen said.

57 octaves below middle C?

meso means middle…i.e. Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica

middle C = mi gerosteum

MI-ra gestorum (Miracle)

1. an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause esp. to God. 2. a superb or surpassing example of something; wonder, marvel

mi has also been linked to the frequency 528 hertz.
This frequency some scientists claim ‘heals’ DNA.
Please note that those numbers are embedded in today’s date…

57 octaves below middle C?

Go to my blog and you will understand how the KEY 528 has lead me down the garden path…back to Eden.

Now read what I wrote on July 24th and posted on Peak Oil.
It was quickly dispatched to ‘my forum’.


The above video also made me realize that gravity, and the elusive graviton, is probably associated with SOUND more that LIGHT.

And this news article confirmed mi suspicions that gravity extends to the boundaries of the universe…because the faint faint faint weak force of gravity is a background oscillation…
oh yeah…

Made me realize that phi…the divine proportion is the result of this background oscillation…quite faint and yet the even smaller scaler movements ‘align’ themselves to this divine frequency?
Really makes sense too.
It is the baseline, or is it the bassline, one ‘boundary’ of the blueprint, the reference point for only part of the creation…that everything always defaults back to in the physical world, suggesting how ‘matter’ is polarized or aligned.

I can prove right or left handedness can occur on 2 dimensions…
What if phi on an archetypal level is gravity?

What if?
No longer do I suggest what if?
Now I know the following…


To read the entire blog go here.

Ewe folk better start giving ole’ golem a little more respect than Raphael got on this meriKAn backwater site…
Tony says they are both going places…
Rolling Eyes

But hey so are you folk…cya.
The only way to prepare is to accept you have a 95% chance of dying in the next several years and a 100% chance of dying eventually…thus you must prepare anyway…why not start now?
We are a dying culture on a dying planet…TIME to wake up.

Few more observations…re: the number 57
I was born in 1957, my father died when he was 57, and even more coincidently the universe was declared asymmetrical by the particle physicists in Jan. 1957, these are NOT coincidental.
It simply confirms everything is connected.

And why did the US government send up bombs to alter the radiation belts discovered by a fella called Christofolios, however the discovery was credited to Van Allen, a ruse used to veil a secretive program started in 1957 called the ARGUS Project?

Why do I love Heinz 57 on mi steaks?



**I only ever ever wanted a noble NOT Nobel prize.
Don’t ya git it?
That was the deal I made with mi.
Whisper the SECRETs in mi ear…and I will sing that tune ALL can follow…
Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


2 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ Gravity Wave is Detected and HEARD

  1. “What if phi on an archetypal level is gravity” – fee.l you’re right – … and it’s related to electromagnetism, too.
    Mabe also light is sound on a different vibratory frequence and that “phi” is the number which expresses the “fall” of this vibration into matter and sacred geometry the steps of this fall.


    “Room 101”, he said

    Windowless building, without eyes
    widows like,
    the celles were below ground level
    other rooms up near the roof…
    No love
    No love
    No big no brother
    no Love.

    I hope to read Your book!



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