phi and the Gate of God and Gravity

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And the swastika is also the Star Gate we paSS through upon dying.
But a gate or door or mirror has two sides.

Can you direct me to more info on this aspect of the swastika or explain it more?

Here is the Reader’s Digest version.

Sumerian/Babylon GATE of GOD
(a stargate?)

First we must establish a few ancient links in regards to the swastiKA.
It has been given a very bad reputation, with an intent to harm its image.

Why would THEY do that?
To convert the human being into the human doing, so THEY can control us or the US into doing what THEY want.

As the above article relates the swastika was held sacred by the ancients, connected to the winter solstice, a symbol of Jehovah and his work, and most importantly it was connected to the 8 pointed star of Venus and referred to as the GATE of GOD.
(8 pointed star = 4 lines or axis of symmetry)

Mi5 Headquarters

Please note the 3 gates or doors (having sqrt 5 geometry), very important to note the 4 lamp posts which represent esoterically the following …
>>Persian 4 Royal Stars
4 beasts
>>Kaballah’s Tetragrammaton
known as YHVH
>>4 Christian

The tympanum or archway also contains sacred geometry and sqrt 3 geometry.
We find those 4 archetypes everywhere, in all cultures, because they represent starsNOT evangelists writing archetypal fiction, contributing to a narrative that coincides with the celestial movements above.

The image above is of the Head Quarters of Mi5 or is it Mi6 or is it Mi19?
Apparently there are 19 Mi divisions…less one that ‘never existed’.
Mi13* was not used. (sure sure…nudge nudge wink wink mate)
That would make 18.
The blog below lists them all…scroll down the page.…-and-the-pope/
(and *mi feeling is that Mi13 = CIA) How many Solfeggio frequencies and Drunvalo breaths are there?
Which card is the Moon Card of the Tarot?
Card 18
Which card is the Sun Card of the Tarot?
Card 19

Chartes Cathedral west facade tympanum and CARD X of the Tarot.
Funny or design or a funny design?
How Card X helps us solve the mythical archetypal X?

Does X = DNA too?

It is a Design obviously.

Then I noticed how nicely the above image with its 3 Gates fit over a symbol I had photographed in Peru and over St. Peter’s Square.
But before I noticed that…I also noticed that the 3 Gates above formed a Y.
The image on the right … could represent both DNA and what is known as a Birkeland current.

But why is Y such a big deal?

So the mandala on the left found in a Catholic monastery, with its Gold Leaf and 4 Royal Eight Pointed Stars can be placed over St. Peter’s Square which does not have Gold Leaf, but instead a Black Door and in place of 4-eight pointed stars, we see 4 lamp posts.

The same 4 lamp posts we see in the Mi5 entrance that has 3 Gates?
The largest Gate is located where we see the Gold Leaf = Black Door = Gold Crown … while we are at it … I want to add the Sphinx to the growing list of archetypal analogy of potential stargates.

What does the Black Door represent?
Above is a fine esoteric explanation.

Picture on the right is Pope John Paul II’s funeral.
The coffin is laid to rest on the Black Door.
The Black Door is the back door…it is the MOON marginalized in Catholic Christian doctrines, the moon that the Old Testament Jews believed we passed through after dying…

If you count the above ‘pylons’ in the semi-circle outside the Black Door in the Vatican … you will note there are 18 of them.
Tarot Moon Card = 18

I do have another explanation for black and white doors using science…regarding how light/electro-magnetic radiation opens doors/gates.…chin-and-boaz/

In the end, after all is said and mi research is done…I have come to the conclusion that the Vatican gave Hitler the above symbol to use.
Why would THEY do that?

And that symbolic blowing up of the swastika in Nuremberg represents exactly what the apex or capstone of the Great Pyramid represents…the collective unconsciousness.
The fact there once was a capstone that decayed is highly highly highly symbolic of the decay of the collective

In other words I feel the miSSing capstone was actually a capstone that was made of a material that WOULD decay over TIME.
It accompanies the narrative of the fallen man, his descent through the 4 ages or cycles of TIME…these ancient engineers who were still in touch with the archetypal gods were more connected to the ultimate truth in comparison to a fractured humanity each claiming chosen status using self-serving literal translations.
A decaying capstone also represents, I would feel, our collective purpose.

Everything spins, rotates, and is based on vortex energy.
We all have both a tasmanian devil and a sufi whirling dervish within us …
You vanna dance Vanna?
Or do the ewe wanna buy a fowl vowel?
Which came first the chicken ‘I’ or the egg ‘0’?

Yes Darrin there is a conspiracy.
And the biggest conspiracy THEY try to promote is that a grand conspiracy does NOT exist.

But it is when you realize that the swasitKA and Solomon’s Knot are amulets representing the Great Year or the Platonic Year, a grand cycle of TIME, which science run by Church confiscated, called their own, marginalized Plato and Atlantis and invented a fairy tale HIS-story called the Bible and Noah  to replace Atlantis and Plato and history?

Noah vay?


And how does the mirror play a role in the deception.
That is another post that will only take us deeper down the hole.
No worry I brought mi mirrors…I can use them to help ‘bend’ the light as we descend down the hole…and if we lose our source of light…

I am learning how to be a Batman.
No joke, no riddle.
Using echolocation.
Have I gone batty?
Nope…this video truly illustrates that most of the ewe, including ewe and mi, are in fact shleeping.
Though we have eyes and ‘see’, these people suggest we are truly blind in some aspects…

The above video also made me realize that gravity, and the elusive graviton, is probably associated with SOUND more that LIGHT.
And this news article confirmed mi suspicions that gravity extends to the boundaries of the universe…because the faint faint faint weak force of gravity is a background oscillation…a remnant of an event.

Should we passover this info?
oh yeah oh yeah…
Made me realize that phi…the divine proportion is the result of this background oscillation…quite faint and yet the even smaller scaler movements ‘align’ themselves to this divine frequency?
Really makes sense too.
It is the baseline, the blueprint, the reference point for the creation…that everything always defaults back to in the physical world, suggesting how ‘matter’ is polarized.
I can prove right or left handedness can occur on 2 dimensions…
What if phi on an archetypal level is gravity?



p.s. more info on the archetypal miSSing capstone = cosmic donut = Atlantis, is in the next blog.


2 thoughts on “phi and the Gate of God and Gravity

  1. Hello great post as always!
    I have a few comments about your ideas on decaying capstones,and it’s allusions towards having decay as a metaphor for the Iron/Wolf age we are currently living in, I believe you are correct in noticing this, and are spot on in your description above.

    As for the video on the young man learning to “see” through sound, vibrations and echolocation, I have witnessed this as well.

    I have an interesting story. My husband is interested in keeping fish, and one of his favorites are Cave fish, gotten initially in Mexico, but there are other members of the species in other caves, such as Mammoth caves in Kentucky. (I think he told me that they are related to Tetras.)

    They are born blind, and have evolved into that due to the fact that the caves they had lived in for a millenia was pitch black. They still have eye “buds” but the eyes are not evolved anymore, there is a flap of skin growing over the eyes. They are also albinos, and a pale peach color.

    They have an outstanding memory, and move in a tank using echolocation, the frequency they have is very very low. (many fish use a low frequency of emitting sounds or grunts, etc. to communicate with each other.)
    The “air” which they use of course, is water, which being denser, may hold that vibration better.

    The cave fish, when being fed, and I communicate with a vibration through a gentle rub on the glass of their aquarium. The other fish I have of course,can see, and there is no need to find a common way in which we can both communicate an action or intent transpecies!;-)

    Sometimes, people have to expand their perimeters or preconceptions, and learn to G-R-O-W!

    Be well,

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