Swastika shaped building on US Navy base Coronado California


Knock knock?
Who’s there?
Me who?
No, seriously, it’s just me. I am telling a knock knock joke.


Swastika-shaped building on a US Navy base in Coronado, California

Yeah the US of A-leph vankers are all tied up in a knotzi, about this particular government building.
Evidently renovations are being made to alter its appearance…

Does phi = SwastiKA = Disney = Fibonacci Series?


Please take note that the stigmatization of this divine ARCHETYPE, a symbol that speaks of vortex energy/electrical and magnetic currents, connected to DNA, neutrinos and neutron stars, makes LIFE go tic toc.
The swastiKA I want to suggest is in fact an intrinsic piece of the universal ‘timing mechanism’ itself.

And the US of Aleph vankers DO NOT want the consciousness delving TOO much into the collective unconscious.
Because that is where meditating on this symbol will take a ewe.
I want to suggest I am proof of someone who was drawn into the vortex that this symbol is capable of creating.

I see & feel 4 x L

…said the blind man as he made his way around the eLephant.
…what else can you see and feel, he was asked?
…what else can be made of an L?
…maybe a 7 or maybe the Hebrew letter resh?

…important to know that the L is known as the ‘builder’s glyph’.
…important to know who would called it that.
…few important puzzle pieces miSSing, that we need to know about life, so we can ALL play the role we were meant to play.
…People need to know that.
…is TIME running out on microcosmic us, and the macrocosmic US?

The symbol above has yielded a new epiphany.

Can this be an archetypal Philosopher’s Stone?
How does it connect to Timothy Leary, LSD, DMT and the pineal gland?

How does it implicate the Vatican? (again?)

As I said if you meditate on this symbol, (i.e. the swastika) you begin to see and feel a truth about life.
Helps explain why it has been associated with a most heinous crime.
A few other things I noticed about that building built using the builder’s glyph, the rantings and ravings of a svastiKA induced stupor…with a little help from mr. green. 

The first, is the apparent symmetry of the pathways and the courtyard itself in the center…formed apparently by the formation of the two green squares within…and then you notice a fifth L in one of the squares (marked in red).

A 5th L, I am seeing red


The 5th L-e-ment emanating from the center?
The quintessence or is it the feminine sacred/scarred/scared and hidden/occult and arcane, possibly the queenteSSence?
Is this the secret the builder’s conceaL, with a seaL?

ImageImage 900 year old Noah:

“Ok claSS, put your hands together now in prayer and repent/repeat after me … ARK, ARK, hARK, hARK …
sHHH can you hear the angELs/angLEs zinging?”

I always had a feeling there was an angLE to the angEL… why we would pray for them to help us out with life’s angLEs?

Hmm…and how does this divine symbol, the svastiKA, connect with the golden ratio, the divine proportion, the golden mean, what could I possibly mean with these golden insights?


Both ancient phi/Phi symbols are displayed nicely in the Disney Logo.

big Phi and little phi

And why would you find that surprising if a very very creative company worked into their logo, relationships that have been known to artiStS for centuries?
Maybe for thousands of years.
Probably for thousands of years…

dot on the= Phi = (sqrt5 + 1)/2

Image= phi = (sqrt5 – 1)/2


But being able to solve for the square root of 5 also allows you to understand the right angle triangle and find a solution/see the connection.
sqrt5 is the hypotenuse of the above right angle triangle marked in yellow.

sq rt 3 + sq rt 4 = sq rt 5


And I want to suggest, that the only way man can ‘get his wings’ and ascend like the angels to the heavens, is by playing the angles right.

angles = angels wings = butterfly effect = Lorentz factor


It figures that a mathematician, Einstein’s buddy, a fella named Lorentz in fact, noticed the angels and found an equation to account for their movements…the creation/narrative would account for these ‘coincidences’.
L = Lorentz
(the kinds of clues I follow as the narrative continues to unfold…)


Coincidences that the VatiKAn had built into their TEMPLE, built over pagan ancient CRYPTS, concealing secrets.
Does the Black Door (above) where they bury the Popes contain the same geometry as two green squares forming a rectangle?

Now did you know…I just noticed something more…
In fact rectangle = rect angle = recht angle
recht means right or on the right or to the right in German (and a German Pope named Ratzinger should know zat)
jah way

What if there are invisible creatures that flit about pollinating buzzing about in the shadows, in a realm not apparent, in a realm that is more LEFT than RIGHT?


Council of Europe Flag

Please note that once you have digested the deeper meanings (as I continue to do so) of phi and Phi, dessert will be served.
Yes of course we will be having a slice of Pi a la mode.
Hurry the ice cream is melting…

I scream
You scream
We all scream 
The poles are melting?


selah V


An official medal celebrating the first year of Pope Francis's reign has gone on sale with a spelling mistake in Jesus's nameLeSvS LeSvS LeSvS LeSvS

How cool is this?

DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


20 thoughts on “Swastika shaped building on US Navy base Coronado California

  1. Please take note that the stigmatization of this divine ARCHETYPE, a symbol that speaks of vortex energy/electrical and magnetic currents, connected to DNA, neutrinos and neutron stars, makes LIFE go tic toc.

    tic toc… or tic tac toe…

    Love N Peace

  2. I was looking for the swastika-shaped building in Conorado with Google Earth.
    But by ‘coincidence’ I have found other buildings in the same town, which correspond with the building’s shape I was originally looking for?!

    2 swastika shaped buildings, with 2 buildings next to it shaped like an S.. Coincidence that I discovered this by coincidence when I was looking for something shaped in the same way?

  3. (No. 1 of ‘Four Quartets’)
    T.S. Eliot


    Time present and time past
    Are both perhaps present in time future,
    And time future contained in time past.
    If all time is eternally present
    All time is unredeemable.
    What might have been is an abstraction
    Remaining a perpetual possibility
    Only in a world of speculation.
    What might have been and what has been
    Point to one end, which is always present.
    Footfalls echo in the memory
    Down the passage which we did not take
    Towards the door we never opened
    Into the rose-garden.

    Into the rose-garden: “.” or, better ” ” any shape, no movement nor shake.speare.



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