Zero Gravity and Humanity’s Quantum Leap

patience wrote:
Any chance you could dumb it down for us?

Glad you asked, instead of bleating something about me being crazy.
Maybe I should call my book 2012 For Dummies?
The title has a golden ring to it…

patience wrote:
A guy told me yesterday that in 2012 there would be a planetary alignment that could affect the earth’s geological stability. (Which I doubt, due to the decreasing square-of-the-distance effect of gravity.)

This was the cream offered of some guy eh?
Yes our geological stability WILL BE affected.
Could you explain your doubts…explain square-of-the-distance and how it effects gravity. I would like your perspective.

I know next to nothing about ‘planetary alignments’.
My theory is I believe simpler…and stays within the boundaries of known physics.
First I believe what happens in the microcosmic universe that we cannot see, can happen in the macrocosmic universe that we can see.
I believe 2012 is about jumping a valance…like an electron jumps a valance…it helps explain the ‘gaps’ in our history.
It is the only way to effect an elemental change in a big way…it is how elements change and evolve into other elements…
It may help explain the ‘dark rift’ the Maya spoke of, this would be the realm that separates the valances.
It helps explain why we suddenly became a predominate Right-Handed and Left-Brained humanity.
Because only an electro-magnetic field of dreams and nightmares that ‘flips’ can account for all of the above.
Both bees and birds are sensitive to the electro-magnetic field.
Both bees and birds are used in very significant symbols found in the Vatican.
Think about it.

Let’s try to keep it simple.
Here we have 4 images that look very similar.


This is the flight pattern that is used to create ZERO-GRAVITY.
You can create zero-gravity and THEY do…actually performing operations in flight at certain specific moments in TIME, where no gravity exists…evidently it is quite beneficial.
Now place those planes on the next image to gain a further understanding of where I am headed with this analogy.
It is almost similar to Einstein’s elevator analogy in how he would describe his theory on Relativity.

Those REST STOPS indicate ZERO GRAVITY and are when the Gate of God opens…briefly.
What is the Gate of God?
It was called the Bab-Ilu … in ancient times.
You would know it better as the swastiKA.


Here we have the very very esoteric Tree of Life showing the same flight pattern.


And as suggested earlier in this thread…the ancient NazCA seemed to have a similar representation of this event…depicted by the Heron.
Getting the picture?

The elliptical orbit of any moving object can be drawn as a sine wave, as above.
Including our Sun.
The ancients tracked the movements of the Sun and the Moon.

The Maya were among the best…why did the Christian wankers destroy most of the Maya records of forecasting FUTURE events…and take possession of only the 4 books that remain.

But the Judaeo/Christian Temple priests tell us we should NOT use the heavens for divining purposes…Astrology we have been told is bullshit and for entertain purposes only.

So what I want to suggest … is this … it is in that brief moment of REST … when the Earth has no momentum, that the Earth can be aSSisted to move in another direction.

But which direction will it be?
In which direction will the collective human consciousness step?
What direction do we take a Quantum Leap?

I can only come to one conclusion.

We have been duped big time by the Vatican.
And I do NOT want to leave it up to this institution with its tainted evil HIStory at the steering wheel of life.

Any more interesting questions?


DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


7 thoughts on “Zero Gravity and Humanity’s Quantum Leap

  1. Raphael,

    I have been so mired in the cries of my fellow Rainbow Warriors here in the Gulf South, and I wanted to point out to you one woman, Kindra Arneson, KA. She has been on CNN and more recently here:
    Also, what I have been struggling with in regards to all your wonderful information is this: when the earth and its inhabitants enter the window of opportunity at the peak of the pendulum swing, will the ones who have this information make a successful transition to the next dimension somehow? Can a human be anywhere and experience this merkaba flight from anywhere or is there a spécific place or places on earth where one’s présence is required? Are the places/people where the Vatican and their ilk have succeeded in maintaining the veil the only ones who will not “cross over” or if there are enough of them, will they ruin it for everyone? Do we need all these clues to have THE KEY or is it enough to “Know thyself”?

    Sorry to bombard you like this, but overwhelmed and discouraged tonight by the fear the Gulf Coast has for the government. They seem paralyzed with an inability to organize and ACT, (bookoo Catholic here, you know). And after 2 weeks I finally had a friend ask me about that funky swastika picture on my Facebook avatar. I directed him here.


    Eliza beth

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