‘KEY 528’ the CELLphone and the Sphinx

Originally posted by Maya432


I would say you were on a good path…
and now that you have this 432 information, hopefully
it will aid in your search…mabey help clarify some of it….

And perhaps you may want to investigate how my path following the KEY 528 and its accompanying message, is connected to your path called 432?

Read on, you will be glad you did.

How do I connect the above image showing that those 3 distinct rings are connected to the KEY 528 and the Riddle of the Sphinx and the numbers 432?
Please note that the 3 rings above each contain a grouping of 4 numbers.

1, 4, 7 and 10
2, 5, 8 and 11
3, 6, 9 and 12

Now where have we seen that highlighted sequence of numbers before I ponder?
2, 5, 8 and 11?

Surprise Surprise
We find them marking the 4 points on the compass rose.
Spelling the name of YHVH using Hebrew glyphs.
We find them reading 4 books because they represent the 4 Gospels.

2 >>> Luke is Taurus
5 >>> Mark is Leo
8 >>> John is Scorpio the Eagle
11 >> Matthew is Aquarius and the age we are entering.

And later as we progress down the rabbit hole Alice we will do as Pythagoras suggested and work with only 9 numbers.

1, 4, 7
2, 5, 8
3, 6, 9

And these 9 numbers are coincidently the 3 sequences of numbers as laid out on the keypad of your CELLphone…or your computer keyboard where these sequences are inverted…like in a mirror.:up:

Maya432 betcha haven’t seen these connections that I am about to present.
In honor of your forum name.
432 = Riddle of the Sphinx

So how do I connect the above cross…the numbers 4321 to the enigmatic Riddle of the Sphinx which was a riddle not only detailing the cycle of a person’s life BUT the bigger picture reveals it was also a riddle regarding the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Above is Aleister Crowley’s interpretation of the Greek Zodiacal Cross.

Kepler’s documenting of the Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions occuring every 800 years.
Precession of the Equinoxes = 25920 years.
25920/800 = 32.4


324 and the significance of this anagram of 432 becomes clear later.

(32 and 23 are a clue to the enantiodromia or is it in fact a enantiodrama that is taking place?)

So how do I connect the above images to the Riddle of the Sphinx?
Well the first thing we need to do is convert the 12 astrological signs >>> numbers.
Trust me…I provide a powerful KEY to unlocking the biblical babel.
No false claims here.
I provide the goods to connecting the following…

The Riddle of the Sphinx = Precession CYCLE = Greek Zodiacal Cross = Solomon’s Knot = Endless Knot = Celtic Knot = Swastika = PERU = KEY to Universal Movement = the Babylonian Gate of God = DNA = The Golden Age


In other words Maya432 I can describe how the Universe is structured by using the KEYpad of a cellphone.

And why not, why shouldn’t I be able too?

May I remind the reader if you can find the Universe in a grain of sand, or a blade of grass, guaranteed you will find it in a CELLphone.
Please when you find some time,  use your CELLphone to call genome home?

There is a message waiting for you, to be picked up.
But you do need a code to access it.




6 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ the CELLphone and the Sphinx

  1. make it your intent to find the code that reflects a unity that MUST exist.
    Do you believe that?
    Ask to be shown the truth.**
    Spend time alone, asking those questions.
    (do it in the park or in public at your own risk)
    …with the tv and radio and all forms of distractions turned off, stay isolated.

    For every action there is a reaction.
    When something gets turn off, what if something else gets turned on.
    Door closes, a window opens?
    No pill exists yet, that is a substitute for purity of intent.

    **disclaimer here: here is the promise you may not want to make with your shadow genii.
    Do not make that promise to share all you learn, like I did.
    It will drive you mad finding that voice that transcends all beliefs.
    It really is mostly an inner voyage…very difficult to communicate.
    But I made a promise to myself.


  2. the tv is off, the intent is in place i have asked for the truth with INTENT, i am obsessed ,i read search and dream ,it is as though something clicked, but there are certain truths i feel inside i was lead to that are ugly and certain people trying to control the masses for their own advancement and greed ,im sure you know why the digital analog frequencies were changed and why the the search for the pure matter(direct from the energy source above the electromagnetic waves) has continued for the ages, it is the real philosophers stone, what i would like to know is what can we do? NOW that we see? thank you for the reply

  3. “it is as though something clicked, but there are certain truths i feel inside i was lead to that are ugly and certain people trying to control the masses for their own advancement and greed…

    what i would like to know is what can we do? NOW that we see?”

    Stardust I am not quite sure what can be done.
    The musical solution will arrive?
    Till then…
    …keep your cool as others are losing theirs might be good advice?

    …continue to strive for the kind of honesty you can only comprehend through having ‘conversations/meditations’ with yourself.

    …you will find that the new way of seeing affects the way you interact with the external world, it must, otherwise you are not believing what you are seeing.


  4. thank you, i will dance along until the music sways me to the RIGHT DIRECTION STAY WELL, and thank you for sharing all you have seen

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