Are little GREEN men = a BIG RED herring?

virgincrude wrote:
THAT’S the clincher for me. The alien UFO line is a distraction, as Golem notes, the Big Enchillada is that the US and others have been working on secret projects to develop EM sources of energy. And if news came out about that, well the whole house of cards would come crashing down quicker than you could say “PO”.

The connivance to keep us all utterly ignorant and willing to accept the most unwordly explanations is embedded in all mainstream and establishment institutions:

Aug 01, 2008
Space Aliens Blamed For Electric Universe
Misunderstood history has a way of repeating itself, or so the cliche goes.

According to a recent article from the website World Net Daily, a report leaked from within the Italian government blames a series of “inexplicable” fires that erupted in a Sicilian village in 2004 on “space aliens.” The report states that an unknown “static electric charge” was the source of the fires, and that “unnatural forces” — presumably unleashed by ETs — are the most likely culprit.

And yet another report leaked?

By who?
Always, always, always, “an unnamed source”, always, ever notice?
But who cares…the BS got out to the herd…

A report leaked like Kenyan uranium yellow baked goods?
By who?
Who cares…the BS got out to the herd…

Or Iraqis knocking over baby incubators in Kuwait?
Not true?
Who cares…the BS got out to the herd…

Invisible Whites veiled behind closed black doors, crafting Big White Lies and misdemoners designed specifically, to paint a yellow stripe of fear down the sheeple’s spineless backs?
What if?
Hey why don’t vee ask the odd couple?
Carl und Siggy?
Why are the ewe afreud to ask them?

I call this yellow stripe running down our backs the YHVH highway….a direct linear theosophical line, with few curves, yet quite flexible, 32 (sometimes 33) disks, that exist between the brain and the aSS…supporting the entire structure…

Will somebody please tell NOAH to plug the fu*kin leaks of his ARK?
The story is gettin’ out…the lies, in pairs are escaping and the truth is getting in.
The truth flows…penetrates…and like water…it seeks it lowest level…but then eventually matter evaporates…invisibly…back to the heavens…and later to complete the cycle, the truth reigns back down on the herds of sheeple…water cleanses itself as it goes through the cycles…

I wonder when the Italians will leak the truth about the Vatican and its past connections to the Nazis, the swastiKA and ancient Babylon?

Now that’s real news…not the blah blah fed the baa baa about aliens we will never see…

Just like jeSuS, another invisible apparition will be needed to motivate and manipulate humanity.
The writing is on the wall…religion as we know it, can NOT exist alongside science as it is developing.
One of them will need to be dispensed with, within the collective.
St. Malachy prophecy written by the Saint Malachy suggests the Popes are petering out…

So in the vacuum what will the sheeple be fed?
A vacuum of belief craving for new meaning as the old illusions die hard and then harder still?

Hey Bruce ever notice how an invisible savior/meSSiah/hero is sometimes needed to combat the invisible enemies that THEY, the script writers actually help create?
And once the terrorists are finally defeated…aliens will fill the void?
Or is planet earth doomed to a future of fighting terrorists, aliens and other invisible threats like smallpox laced blankets?

Hey who leaked the laced blankets to the injun eh?
Who cares…the BS, the Biological Sh*t got out to the herd…

Tell me did THEY want to injun the Indian?
Is this the collective fate?
Fighting invisible enemies ALL the time, for eternity, enemies and heros that THEY script, from one epoch to the next?

just vondering…
Is it Al Qaeda OR Al KAeda?

Al, hello Al One-Stone, can you hear mi up there?
Pleaze help me out here vith zome vizdoom, vordz zat iz relative to zis zituation.
Rolling Eyes

On your St. Mark, get Set
Go and get ready for a brand new ‘mythology’ to be dispensed to the herds of sheeple to replace the mutt of metaphor…jeSuS H. Christ.

Science will drive a stake through JC’s heart if he attempts to reSSurect himself…

A new King David…will probably will a science vanker…and this modern hero will be holding a glyph/cross to repel the demons…but it will not be a crucifix, the crucifix will be replaced by the KEY to Universal Movement and the accompanying Theory of Everything…
Rolling Eyes


Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


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