KEY 528 and THE miSSing Capstone and Cosmic Donuts

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All symbolic, all representing aspects of the cyclic nature of time.

cheers from Down Under

THE miSSing capstone

And last night to help me shleep, I was the counting the bleating sheeple dancing around a swirling obelisk, mi erect phalluS, yes ewe may ride the maypole I remind them, and the seegullibles overhead flying about chaotically, were cawing mine, mine, mine…but apparently there existed a moment of syncronicity in all of this maypolehem.
Nipping at mi hoofs was an Oz sheeple herder mutt with an archetypal message to share.
Australian sheeple dog or a St. Bernard?

Interestingly, God was once defined, as being length, width, height and depth, by St. Bernard who was not only the leading figure of the Cistercian Monastic Order but also a patron of the Templars.

Quantum action at a distance was taking place as I rested.
You flushed your idea down the loo and on mi side of the equator it was ejected from mi toilet…your barks appeared as ARKetypes that appear too many as a rather loony idea…
But here in Canada we will take your loony idea and double it. A loonie and its mirror image together make a twoonie.

From mi perspective and vantage point, mi galaxy called the Milky Vay, is a ‘flat’ swirling spiral.
And from this vantage point I believe I have an archetypal explanation or solution to THE miSSing capstone.
This great article is just further evidence of what I am suggesting in this post.…edstone_pg.htm

And Oz down under, you are the common denominator, and I am the numerator.
Neither one of us is whole.
So we exist as yin/yang fractions.

But equal.
1= 5/5
And I believe 55 = SS
And S equals the waveform that defines you or me.
S plus its mirror image = 8
Two waveforms spiraling about the uni-verse trying to find a harmony, THE harmony?
Reduced to a sine wave, cannot I then ask you, what sine/sign are you?

…thus the underlying meaning to ‘namaste’.
…i.e. the spirit in me respects the spirit in you.

Oz thanks for doing some of the work for me down under, while I shlept on it.

Maybe that is why I tossed and turned.
I am the princeSS and you were the pea under mi mattreSS?
2 peas in an astral pod projecting?
A moSeS not morse code… bleats representing the dots and hopes dashed?
You are so baaad.
Enough of the blah blah baa baa pun fun.

Onto the syncronicities…
Mind if I use some of your verk comrade?
I believe we can solve the mystery of THE missing capstone.
Quantum physics has brought us to this crossroad demarcated by an X.
At the crossroad is a skull and crossbones where the losers like Al Gore, John Kerry and other elite congregate and hand out the wrong directions to salvation, to the ewe and mi.

X is the crossroad, the intersection where the spiritual, wordy, holier than thou Yahveh-highvay called religion and the other path, the scientific empirical, it is my vay or the highvay, a route 666 re-visited, a reality which is based on numbers, and it is here at intersection X, that is where THEY both meet and try to be reconciled.
Resulting usually in a tragic accident.

But a quantum leap of understanding exists and is accessible, simply by jumping dimensions.
And this how we take that quantum leap.
A 2D image can be viewed in 3D or even in multiple dimensions.
But we know that.
And the process can be reversed.
And we know that.
Maybe you already know it all and only need to acknowledge it in the course of your lifetime?

Maybe what we need is not NEW ways to learn…but OLD ways to remember?

As I show in this image where it is possible to view many FLAT world or 2Dimensional 6 around 1 (=7) archetypes, i.e. the seed of life, which are really when ‘expanded’ to 3Dimensional form representing the cube.
Or the process can be reversed where we take a 3D object and view it in 2Dimensions.
We do this all the time.
Take a look at the great photos and the animated links you provided and then shall we compare them to what I ‘see’.
Like the Great Pyramid at Giza and …. the mystery guest who will help us solve X.
Both your evidence and mine provide a center spot or point of intersection.
Two different observers, two different observations.
Both valid.

Originally Posted by wiz-oz View Post
Raphael, here’s an overlay I did of St Peter’s Basilica, a NZ ancient Crossing House and a 2006 Crop Circle Formation in Etchilhampton:

Crossing House:

reference Martin Doutre Crosshouse of Miringa Te Kakara NZ

Etchilhampton Last formation for 2006 (Lucy pringle photo):

What Etchilhampton represents an inside-outside Torus

and the CC formation is made up of two types of Geometry:

Hypocycloid (the envelope and centre)

Astroid (lines and centre cross) – needs java to run animation below

One very unusual feature of the Great Pyramid is the concavity of its four faces, which makes the monument an 8-sided figure, rather than 4-sided like most of the pyramids. In other words, the four sides are hollowed to the inside. This concavity is executed to such an extraordinary degree of precision as to complement the mystery of the structure. From any ground position, it is invisible to the naked eye and only noticed from the air; indeed it was discovered by accident by a British air force pilot flying over the Giza Plateau in 1940 during the Spring Equinox (21 March).

And as I was checking to see who else had shared in mi ideas that manifest while I ponder life’s mysteries…I came upon this ‘conversation’ on a forum.…&quote=8680038

The Giza pyramid has 8 sides (each one of the 4 sides has a slight bend in it at the middle)

The Knights of Malta logo (Maltese Cross) resembles the Giza Pyramid. 4 Sides, but with bends in each point, although evidently far more prominant…

Which takes us in the fuhrer furor, err I mean general direction I want to go.

4 images above.

The Maltese Cross, beside it the mandala I have termed the Rosetta Fractal, which I photographed in a Catholic Peruvian Monastery in 2006, I suggest it is a divine archetype that I link to the KEY 528, and of course my fire department badge based on the Maltese Cross contains the KEY 528, and it also contains the year embedded that the VatiCAn took control of the calender to Gregorian Time, i.e. 1582.
This was the point in our scripted HIS-story where THEY put themselves in charge of controlling the pace of TIME.

The archetypal 8-pointed Star of Venus can be found in the Vatican.
The eight pointed star can be traced to the Transit of Venus.
The Mayan Dresden Codex documents the Venus cycle which goes from 5 to 8.
Or 528.
Transit of Venus is a cycle of TIME that contains the 4 digits I have been tracking as part of my own unfolding archetypal life.


Sequences of transits occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with transits occurring eight years apart followed by a gap of 121.5 years, then a gap of eight years….

121.5 plus or minus 8

The Great Pyramid of Giza contains both concepts regarding Pi and PHI in its architecture.
(and both PHI and Pi contain numerical references to 1258)

And the LiSSajous spirals further attest to the numerous coincidences in regards to following threads of archetypal evidence through the time-less dimensions and TIME, the LiSSajour thus provides great insight and another profound clue on mi path to unraveling an archetypal ancient language.

What is the LiSSa-jous spiral OR shall I ask, what is the spiral of the day?
What is the SS du jour/jew?
What is the soup Nazi up in the sky serving up these daze?
What spiral pattern defines our current reality best?
I suggest the shape of the spiral/helix is undergoing constant change, and according to the Lorentzian butterfly effect, what I suggest has some merit.

And many modern theoretical physicists are currently working on a ‘torus’ architecture of the universe.
Something that looks like a donut.

Now after reviewing the many different archetypes that exist throughout myth, the scriptures, the esoteric and the empirical sciences I have come to the simple conclusion that the miSSing capstone represents the hole in the cosmic donut.

i.e. out of the hole (nothingness, the void) comes something…the cosmic donut is formed.
It is in fact an illusion worthy of a Homer Simpson reality.

The Creator is the hole in the donut that creates the donut.
The Creator was removed and made into a timbit…

The consistency of the archetype is borne out when it becomes clear why a circular or oval stadium … with a centered playing field, surrounded by home field fans like Homer and Jessica Simpson…somehow their combined intellect together, along with thousands of other fans, thus helps in manifesting magically an automatic 3 point advantage for the Home team, when bookies are establishing a spread.
And if the bookies do manage to spread JeSSiKAs legs, I beth ya’ Homer the aloof alpha/aleph male still does not manage to score.

2 evenly matched teams…however the advantage will go the home team…due to an alteration of the electro-magnetic playing field…provided for by the fans.

So I want to suggest that stadiAUMs are playing fields comprised of rising hoops and dreams gone bust, one person, a jeSuS amongst the crowd can get a wave started, simply by standing up and raising his arms and exclaiming, thank the lord, halle-berry-u-ja!!!

The stadiAUM playing field is of course the archetypal hole in the donut, the team we worship like gods.
These ideas are slowly evolving into mi two bit Timbit Theory of / with Everything.
or T’n’T OwE
Ends with a KAboom.

That is what the miSSing capstone represents…the pinnacle of collective consciousness or ?
It is the hole in the cosmic donut or the playing field we focus our energies and chant RA RA RA

The pyramid is when viewed from above also … (because it has PHI and Pi embedded) a symbol for Atlantis.
How so?
And I want to suggest that the archetype re: Atlantis, we all possess within the framework of our unconsciousness, perhaps stored as a fractal, a memory chip, like a slide on a carousel.

Atlantis when described or visualized, usually defaults to Plato’s description of a ‘series of concentric rings’.
Were they concentric or logarithmic?

Continue reading and ask yourself am I offering a bull’s eye theory, or bullshit?

DNA and the torus or Torah are all represented by a scroll or spiral containing a code.
All can be unraveled.
Be careful the code is not broken.
If it is we will need to enlist the SS to fix the damage done to the ‘code’..
We will need to enlist a Semitic Scribe or a Semitic Surgeon to fix ya.
Because life has become like that.

SS = Holy Spirit = electro-magnetism = DNA emits electromagnetism.

Spirals are 2D which evolve into 3D helices and can be plotted onto spheres.

A spherical spiral (rhumb line or loxodrome, left picture) is the curve on a sphere traced by a ship traveling from one pole to the other while keeping a fixed angle (unequal to 0° and to 90°) with respect to the meridians of longitude, i.e. keeping the same bearing. The curve has an infinite number of revolutions, with the distance between them decreasing as the curve approaches either of the poles.
The gap between the curves of an Archimedean spiral (right picture) remains constant as the curve progresses across the surface of the sphere. Therefore, this line has finite length. Notice that this is not the same thing as the rhumb line described earlier.

I wonder if wave/particle duality has any connection to the fact that the spiral which becomes a helix is based on geometry?

That is why I suggested earlier that the Egyptian Ka Ba may be the archetypal equivalent of the wave and the particle?

Let me ask you a question.
Assuming the obvious. The spiral or rope can be unraveled in two ways.
If one of those spirals/helices represents the ‘reference point’ or ‘god frequency’ which would it be?

The logarithmic spiral or the Archimedean?

PHI leads to a logarithmic spiral and has been called the Divine Proportion…
Archimedean spiral is an ARKetypal manifestation of the underlying meSSage that humanity through the ages keeps conveying through art, religion, myth and mysticism.

Nature provides for both spirals/helices.
The logarithmic spiral seems to be more evident, (to the naked eye that is) in nature.
But the Archimedean spiral does appear more as a manifestation of our inner creativity … ?
A repetitious path till we get it right?

Here is what I think and feel…the ‘creator/alchemist/god’ frequency is based on the __?__ spiral?
Not sure.
I think we should discuss.
And could each of us be on our own trajectory based on our own personal spiral or journey, each of us whirling dervishes or animated tasmanian devils, represented by an angular momentum, an archetypal spiraling journey … each of us trying to stay on the straight and narrow, stay on the razor’s edge, represented aptly by the straight line PHI or a righteous Jesus Christ, striving toward perfection?
And every now and then our path or frequency intersects with the resonant ‘creator frequency’?
Is it any wonder the Torah is laid out as a linear journey having a beginning and an end?
Maybe that is a clue…the Archimedean spiral is also finite.
From geneSiS to Amen.
gene SS?
DNA = genes and SS?
S plus its mirror image = 8

And the divine proportion (PHI) based on the ratios between two successive fibonacci numbers can be represented as a straight line in 2D.
Which leads me to conclude the obvious.

According to the graph above the divine proportion plotted as a wave looks like the ‘flat line’ that eventually awaits us all.
Each and every one of our journeys through life will end as that graph suggests.
But paradoxically the end of our lives suggests at the end of our life, we will be one step closer to PHI, maintaining a straight line and connecting with, well you know, deep deep down you know.

What if there is a ‘golden meaning’ attached to the ‘divine proportion‘, relative to our spiritual quests….hmm

“Man Know Thyself in Divine Proportion”

Who said that?
The Oracle or the Oradical?
It is clear that in trying to become perfect, the process just might involve another step in the transmutation program called personal alchemy, the step involved is called death.
The show must go on…

So evolving spirals in 2D >>> become helices in 3D >>> and life forms in 4D
Let me repeat the question.
If one of those spirals/helices represents the ‘reference point’ or ‘god frequency’ which would it be?
The logarithmic spiral or the Archimedean?
Which frequency bandwidth do you think the Grand Alchemist doing the Great Work emits?

The hole in the donut that the prophets who seek the profits is now called a TimBit?
So what is the TimBit we must now pay extra for?

I love this image above and the accompanying animation.

What if it represents our binary companion as this animation illustrates and your image above suggests.
What if the miSSing capstone represents our ‘invisible’ binary companion (possibly an invisible neutron star) which in turn represents our ‘dark side’?A real event written about in prophecy, thus the capstone/binary companion/messiah reveals itself as a real predictable event, and at the same time, coincidently this knowledge becomes scripted into a prophecy, suggesting an apocalyptic cataclysm at some point in the future?

What if some of mi what ifs are right-on about the right hand-edness rules that physics uses to quantify the current mathematical illusion is about to change to left hand-edness rulers, due to fluxing or a reversal of the electro-magnetic field or web of maya that embraces the earth?

What if?
Do I need to get into the birds and the bees … and how they are affected by the EM field of dreams and nightmares?
Of course disappearing bees are a symptom of the EM field that is changing.
More evidence of my rants and raves can be found here.…and-magnetism/

Don’t believe a word of Al Gore and his plans to spend more of jesUS$ by having the ewe buy carbon credits … his horn of plenty is full of bull shieSSe.
Gore’s horn will only help facilitate and help bring down the illusion called Jericho, it goes bleat, bleat, bleat, and will only continue to gore the ewe at the pumps…

According to one biblical chronology, the Israelites destroyed Jericho after its walls fell out around 1407 BCE

And in Jericho, here we have yet another example of the archetypes represented by numbers and placed into the structure of the narrative, that become the self-serving story of one particular Judaeo/Christian perspective.
What does 147 pertain too?…mon-in-a-knot/

Important to remember here how the mind works.
Images are each worth thousands of words because the brain ‘sees’ in geometric pixels.
The eyes just let the light in.
Open your eyes…the brain actually ‘sees’ the image in geometric pictograms which the brain then converts to numbers first and then later to letters which form the words.
Gematria is the best example of this conversion.
Numbers come before the letters,and pictograms or hieroglyphs come before the numbers in the interpretive process.
This is true.
So why do we rely more on words to form our reality than pixies and pixels?




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