10 Commandments = Fibonacci Numbers = 11 Dimensions?

10 Commandments = Fibonacci Numbers = 11 NOT 10 dimensions (+zero)

…anybody want to give it a shot?
…it can be done.
…it fits like a chiral glove…

…use the Old Testament (Jewish) 10 Commandments / Torah as template, to compare to the first 11 fibonacci numbers.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and 55

…stay away from Roman Catholic version that marginalized Commandment #2 re: graven images….
I wonder why?

…focus on the first 4/5 numbers to start with.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, = the first 5 dimensions


…for those of you familiar with magic squares, do you see what I see?

I want to let you folks work through it.
More fun and fulfilling than me just ‘telling you’.

I just want to remind you as I continue….
DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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…the first response.

Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
Well, according to String Theory there are 11 dimensions.

…apparently in an upside down world…we are (matter that is) an asymmetrical reflection of the quantum realm.
And though the modern physicist claims the quantum realm is filled with chaos…he is wrong.
It is comprised of an underlying beautiful symmetry that we just do not recognize, nor does the standard model account for art.
Because the subtle underlying narrative is suggesting just that…
Our father who ART in heaven…

Thus if science does not acknowledge and appreciate creation which is ART, how can they possibly reconcile?
And if religion does not acknowledge and appreciate evolution which is also an ART how can they possibly reconcile?

I have found the language of the birds.
The archetypal language that connects mi to you.
Carl Jung said Alchemy was the language that joined the dots.

Alchemy is an ART.
It IS the language that reconciles both science and religion.
It really really does.

Anyway what happens to the world vision if we posit Alchemy between Science and Religion?
The formula would look like this.

Science = Alchemy or ART = Religion

I have a message I need to share.
It is a narrative based on Alchemy and the anomalies of a scripted HIS-story.
It is a simple narrative that suggests the Macrocosm and the microcosm are vitally connected and here is the best part…
We ALL get to play along.

TIME to thaw out iSiS who the patriarchs put on ice.
Wouldn’t you say?

SS = the Holy Spirit

apply the MIRROR

SS = 22

22/7 doves


please look for 55.

SS = 55

11 dimensions = String Theory*

(*filled with swirling Knotzis)

47 = 4 + 7 = 11 (significant numbers eh?)

But those whose conspired to shackle humanity reduced this equation by 1.
Thus the conspiracy to control the 4 races was put into effect…in 1582.

Symbol of moSeS and the Two Tablets

37 = 3 + 7 = 10 (significant numbers eh?)

But in the above image I see 11.

Moses flanked by two tablets or pillars, in the center between 3 and 7, he represents ONE or 1.

moSeS = 1
3 moSeS 7 = 3 1 7



137 in physics is known as the fine structure constant.
Another mystic Itzhak Bentov took my hand on that one.
Thanks Ben.

And that is the role we all get to play….moSeS or iSiS posited in the center.

Man posited between the two realms, the two pillars called Jachin and Boaz, representing a spectrum, a playing field, the Macrocosm and the microcosm.
As the ancients believed using archetype ….

So how does 10 = 7?

10 = 55 = SS = S place mirror between 2 = 52 = 7 = double helix DNA

SS= the two electromagnetic waves that encapsulate the earth

2 waves (as physics/WSM suggests) traveling through the AIR?
That is why Age of Aquarius is NOT WATER but AIR.

The ancients were talking about the ethereal waters, the aether that science dispensed with.
Stop being so damn literal folks…1/2 of your asymmetrical brain, where intuition resides is not consciously being used.

Yes one wave is transverse and the other wave is longitudinal.

Think of them as latitude and longitude….
Time to invent a Cross to demarcate Space?

TIME comes in later….

Man existed at the center of the Universe…

Both Science and Religion with their ego’s aSSisted in the process to remove Man, Woman and child from the center of the equation…and replaced it with archetypes that turned into ARKetypes…

Now the MOON is central to the conspiracy to control TIME in the 4th dimension beginning in 1582.

Was it 10 or 11 days that THEY tossed out?

So who likes the story so far?
Who wants to talk about the MOON and the symbolism the Roman Catholic Church veiled.

Why would THEY do that?
The MOON has always represented the collective unconsciousness…
In other vords…

THEY are fuckin’ with our grey that matters….
Grey is good when seeking a balance, I would think, what do you feel?
It sits in the middle of BLACK and WHITE….

Shall I continue?



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2 thoughts on “10 Commandments = Fibonacci Numbers = 11 Dimensions?

  1. Yess…s! 🙂
    “The star-points of the pentagram are formed with an angle of 36 degrees and a circle is 360 degrees. The circle is the ultimate symbol of femininity and this in turn stamps the pentagram with the same gender. The ‘active’ principle of Isis is (18) she is born out of her mother Nut (O) forming the radius of the circle of perfection. The division of 36 degrees in half to 18 degrees is thereby making 18 a significant factor. The sum of all the numbers from one (1) to eight (8) is thirty-six (36). The number 9 represents death or pregnancy (not yet being born) this would render 36 as the sum total of a living function.”



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