‘KEY 528’ and CERN and the God Particle and Prophecy

gampy wrote:

The admin should just call it Golem’s Forum, and Occult Emporium.

Poor guy, no respect.

I actually respect, and admire his desire to seek out…


but there is nothing ‘occult’ about this thread.
why do my threads that get people ‘thinking’ outside of the box … get buried even deeper here on PO?

No matter…truth is intuitive and gets noticed and is eventually given a voice…
(I have been contacted and soon will be given a voice amongst mi peers. I have been requested to contribute on a web site among those minds who are struggling to escape from the box, many names the EWE will recognize…)

In 4 short years of following an archetypal path/clues I have taken a quantum leap, and been moved to the head of the class.
Other forums, by the vay, DO give me respect.
Esoteric forums, where others have been dabbling in the esoteric for eons, waiting for the Magus Aeon.

Has the Aeon = A ONE arrived?

Time will tell how mi prophecies play out.
By 2012 I will be either respected or ignored…
win/win as far as I am concerned.

The muslims were right jeSuS was a prophet NOT the meSSiah.

The meSSiah is an event … a cataclysm that is predictable.
Ask the Maya
Ask the Babylonians
Ask the I Ching
Ask mi = KEY 528 hertz

The prophecy re: the merKAba is a vehicle that accompanies the KEY 528 hertz, it is a hearse that will accompany the rapture…yes the 528 hertz will hurts a bit and a byte…
Crying or Very sad

But don’t bother asking the vankers in the VatiKAn about what the KA means at the end of the vord svastiKA.


What is so crazy about me suggesting … that the universe ‘unfolds’ like a flower … and that the unfolding is ALL connected?
…. and that there is in fact a ‘narrative’ that can be followed in the unfolding of the flowers in the garden?
….what is so crazy about a fella like me who actively searches for these connections day/night 24/7/365, and finds himself in CONSTANT conflict with the mainstream, calling me at best ‘crazy’ and the forum ‘mascot’?

Mi efforts of svimming against the flow of fish, about to be caught in the net cast over the right side of the boat/ark by jeSuS, or the herds that been prodded close to the edge, or the seegullibles hovering overhead frantically cawing mine, mine, mine, as the Hawks and Doves in Washington send in the kids who know nothing about what I am talking about…and these kids are in fact nothing but sacrificial lambs, that the temple priests must serve up from time to time, to instill fear and maintain control.
Tell me how the wanker in the deep south of the US of Aleph is any different than the Aztec who saw dying as sacrifice, and as a means of upholding a deep belief system?
Duh no different…we have only become far more efficient at killing each other…
Predators have binocular stereoptic vision.


1. Relating to, used by, or involving both eyes at the same time: binocular vision.
2. Having two eyes arranged to produce stereoscopic vision.

An optical device, such as a pair of field glasses or opera glasses, designed for simultaneous use by both eyes and consisting of two small telescopes joined with a single focusing device. Often used in the plural.

So what do THEY do to the youth today?
Give them binoculars, put them in a pod or tank, and then give the punks like JayRay permiSSion, while listening to heavy metal on their i-pods, to go around killing innocent women and children in an ancient place called Ur, err I mean Iraq…
And the vankers on this site say I’m crazy?
EWE are all going to hell…
Rolling Eyes

And I just want to add the obvious, give me control of the sun and the moon, the calendar, the timeclock, the printing press, an idea and a 2000 year old head start and mi and fellas like Carl und Ziggy know know know how to fu*k with yer asymmetrical brains.
How vould vee do dat?

Flash the symbol that represents universal asymmetry, found in yer DNA….and then show heinous crimes against humanity.
I would definitely employ such a tactic given the opportunity.

Give me a head start after the next deluge or apocalypse with a diluted, deluded herd struggling to survive…

EWE will all be bowing down to mi in short fu*kin’ order….I reckon 3-4 generations to git yer all stupid and even dumber, down another spiritual rung…
Just call me ‘G’ for short.

Maybe I should stop calling the ewe wankers and such.
After all, the ewe have NO idea that they are ewes, poor ewe.
Stop grazing, put yer sheeple heads up, ewe are about to have your throats slit, and yer hearts ripped out, Aztec style.
Call it a rapture…delivered by a raptor… a bird of prey?
Ja Ja Ja

A flying serpent….

For those of the EWE keeping score.
Circle #8 on the scorecard called the The Wheel of Fortune.

That particular symbol is aSSociated with the Tribe of Dan?
Dan who?
Do the ewe think I make this stuff up.
Ewe are mistaken.
It has all been written, long long ago.

How do I know it was all written and recorded ‘somewhere’?
Well imagine the GREATEST invention that man can think of.
Imagine the culmination of humanities knowledge, reaching what we thought unattainable, the absolute threshold of accomplishment…

THE Invention that screams ‘humanity has arrived’?

Three questions then…

Did we record the steps/stages of the invention, thus does it come with a manual?
And how does man’s invention compare with the creation/universe itself?
Does the universe come with a manual, did the master alchemist remember to attach one?
Was it in Chinese or Hebrew or Hopi?
Oops that’s 4 questions.

Wake up…THEY have the manual…and THEY are following the script contained within the scriptures…


Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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