2012 Prophecy and Crop Circles


vision-master wrote:

The two outer clogs rotate clockwise an the center wheel (clog)rotates anti-clockwise. Razz

and in each cog vee zee 18 teeth.

ok zin zome maths now.
now 18 (zee moon number) x 3 = 54

und 54 = nein oder ist das 9?

so vhat does 9 represent eh?
whilst you dink of dat, I vant you to count za cogs in the vheel of St. Peter’s square.

Und vait I juzt vant to zay dat to mi, und I am a square-kopf, I zee an ellipse.
vhy do they call it a square?

Having difficulty counting the cogs in za vheel in the above photo?
Za vheel near the black door?

I count 18 cogs, showing.
18 = 9

Now again I have an obvious question in regards to Pope John Paul II’s funeral.
Why did they place the white sheet over the black door, the eventual resting place of the casket?
eh ewe doppelgangers

Card 18 and Card 9

Both of the above cards represent Wisdom.
Betcha the Pope studies the tarot…

Please notice the crab / crayfish below the action in the north / placing Cancer in the south?

Now do you notice 4 gates?
4 gates that are really 4 Royal Persian Stars the Christians associated with the 4 Evangelists who wrote the 4 gospels…cha cha cha…



p.s. anybody notice the 15 rays of light descending from the moon landing between the 2 pillars?
now thats something worth noting.
anybody know why 15, why 2 towers/pillars?

It is quite illuminating…adding a definitive piece to the biblical narrative that sounds like babel.
Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


3 thoughts on “2012 Prophecy and Crop Circles

  1. Hi raphael, i have been really interested on your theory’s, especialy the ones about the.crop circles, swastika’s and the link between religion and science.. i have no scientic knowledge whatsoever! So first, i would like to know what does the word “Religion” means, in simple lines please… and also, and i’m more curious about is something else… is there such thing as a “PERFECT circle”? But that’s if you have the time for these king os questions of corse… thank you.

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