CIA/MI5/MI6 the Mi frequency 528 the Pope and the Maya

This thread provides an outline for one of the chapters of my book…a best seller…available now…for free…TRUTH should not be bartered or sold to a fellow human…when will the ewe learn you cannot sell something to yourself and still profit…duh…bad karma.
Cool Cool

…and above we have yet another potential 8-pointed Star? … with the Eagle perched high up on the tree, high up on the hiARKeee, and without a doubt birds are nature’s high flyers who are able to ascend and get closest to the sun…and birds I am too can even deliver babies…
That is the way it would appear to the ancients … who talked about a mystical ‘language of the birds’.
The sunflower also is revered.
Because it turns to face the sun directly.
Now if you wanted to replace the beneficent Sun…what would the anti-Sun use?
A Pope called Benedict, nuclear power, hydro-electric power…how about we just summarize and call it all The Power and the Glory?
But as we know the hole always goes deeper and always has another exit or two?

Singin’ in the KEY of Life called 528

528 Hz is known as the Mi frequency…
One of Six Secret Sacred Solfeggio frequencies that the Vatican kept secret and then embedded in prayer, choir, and the Gregorian chants…only to manipulate the ewe…as the faithful flock entered the conversion chamber (gothic cathedrals) of Christian horrors…the Nazis in stark contrast used ovens in an attempt to transform or cleanse the Jews. The Christian sheeple people enter the chambers willingly…the anti-Christ or Jew does not, they must be dragged kicking and screaming…”I am on zee wrong train…I vanna go to MIaMI, and join my tribe, sing with my choir.”

Let me explain in earnest what I believe to be true after 3-4 years of delving into archetype…
I believe behind the scenes there is a little alchemy goin’ on that THEY, the master alchemists are not sharing with us.
In alchemy there are 4 stages or steps in finding the Philosopher’s Stone.
Please note: The process of alchemy is about turning spirit into gold…this takes precedence over turning base matter into gold.
Any reliable alchemist worth his salt would tell you that.

Here is the alchemy recipe the German Alchemists were using.
Everybody knows and has heard about the gas ovens, right?

Heat is needed in alchemy.


Here is that recipe the NAZIs used symbolized by the swastika.
And using only pictures or pictograms…they seemed to get a particular message to the masses.
How was this possible in such a short period of time?
Please note the 4 pairs of SS scrolls and the 4 eight-pointed stars.
Also note the acacia / laurel leaf in both the Monastery and United Nations’ image. The monastery image the leaf is both gold and green.
Note also that the 2 pillars are GREEN…green was the color of attributed to the Holy Spirit during the middle ages…and the color Green is in the middle…between infrared and ultraviolet blue.

The frequency 528 is connected to the color green.

The mind FIRST sees pictograms (or hieroglyphs?) and then converts the image into letters or numbers…for communication purposes.
But the information above needs clarification…we need to convert those letters and numbers back into the image or pictogram that the mind receives….

Who better to ask about archetypes and the buttons they push, than Carl Jung or one of his assistants.

Remember what Carl Jung said … in searching for a language capable of connecting the past to the present, he found it, and to his amazement the language was alchemy.


Two wheels that mean the same thing.
The colorful one is the Indian Medicine (heal DNA?) Wheel…representing among MANY things…the 4 Races of Humanity.
So the 4 colors / stages are according to the scholars and such (NOT golem) … are …

1/ Blackening
2/ Whitening
3/ Yellowing
4/ Reddening

How do those colors match up with the Nazi flag and the symbol I found in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery that was closed for nearly 400 years?

Please note that the mandala I photographed shows all of the colors in their proper sequence IF we start from the center…
i.e. BLACK cross, WHITE circle, GOLD ring that I wanna call precious…the Ring that we eventually toss into Mount Doom…the RED cauldron, or maybe the Holy Grail…and please note, the Christian fairy tale called The Lord of the Rings…is a representation of ewe know who…the Vatican…and the story suggests that once we dispose of the ring, the illusion magically disappears.

But wait the ewe bleat out…the German adopted swastika does not show the same sequence of colors…and other than the Third Reich sharing the same colors with the Roman Empire, which were Black, White and Red, including also the use of a Regal Gold Eagle…what you are suggesting, is only coincidental.

Is it?
What ingredient would a the 3rd Reich substitute for the missing alchemy ingredient called Stage 3?
How would they yellow the mixture?
Heh Heh?


How about tossing in the 6 pointed Star called David, Solomon or Jesus? Apparently that is what happened.

So the above two images comprise the 4 stages of alchemy.

And then the Nazi swastika was condemned by a western consciousness…and what symbol was resurrected and assigned a new territory and future according to a Biblical promise…?


The Jews have a passage in the Torah on how to extract a dye called ‘Biblical Blue’.
Which is Purple before being exposed to the UV rays, the light, the luX.
Blue and White…another coincidence?

But please realize they have also tossed into the occult heap, the 7 pointed mystical star called the heptagram, and the 5 pointed star called the pentagram.
Maybe a few of the PO ewe would prefer to toss golem into Mt. Doom and gloom?
For waking them up.
Here is more archetype on a personal level …my daughter’s name is Rachel…and Rachel means wee lamb.
She hates being woken up.

So why did I open the thread with the logo of the CIA?
Can I link Noam Chomsky’s manufactured consent to the frequency called MI using the CIA.
Ewe betcha I can cha cha cha…

I went to bed last night hoping to find another tunnel in the labryinth.
I woke up this morning and found 3 GATES leading to God…
There is more than 1 gate?
Apparently there are 3.
A trinity of choices.


Did the ewe read that part about the Gate of God being equated with the swastika and Jehovah?

Gate of God = Cross of ILU = Swastika = WINTER SOLSTICE = 2012 = Mayan 2012 Prophecy?

Notice above in the Cross of the ILU the 8-pointed star forms a square, but if THEY were to rotate the square or give it a twist, now its a diamond…movement implies…what exactly?


Here we have a 4-pointed Star that can be placed into the center of the Peruvian Mandala.

Take a look … what do you see now, when the image freezes?
Just a trick eh?
Bab-ILU = Gate of God.
And if ILU means God … could Gate = Bab?
Read on…

Do people know that Venus, the morning and evening star was both a 5-pointed and 8-pointed Star…and because it has dual aspects, other authors have referred to it as 5 2 8 or 528?
No eh?
Read on…


What is KEY 528 and what is the connection to the Secret Services? What connection would the letters SS have with 6 secret divine sacred frequencies called Solfeggio?

Here is one of the most profound, and we find in fact 4 pairs of SS on the Peruvian Mandala.

This true…
SS = Sanctus Spiritus = Holy Spirit
read on….

We have all heard of MI5 and MI6…I had read recently (or was it a dream), that the CIA was a branch of MI5, or was it MI6. I could not remember, so I asked wicked Wikipedia if it had any insights…
I then had another thought … how many MIs / secret departments were there?
😯 …the archetypes are consistent…read on.

There are 19 departments that were prefixed with the sacred MI sound by British Intelligence.
Ever notice how intelligents never share any worthwhile information?
Ever notice how they spread and trade in WMDs?

W ords of
M ass
D eception

And I can show you how those original six frequencies have been expanded to 18.
But MI had 19 departments and the Solfeggio frequencies are only 18.
What happened to the missing frequency?
Read on…

Yes it is a sacred utterance MI…as the Solfeggio free frequencies suggest…and the alchemists know they must respect these divine frequencies…but it does not mean they cannot try to manipulate them for their own nefarious self-serving reasons.

It is known as the KEY that is best sung in the frequency of 528 Hz.
And it has been proved by the experts and non-experts to heal our DNA.
But in an upside down world, where the divine archetypes have been turned into ARKetypes, they now use these sacred frequencies measured in Hertz, to hurt us.

Here follows proof of who we should really fear.
Sadly it is those we have entrusted with this responsibility of making us feel safe and secure…

It is not aliens from outer space…it is not manufactured terrorist cells, it IS the overseas aliens…maybe Ick is right, it is the serpents who speak with fork tongues.
The Christian Kings and Queens of the House of Windsor … connected to whom though?
…all roads lead back to pagan Rome…

All of the info that follows was taken from Wikipedia.
What does British SS have to do with MI?
Read on…

MI1 or British Military Intelligence, Section 1 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up during World War I. It contained “C&C”, which was responsible for Code Breaking. In 1919 MI1 and the Royal Navy’s Room 40 were closed down and merged into the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS).
Oliver Strachey was in MI1 during WWI. He transferred to GC&CS and served there during WWII. John Tiltman was seconded to MI1 shortly before it merged with Room 40.
World renowned code-breakers such as Glyn Davis (of the United States Fort Meade) and Arthur B. Campbell (of Dublin Intelligence & Information Repository) were drafted in to assist in the 1914-1919 era.

MI2, the British Military Intelligence Section 2 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up to handle Russian and Scandinavian intelligence.

MI3, the British Military Intelligence Section 3 (now defunct), was a division of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was responsible for intelligence in Eastern Europe (excluding Scandinavia and Russia).

MI4 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 4, part of the War Office. It was the British Aerial Reconnaissance unit in World War II.
Its designation officially ceased 8 September 1947, and some of the data collected was subsumed into the IMN (Intelligence Mainframe Network) over at Cheltenham…

MI5, the Security Service, commonly known as MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5),[1] is the United Kingdom’s counter-intelligence and security agency and is part of the intelligence machinery alongside the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS). All come under the direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).


MI5 Logo … Notice the 3 GATES in the symbol and the 3 Gates in MI5 Headquarters…?

The Double Cross System or XX System, was a World War II anti-espionage and deception operation of the British military intelligence arm, MI5. Nazi agents in Britain were captured and used by the British to broadcast mainly disinformation to their Nazi controllers. Its operations were overseen by the Twenty Committee, under the chairmanship of John Cecil Masterman; the name of the system comes from the number 20 in Roman numerals: “XX”.

MI6,Secret Intelligence Service (iSIS?), commonly known as MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6)[1] is the United Kingdom’s external intelligence agency. Under the direction of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), it works alongside the Security Service (MI5), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS). Within the civil service community the service is colloquially referred to as ‘Box 850’ which comes from its old post office box number.


Guess what, another coincidence.
The Lion = Gold SUN and the Unicorn = White MOON
In the Vatican they are replaced with the two keys, one Gold and one Silver, representing guess what?
Now would be a good time to remind everyone who helped secure Israel for the Jews, fulfilling a biblical script.
The Balfour Act…
The ZIONISTS who also form the nucleus of PNAC in America…are at it again.
America is the new fascist bully … Britain and the Vatican are pulling the strings again…
From behind the scenes.
WTF is going on, eh?

MI7, the British Military Intelligence Section 7 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. Part of the War Office, MI7 was set up to work in the fields of propaganda and censorship.


In the Bond film Dr No (1962) there are two explicit references to James Bond working for MI6; strangely one of these (where the words are spoken by ‘M’) has been dubbed to “MI7”, although the speaker’s lips clearly say “MI6”.

MI8, or Military Intelligence, Department 8, was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was a British signals intelligence group in World War II.
On the outbreak of World War II it was assumed that the Germans would infiltrate agents into the UK (if they were not in place already), who would
MI9, the British Military Intelligence Section 9 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office, during World War II. It was charged with aiding resistance fighters in enemy occupied territory and recovering Allied troops who found themselves behind enemy lines (e.g., pilots who had been shot down). It also communicated with British prisoners of war and sent them advice and equipment.
MI9 was set up in December 1940. At first it was placed in the Room 424 of the Metropole Hotel, Northumberland Avenue in London but later it was moved to Wilton Park, Beaconsfield.
MI10, or Military Intelligence, section 10, was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was responsible for weapons and technical analysis during World War II.
The group was merged into Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).
MI11, or Military Intelligence, section 11, was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office and acted as Field Intelligence Police. It was responsible for protecting British troops against the enemy agents amongst civilian population during and in the theatre of war. MI11 replaced the role formerly assigned to the Field Security, which itself replaced the British Army’s Intelligence unit before World War I. Section 11 was disbanded after World War II.
MI12, the British Military Intelligence Section 12 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up to handle military censorship and to liaise with censorship organizations within the Ministry of Information.

was an apparently unused designation by the British Directorate of Military Intelligence.[1]
Some speculate that it was used, but that its area of competence remains classified.

MI14, or British Military Intelligence, Section 14 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. It was an intelligence agency of the War Office, which specialised in intelligence about Germany. Originally part of MI3, during the Second World War the German sub-department’s expertise and analysis became so important to the war effort that it was spun off into its own Military Intelligence section.
One of MI14’s most valuable sources, codenamed COLUMBA, consisted of reports returned by pigeons dropped over Nazi-occupied countries in packs containing a miniature spying kit.
Now defunct, the foreign intelligence remit is handled by the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

MI15, the British Military Intelligence Section 15 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up to handle aerial photography.

MI16, the British Military Intelligence Section 16 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up to handle scientific intelligence.

MI17, or Military Intelligence, section 17, was the secretariat to the other departments of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. The section has been disbanded.

MI18 was an apparently unused designation by the British Directorate of Military Intelligence.[1][2]
Some speculate that it was a Radio Security Service of the British Secret Service in World War II, or possibly used to collect intelligence on North American countries. More extreme members of the public have suggested that MI18 was in fact tasked with the examination of extra-terrestrial activity.

MI19 was a division of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. In World War II it was responsible for obtaining information from enemy prisoners of war.
It was originally created in December 1940 as MI9a, a sub-section of MI9. A year later, in December 1941, it became an independent organisation, though still closely associated with its parent.[1]
MI19 had Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centres (CSDIC) at Beaconsfield, Wilton Park and Latimer as well as a number overseas. [2]
At an MI19 interrogation centre in Kensington Palace Gardens, London, known as the “London Cage”, German civilians and POWs were allegedly tortured. At least one German war criminal was convicted and executed based on a confession made under MI19 torture. Several others were convicted and executed based on MI19 evidence extracted from others under torture.

So it always seems to end with torture.
Nothing has changed.
The anti-Christ is still using the same %$#@ methods behind closed doors, Abu Gharib, Guantanamo and countless other holding facilities….

Momma MIa, WTF is going on, what are they doing to me using MI frequencies … which are FREE.
You can hum a tune and heal your own DNA?


(altar ego to Raphael)

re: photo of MI5 Logo above taken from Wikipedia.

Thus, this is a non-free license for the purpose of Wikipedia, as modification is not permitted. However, it is believed that the use of this work:
· To illustrate the object in question
· Where no free equivalent is available or could be created that would adequately give the same information…

I believe golem has fulfilled these criteria.
Don’t ewe?
I needed to show those gates leading to a scripted HELL.

golem just saved the day…
what now…?
should I walk on water?

2Bee continued…time to get out into the green outdoors and do some gardening in my own little eden…
DNA=KEY 528=Swastika=LuX=Platonic Year=Mi frequency heals DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


15 thoughts on “CIA/MI5/MI6 the Mi frequency 528 the Pope and the Maya

  1. Raph/Golem,
    Thank you for tuning me into the solfeggio frequencies. I was curious though, do you put the mi frequency to use- or any of the others? If so, what method do you use? (If you don’t mind me asking.) To your knowledge are these things that should be applied to the whole body ie: via large speakers or headphones, like a binural beat? I use a binural beat to sleep at night and I have noticed that it indeed does help get me into deeper sleep states. Last night while fooling around I made a mp3 of 396mhz, 417mhz, and 528mhz all laid overtop each other; Perhaps not a good idea, I don’t know why I did that, it just seemed like the right combo @ 12:30 in the morning. I’ve noticed it works best when I get around my 7-8 hours, and when I go to sleep/get up at/around the same times (which is obviously key to good sleep regardless, I realize). My next idea for creating one is to use these frequencies in a binural beat, if that would work… I really don’t know much of what I’m doing or talking about but they’re just ideas. Let me know what you think, if you’re so inclined.


    P.S. If you look through truesoundhealing(dot)com
    you will find the free Tri-thalmic “stress reducer” tone I’m talking about.

    P.P.S. Thanks for explaining the light polarizing stuff a couple threads back, as it made more sense of your response to one of my comments from a long while back- I hadn’t understood what you meant by mirrors, but now I get a little bit better picture- I think. Also, it’s funny that I was singing along to my favorite Houston (not the rapper) song the other day and finally realized what Jeff Halland was talking about (well maybe). The lyrics go like this: “The sky seems fake up there sometimes, even though they say that it’s not true… Kinda like a billboard way up high, how it’s all the same for me and you…” But the part that I really enjoyed is later in the song: “The sky is fake, I just found out, even though they say that it’s not true, it takes a dozen angels with know how, just to make it stay up there for you… Every word they said has been a lie, so to hell with all I thought I knew. So it started, all cause somethin’ good’s gone wrong… really wrong.” Indeed.

    Please reply to miragex485(at)hotmail(dot)com if that’s not too much more to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read my commvel; Take care.

  2. I’d like to insert an image in here (without linking). Could you tell me how?:) – it’s about g_d’s dice:)*

  3. Why do you say that jer?
    I thought it interesting.
    I have since been made aware of other ‘frequencies’, like 432 and 740.

    I need to investigate those too, those numbers have much esoteric merit.

    And the beat goes on.


  4. Oh, I only asked for that because I felt foolish at the lack of reply. heh.

    Also the fact that I’d made a mistake in the middle of the first paragraph. I made it seem as though I was talking about the mp3 I had created merely the night before having improved my sleep… I was actually talking about the other sound, which I have been using since January.

    Sorry I keep bugging you to e-mail me. The real question I want to put forth is how you ‘connect’… channeling I’ve heard you say? I’ve had lucid dreams before and I was wondering if it was at all a similar feeling, type experience or whatever…

    I guess the reality of it is that all I do is continually ask questions of others that actually have little bearing on my status as (temporary) middle class serf but seem like they’ll uncover a real answer to help me affect some kind of huge change in my life? Hmmm… That’s really a big anger point for me; I can’t seem to get past a lot of my emotions. Seems as though I cannot shut the left side of my head down long enough just to chill out. I have few outlets that I choose because they seem to be in so futile. I apologize for terrorizing your blog. I’ll get “there” eventually. That is, wherever I am (later). Or something.

    Thanks and good night,


    P.S. I’m glad you thought it was interesting- and on that thought I wanted to tell you too that I have started exposing some of the water I drink to that MP3 I had made with UT RE MI. I was watching too many Horowitz videos yesterday, heh.

  5. Take UR Pick…. Rafa… IT’s all the Same to MI.. lol
    am loving peace also.. 😉

    Loved N Pleased

    you know what.. when I keep typing IY..there u go.. done it again..(meaning IT) keep putting Y in there.. what U think..?


  6. Hey Raphael

    The first paragraph in here fits perfectly with i always thought about info and about why people charge in order to teach others stuff… specialy spiritual stuff…

    I dont want to inflate your ballons here but it is how i felt about your work.. but it would be close to impossible to put a value in a book with all this info!

    If the changes are really beggining… if 2012 will actualy be a major shift in all senses… i just hope i can learn enough to help others to survive through it… and i see many valuable tools here!

    Thanks again.. let the rock’n roll goes on!!

  7. hey danilo … wanna know The Secret about the The Secret?

    The Secret = The Law of Attraction?

    Hang on…only half of the truth is being dispensed again to a spiritual hungry herd.

    For every action there is a reaction?
    The Law of Attraction has a shadow called the Law of Repulsion.

    Both need to be discussed if we want to ‘balance’ the needs of the global village.


  8. Law of Repulsion –

    If something is not being attracted to you through the powerful law of attraction then it is by nature being repulsed. Altho, repulse is such a nasty word. I suppose when you spend too much time dreaming and attracting what is going wrong it then becomes impossible by the powerful law of repulsion to see anything else 😉


  9. Hi, I’m Engineer I was reading recently about this frequencies.
    I was analyzing the frequencies with A program called NHC tone generator (this program uses a fourier analisis) and after check the frequencie 528hz I note that making a little zoom that appears the sequence
    (form) of our DNA (or is very near to be)
    I like the Science, let me tell you I believe that this would repair DNA because is in resonance with this one.
    I not going to believe something only for read that in a magazine or somebody tellme that.
    Well, we must check that for our self if we want our believes become more strong about something.(if we can).

  10. can you expand on Jer’s ??? re: should you use headphones to play these or speakers? i have tried speakers up pretty loud and there is definitely temporary pain relief, when the speakers are pointed at the affected area. As for deeper healing — can’t say for sure.

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