2012 Magic and Abra-KA-dabra

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The only thing which has struck as being similar or near to the whole area is the tonal of Abrahadabra repeated with the correct frequency.

Another itch tells me that it is geometrical in structure somehow. But I have no knowledge of this area yet so I cannot come to anything with this.

Anyone heard about anything like this?

want me to scratch your itch?

Oral traditions are the basis for how we communicate…still.
SOUNDS (and light) have been proved to alter DNA…as we speak.
(sound and light show we are in)

The archetypal voce magica, magical word. Many claim it to be of Jewish origin reading its as a kind of fractured Aramaic, ab’ra k’dabra, meaning “I will create according to the word.” This is very plausible, assuming the Aramaic syntax has undergone corruption. It is also plausible that is of non-Jewish origin.
Rabbi Geoffrey Daniels

I like the sound and spelling of abra KA dabra.
How many KA can you name?
My favorite is known as the good luck-KA or the swastiKA.

What is your favorite geometric shape?

KA Ba in Egypt … pyramids
KA‘bah in MecCA … black cube
MerKAba …take me flying…Yawe-hoo in a star of david
KA balah or CAbala … the rectangular temple within, the Ark, Solomon’s Temple

VatiCAn … the black rectangular door in elliptical St. Peter’s Square?
Whether you live in a CAstle, a CAnyon or the VatiCAn … KA or CA means something.

And the perplexing thing about the development of language and mathematics is that these were primarily developed in the LEFT hemisphere of the mind.
Supported by the fact we are a predominate RIGHT handed humanity.
But the experts do NOT know which came first…another chicken and egg paradox.

Can I offer that a morphing Electro-magnetic field is responsible…it ‘fluxs’ back and forth causing a change from LEFT to RIGHT handedness from one epoch to the next … separated by ‘cataclysms’, of course.
This right >>> left >>> right >>> left cycle brings eventually …. balance.

The first thing you should know is that if you divide any two consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (8/5) it will approach a number called Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Mean or the Divine Proportion…

Divine eh?
And not unlike the Divine Proportion or the Golden Mean if plotted on an x y grid, the wave or sine curve attempts to merge with the x-axis … it is the merging of the wave/intersection with the x-axis that represents the balance point, a ZERO balance point, a thermodynamic balance point.

ULM Germany

Hmm, aum, how high is the Ulm spire Albert?
528 feet.

And what would LOVE and HATE and ANGER and JOY have to do with 2012 and reaching a spiritual turnaround, a balance point?
And thermodynamics and the range and rage of emotion are connected to the PHIyre/fire within us and ultimately fire and heat help direct the speed of Time’s Arrow and thus the geneSiS of linear TIME.

Knowledge of cataclysms became recorded by the myth masters, as a prophecy to come, i.e. the revelation by Ezekiel in Revelations.
Easy to be a prophet if you know the cycles (Precession of the Equinoxes and the Transit of Venus = 2012)…the temple priests / myth masters are still playing their games with humanity.
KNOWLEDGE has always been POWER, always will be.
We are still in the dark ages…but the heavens are opening.
translation: UV radiation is upon us…UV radiation is GREAT for global baptisms.
UV radiation is perfect for ridding water of bacteria and virus and parasites.
The surface of the earth and the human body share the same ratio of water to solid.
Just a coincidence eh, what would the water guru Masaru Emoto suggest?

But the internet and a morphing electro-magnetic field will change the influence we have been under.
Bees, global warming and global dimming happening paradoxically at the same time are evidence of this.
But do not worry we will be…
Resurrected by the galactic butterfly…

Because life is like that.

The balance point of rest we are approaching could best be described using the following analogy.
This image shows how to induce a state of ‘ZERO POINT gravity’.

And these ZERO POINT experiments are being conducted ALL the time.
The Zero Points are portals or gates.

I will let the deceased mystic Itzhak Bentov continue.

Imagine those points of rest as being any of the following…the Plane in the above image, an individual who is told to count to 10 and cool off or the Earth on its orbit or perhaps the Sun on its orbit…
Any of the above?
All of the above?

Zero-point Energy and 2012 is maybe just like what Itzhak and me propose…
IMHO…A point of rest could have something to with a rapture and 2012.





9 thoughts on “2012 Magic and Abra-KA-dabra

  1. Another itch tells me that it is geometrical in structure somehow. But I have no knowledge of this area yet so I cannot come to anything with this. response below

    I too have been traveling this same road for years. I have always though its source was Arabic. Only just today I put in
    AB RA KA DA BA (when I located your post) but found a lead that
    suggests to me it is much older. Summer: many Bibical stories were repeats (copies) of old Sumerian stories.

    Sumerian is a language isolate in linguistics (http://www.crystalinks.com/sumerlanguage.html) spoken 4th millennium BC and was replaced by Acadian 2000BC but Sumerian continued to be used as sacred, ceremonial and scientific language until about 1 AD which “cuneiform tradition around the time of Christ.”

    I was working with a Matrix Energetics “two point system” and had image of a huge mythological bird. On the internet I kept tracing it back to the Roc and finally not satisfied I went back to my old question: Abrakadaba but this time typed it as shown above. I turned up a book reference “Epics of Sumerian Kings of Arcata” This is ironic because this turns out to be a story about a huge mythological bird which predates the stories of Roc, but I didn’t find it until I am back looking for

    I do not yet have a copy of the book. But the answer to our question will be in the Sumerian tablets and I still will bet 1000 -1
    the basis is geometrical and it is the structure from which the sacred power words were constructed.

    If you haven’t been there yet, you might also look at the book
    “Sacred Geometry” by Robert Lawlor. Happy hunting. Nancy

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