Emerald Tablets = ALCHEMY = Sir Isaac Newton

berechia wrote:
Also, all people before the flood were giants.

How much proof exists of actual giants and their bones?
I want to suggest it is all relative my dear dr. watson.
What if we only appeared bigger…relative to a smaller earth?

Neil Adams and the expanding Earth Theory on You Tube

I like this guy’s work … and along with Thunderbolts.com and their Electric Universe Theory … you start to think ewe were a ewe for most of ewe silly nilly life.
baa baa baa
Mi included…

You start to realize that THEY who control the science, and it is important to remember science was controlled by the Church, along with art, so its roots are in religion or should I say religion has its roots in science?
Steven Hawking and many many others now suggest that the ‘Big Bang’ is a sham, originally a theory proposed by a priest.

Depends on how far back you choose to go in your explorations of HIS-story and history.
Imperative to understand that the baSiS of the biblical script/narrative as sold, err I mean told to the sheeple, err I mean people, has certain self-serving motivations.
Would ya think?

I also prefer the expansion theory.
Simple simple simple answer.
It is consistent with how everything else functions in the universe.
How cellular life evolves, how stars evolve.
Every thing seems to expand and contract…like Neil suggests and shows dramatically so does the earth.
Makes sense again.
Because the 3D universe is apparently based on vortex mathematics…

If the ewe simply apply the acid test…it becomes clearer.
What is the acid test used by the alchemist?

The Macrocosm realm is intimately connected to the microcosm.

Line two of the alchemist manifesto called the Emerald Tablet says the following.
Listen in comrades.

re:Emerald Tablet, also known as Smaragdine Table, Tabula Smaragdina, or The Secret of Hermes… Exclamation

2. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.

In other words…in modern parlance…the Einstein Macrocosmic Relative realm is connected to the microcosmic Quantum realm by a string theory…everything is connected by invisible strings/waves/particles, or VIBRATIONS.
Eh Max?
Today the Higgs Boson particle is the smallest wave detected.
They call this wave, the H particle.
And what the expert vankers do not understand yet, but I do about the H particle is this…it is a ‘reference’ wave, based on sound…and it is a frequency based on a ratio.
Kinda like the golden spiral…thus everything knows to align itself to this ‘path’…and at the end of the rainbow is a piece of Pi waiting for the ewe…
A little birdy chirped that in mi ear.
Rolling Eyes

But the ewe bleat, why should we respect what the ancient Emerald Tablet reveals?

Simply because the fella who helped us understand optics, gravity, and math a little better took the time to study its 13/14 lines (I have seen examples of both), and offer his own interpretation.
Sir Isaac the Alchemist and his translation of the Emerald Tablets/Tables

And another truth obscured.
This man who is one of the most respected scientists of all time was first and foremost an alchemist.

And here is the event where the archetype is fulfilled.
Because remember, we exist in an archetypal narrative.
(Tarot = Torah)
What does the alchemist believe essentially?
He believes a formula exists where it is possible to ascend spiritually.
The interpretation has always been twofold.
Turn base metals into gold OR turn the human spirit “the fallen man, who fell from grace”, into a spiritual gold and unite with the ‘god’.

Freemason/ancient builder’s glyph = L
4 x L = ?

So the master alchemist Sir Isaac Newton who had his alchemy writings buried/destroyed? by the Church, was made in his final days … The Master of the mint.

The King put him in charge of looking after the material gold.
Because obviously his spirit was golden.

See how the narrative verks comrades?
Each of us has a narrative that tries to align itself with a golden frequency called GRAVITY.

Suggesting now if the EWE want to believe in a ‘tectonic theory’ alone, without expansion or contraction, here on earth, … does that mean the Sun has tectonic plates and does not expand or contract?

Can the ewe find ‘tectonic plates’ or a similar mechanism at play in how cells expand?
Sir Isaac is vaiting for yer bleating response…so is a fella called Pythagoras, he has a musical interpretation of creation…
Sir Isaac always maintained that those underlying mechanisms which guide the stars also have an effect on the smallest and the unseen…
(suggesting a certain fate awaits and minimizing the effect of human free will, making you understand why the mechanistic view of the universe would not be so popular among egotistical scientists in search of ?)
But get this … they still use ole’ Newt’s formula to send vankers and satellites into space…

And here is more news the Newt was right about the Bigger and Smaller Picture.

Today these same equations are being used in a completely different domain, the MOLECULAR vorld.
Newt’s formula for sending satellites in orbit is also being used for the computation and prediction of protein folding…

Here is a meSSage from the grave I have been asked to paSS on…
Razz Macrocosm = microcosm Razz

Vanker egotistical scientists vanna fu*k with the visions of the man who understood optics quite vell?
Did the Church vant to veil his visions.
Visions of what lie at the bottom of the vell, in the darkness of the abby-SS?

Fu*k off … go back to schule called Pi Y.
Duh yeah, learn how to use both sides of yer asymmetrical brains..
Then finally, when you see the light of day ewe will be knighted, and put in charge of the mint.

Vibration is ALL
Eh Max, walked the Planck.
But the EWE must duh dive into the aether, that science proved did not exist.
Another lie fed to the sheeple, so they could not escape the paddock.

Does this sound familiar?
The universe can be found in an atom (Dalai Lama), a grain of sand or a blade of grass.

But please note…I found the universal structure that connects people in a cell phone.
DIverse UNIverse found in the architecture of a Cell Phone?



Universal asymmetry = swastiKA = spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


6 thoughts on “Emerald Tablets = ALCHEMY = Sir Isaac Newton

  1. New.ton?
    Very k.ee.n g uy!
    “Sir Isaac Newton took up the post of Warden of the Mint, responsible for investigating cases of counterfeiting, in 1696, and subsequently held the office of Master of the Royal Mint from 1699 until his death in 1727”.




  2. funny Rafa… for as long as I can remember I saw the universe as existing within ALL.. in my deep moments we exist in a petrie dish on some shelf somewhere… however the well I fell into has opened many more petrie dishes for me… and so we now come down to a CELL phone..whose vibrations emanate in all spaces..

    can’t wait for this book to be in print… are you getting closer to your goal..?

    Love N Peace

  3. Funny funny thing…when you go looking for connections between everything…the revelations are INFINITE…
    maybe that is part of the design/game?
    A never ending Da Vinci Code?

    Is that the purpose?
    To go in search of, looking for ‘a’ truth, never ‘the’ truth, simply ‘a’ truth, that fits your own narrative.

    Seek and ye shall find…(is that the purpose?)

    Should I attempt ’13’ chapters like the book ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ or do I put together a Magnus Opus?
    I simply have too much material, I think I need to go back and reorganize, what I have gathered to this point.
    The focus on what the book should detail has gotten much clearer, so it should make the daunting task of sorting, organizing, indexing, easier.

    Eventually I would like to co-author/co-design a Tarot Deck…it would be a nice way to continue the journey.



  4. The Higgs particle is a fantasy, not a reality. It only exists because it is there to balance mathematical equations in particle physics that would otherwise fall apart without it. They created the maths first, and now are trying to observe it.. quite contary to the obvious procedure of science!

    Particle physics is a joke. There is no such thing as a discrete particle! And the idea that a particle would give mass to other particles is absurd. Mass, and spin, are properties of an underlying principle/mechanics, not an underlying particle.

  5. Mass, and spin, are properties of an underlying principle/mechanics, not an underlying particle.

    Which brings us back to a chicken and egg paradox?
    What is a paradox?

    Experts who stand opposed but believe their view to be correct.
    Life is thus a paradox.


  6. what is a paradox” you ask….

    for me, a paradox is a kind of vortex of “waiting” energy.

    a kind of notion that two opposing views are STANDING nose to nose….
    each view has its own merit IF seen with the right “eyes on”.

    thus….BOTH are “right”.

    likewise…BOTH are “wrong”….all at the same time.

    talk about SPIN, eh?

    just a thought, and a bit of a chuckle, too….

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