137 and MEMory and why we bleat like Sheeple

Do we need new ways to learn or do we need new ways to help us remember what we already know…?

Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung would chose the latter….
So would Archimedes and Plato.
exhibit “A” … 5 platonic solids…what have we learned since?

exhibit “B” … Archimedes’ had an awareness of chirodynamics and chirality?

exhibit “C” … duh duh duh THEY** obviously know many of the basics to life … that is why THEY have us go to school … to aSSist us in forgetting.

For the teachers who wish to help people.
Help them reMEMber then.
What is MEM?

Is MEM part of our collective MEMory?
MEM is the 13th letter of the Hebrew alephbet.
They do not want us thinking about our MEM and 13

I want to offer a big clue here: …for those of you willing to play this game called follow the yellow brick road, a golden spiral of divine proportions, that transcends time and space, using numbers and shape.
Words in fact are the weakest links you dinks that connect people.
Words are used to divide and conquer, but numbers reflect geometric integrity…of an underlying foundation, we have yet to comprehend.

But here are two facts.
Fact #1 >> 95% of our DNA has been labeled JUNK by a consciousness that does not want us to reMEMber…

I love that graphic.
Fact #2 >> It shows nicely how Dark Matter combined with a Dark Energy pervades the paradoxical diverse universe…about the same ratio as JUNK DNA…
I would take that as a clue.
Because I once heard a rumor most sheeple people use only about 5% of their asymmetrical brains.
I feel, (not think) that I use a slightly higher percentage.

What is the connection between MEM and the 10 Commandments?

MEM is connected to the first tablet in the above image of moSeS and the two tablets of stone.
More than just a self-serving biblical statement, the narrative hints at something more universally uniting.
It is an archetypal statement Hermes, Thoth, or Mercury would arrive with…a statement of truth and fact that transcends TIME and SPACE and MOTION.

ReMEMber the goal here (my goal and theSiS) is to reconcile ancient archetypal thinking that became the basis or foundation of a method for encrypting knowledge and wisdom that would stand the test of time, in a place where in fact there exists 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time.

As an archetype the above image of moSeS, to me represents 1 man and 2 tablets.

1 man
3 commandments
7 commandments

The above sketch illustrating ‘sphere packing’ is by the deceased mystic inventor Itzhak Bentov.

137 = fine structure constant
And how important is this number 137,  within the physics community?

How important is this number within the Creation, when used as a building block?
Roger Rabbit explains the Fine Structure Constant

(here is my altar ego, what I would look like on stage…)

Mem represents a bilabial nasal, (IPA: [m]), like the English M.

So does a loss of MEM become baa or maa?
Can a ewe reMEMber?

Want Pi, Phi, phi, Pythagoras, or the fella above with the horns, and mi to help design a new way for humanity to reMEMber, and recover from their collective psychoSiS?

Don’t you see?!?They laughed at Copernicus. They laughed at Galileo. They laughed at Darwin.

And right now …

… I’m not doing that well.

I hear ya Charles.
They also laughed at Raphael and golem…
But I know Mi time will come.
The ewe will finally see…
With their brains NOT their tired eyes.
Science proves we see with our brains…



YES in fact, there IS a grand conspiracy.
Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


One thought on “137 and MEMory and why we bleat like Sheeple

  1. Mem knows best…
    had that printed on a lighter for mi driving instructor way back when… funny how things come right back at ya.. I enjoyed your mention of the yellow brick road too, had a personal experience on that ole road… know the elton john song… mi knows what side mi future lies…

    Love N Peace

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