SPHINX (Egypt) = BLACK DOOR (Vatican)

I am getting very very close to the buried treasure that lay beneath the Pyramid …or is it a Cube?
Hmm, is half the Pyramid buried beneath the sands of time…

Very interesting…

I should have said an octahedron…


One of 5 Platonic Solids…the Octahedron.
I also believe that the SPHINX represents the same thing as the BLACK DOOR in St. Peter’s Square and the BLACK CUBE called the KA’bah found in MecCA.


The above photo is Pope John Paul II’s funeral …. where has his casket been placed?
8) P

What is with the white rectangle?
Also please note this most interesting aspect…it is clear now that the Black Door represents the MOON.
The obelisk / phallus in the center of the square was obviously the male/SUN aspect.
But two other reasons now suggest I am certain.
The 18 round pylons we see and the fact that the funeral is taking place over the Black Door.



The other reason is that the Old Testament Jews believe that our souls pass through the MOON after we die…even the Christian Pope must respect that….
Even the Dark Lord must PASSOVER the MOON.

Again I ask the Christian EWE … where is the MOON symbolism in your bible, and elsewhere?
And why does the day when Jesus died … keep moovin’ around….?
Is that why we hide eggs at Easter?

Can I suggest it has more to do with the MOON cycle that keeps moving and less with the Mutt of Metaphor’s (Jesus) death?
Oy vey are the EWE silly or what?
When did the Savior die…?
When was he born?
It goes on and on…
And because I point these things out using archetypal interpretations … I am called many many things ….


And yes I am crazy.
If it makes a ewe feel better.



DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

2 thoughts on “SPHINX (Egypt) = BLACK DOOR (Vatican)

  1. What does it all mean Kathy?

    What does the moon orbit around?
    The earth…

    What does the earth orbit around?
    The sun…

    What does the sun orbit around?
    Most people do not have any idea or give this any thought.

    Precession of the Equinoxes … 2012 … and the sun’s journey through the galaxy, on the outer arm of a spiral galaxy, are all connected.

    I believe the ancient symbols are hinting at an event that coincides with the Mayan forecast of a ‘resetting’ of their cosmic clock on Dec. 21, 2012.

    The ancient Maya and Sumerian kept great time.
    Better than the Romans (Julian Calender) or the Vatican (Gregorian Calender), our current method is still inferior to the Maya.



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