TIME to get World Serious

disclaimer: I use the word/verd ewe=you often.
Please do not take it personal…merely an archetype.

Consider it terrible parable.

GASMON wrote:

Interesting thread. BTW, want to know where the Lost Ark of the Covenant is ?

I already know where to find X.
All the ewe need is a little luck/lux.
Why don’t you share your treasure map with the sheeple people?
I will provide the lux.

GASMON wrote:

Old tale that it is buried nearby the old church in the sleepy English village of Appleton Thorn, couple of miles south of Warrington Cheshire. Why the Appleton Thorn connection?, well,

How old?
I am interested in mostly the tales that pre-date the mutt of metaphor.
The ewe know him as Jesus.
Blah blah baa baa

GASMON wrote:

Each June, the village hosts the ceremony of “Bawming the Thorn”. … Local schoolchildren dance around the tree.

Sounds like the mightly oak the druids worshiped.
Ever hear of the treasure of ‘Oak Island’?
The nuggets are called acorns, which are seeds of life, that are inside each of the ewe.
Sounds like a maypole too.

Sounds like the obelisk in the center of St. Peter’s Square, without a doubt…see those 4 lamp-posts?
I want to suggest they represent bases for a moment and NOT the 4 Royal Stars.

VIRGIN MARY 13th Century Monastic Symbols

The Vatican obviously has ALL of the archetypal bases covered.
Sounds like a game of rounders or baseball?
Rounders/baseball is where you run around a square or diamond…and the goal is to win the game…
Do these two symbols above look like a baseball diamond or ‘infield’.
Archetype suggests the infield and outfield = inner universe and outer universe.

9 men on each team…?
6 on the infield and 3 in the outfield?
3 outs and the team switches roles?
I could dissect this game using my intuitive RIGHT vs LEFT quite easily…once ewe have the KEY, the ewe become a master of your own universe.
But what could this mean on an archetypal level as TEAM EARTH approaches 2012?

The ewe have no idea… Razz
But I keep hitting home runs….based on archetypal INSIGHT.
Eh Carl?
Playing baseball, rounding those square bases, keeps you Jung.
Call it a game based on divine proportions = golden mean.
The golden spiral.
Ever hear of it?

Jah way.
Is the fascist Semitic Coach standing at 3rd base, giving the guy the ‘go home’ signal as he passes the 3rd Reich on his way to home and the gold?
Is TEAM Semite in the dugout called the LEFT HEMISPHERIC BRAIN?

Here I present another great INTUITIVE theory that will eventually be accepted as true blue.

The Exodus took place in the Semitic mind…IMHO.
And what would cause such a shift, known as Right Shift Theory?
The experts again are befuddled…because they sit inside their box called Pandora’s EGO.
I will tell the ewe how it happens, the Electro-Magnetic field of dreams keeps shifting as the Sun and our solar system travels through the galaxy interacting with other Constellations…a really really big DUH!

Right Shift Theory has been the predominant theory for about thirty dirty years…
Do these language experts ever do ‘lunch’ with the physicists?
DUH they should.

The RIGHT-HAND rule of Electro-magnetism dominates our realm.
DUH Exclamation

And I can prove this quite easily.
Stay tuned for the next post where we visit the ancient NazKA lines in Peru…and I will try to illustrate using the ‘language of the birds’, that these ancients KNEW about LEFT vs. RIGHT handedness…and electro-magnetism.

So the LEFT BRAINED Semites fled Egypt, the land of RIGHT BRAIN archetype, fleeing from the west to the east (laterally or latin-tudinal, and MOSES helped them cross over the ‘reed’ NOT ‘red’ sea/see, actually help to part it.
Translation…Reed See = the Corpus Collosum…a LONGITUDINAL barrier.
The Semitic mind helped humanity utilize numbers and letters.

Aaron was by Moses’ side, and the role he was to play was to be the original Hebrew scribe, who helped convert Moses’ vision of the burning bush into a belief system…oy vey.

Moses was the translator of the Egyptian HERO-glyphs.
A heroes message, brought forth by the stuttering Moses who helped convert pictograms (how the animal mind sees its environment) into numbers and letters.

Did the ewe know that ALL of the following are symptomatic of RIGHT BRAIN dominance?

Dyslexia, Schizophrenia and Stuttering….
Duh Duh Duh Duh
And the LEFT-BRAINED wankers called a SHRINK wraps these marginal people up, whose minds are swirling about….into straight jackets and padded cells, and sadly injecting with manmade potions…that generate mighty fine profits for the false prophets.
Fucking wanker experts, I hate ewe and I wanna give ewe all a damn good whacking on the LEFT side of your big egotistical LEFT hemisphere sheeple brains…

Both the Old Testament Jews and the New Testament Greeks employed a system called Gematria.
Both bibles are structured by converting numbers, which are mathematical interpretations of our environment (and the Masonic or Messianic EWE cannot build empires unless what?
What must they possess to build empires?
The VERY important RIGHT ANGLE triangle is what the LEFT BRAIN recognizes and places into formula using both numbers and letters.

GASMON wrote:

Appleton appeared in the Domesday survey as “Epeltune” and means “the tun where the apples grew”.

So ask yourself … figuratively NOT literally (literal is what is known as the devil in the detail interpretations…go ask a shepherd/priest).
Are they suggesting using the apple as an archetype?
Ask Sir Isaac NewTUN or maybe William Tell who split the apple/brain in two?
How many DUHs can I put in one post?

GASMON wrote:

It is well known for its connection with Alice in Wonderland and author Lewis Carroll, who was born in the parsonage there. At the centre of the Village is All Saints Church that was built around 1870, the first stone church was built on the same site around 1550. Inside this beautiful Church are the stained glass Lewis Carroll Memorial Windows, a must for visitors.

Both lovely places, well worth a visit (especially if you like fairy tales !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love fairy tales…and I traveled on a ferry for 6 years (true), it represents my personal banyan leaf, it got Mi to verk and back, an island where each man becomes an island unto himself.

My personal e-male account has ‘islandbuoy’ in the address.

But the ewe must know by now…the MIRROR is a clue for the ewe to figure out asymmetry.

Here let me help the experts, please note: the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis are to be considered MIRRORS.
Duh Duh Duh


Anyway, (grinning like the cheshire cat), there you are, a bit of true mystery & history.

Harrison Ford was miles out !!!!!

Harrison Ford is told what to say by the GM…and gets paid very vell…because the vell is very deep…it leads to Christ-lure.

Jesus Salvator = $

Above is a true symbol used in the middle ages to represent the ARKetypal mutt of metaphor…

Nobody pays me what to say…therefore nobody owns this ewe.
I am merely a poetic Troubadour singin a new tune…using the healing freequency sung in the KEY of LIFE….528.
Using the best weapons available to me is Mi.
Mi is one of the free frequencies are to be shared and here is how it verks.
I tell two people…and the ewe who evolve into the you tell two people and pass it on.
It is a social dis-ease I want to share, I call it Her-peace.
Heh I just noticed SPG is next up…she is on dick in the batter’s circle.
She is waiting her turn to be a hero in the game of life.
Her fuzzy woolly LEFT BRAIN is full of phallacy…INCAPABLE of ever seeing the bigger picture or pictogram.

That will bee $5.28.
Keep your $, Jesus the Saviour crap, the EWE need it evidently.
I only want a noble prize…not a NOBEL one.
That is after all the deal I made with Mi.


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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