ROCK paper and sciSSors

I just wanted to add to that post above in regards to the integrity of how history has been recorded.
Using a child’s game called rock, paper, scissors.
I have decided the best way to explain the UNIVERSE is to use the games people and children play as analogy.

Three reasons …

The first reason is that the Great Architect would make the messages simple…so therefore the way to communicate and receive would also be simple…messages that can be found in all the games, that we all play…daily.

The second reason is obvious … as Max Planck observed, but these are not his vords, they are mine.
A very very loose interpretation of his thoughts.

Max observed…

“Dis generation is vucked oop…ve have bin loooking at zings oopside down…we must kill the elders outdated beliefs through attrition OR the Vatican can sped up the process using holocausts…like in the Americas, in the New World…bringing order.
Da Church understands … it ist za kinder ve muzt teach a new vay … ve muzt built a new ARK for dem to sail/SELL away.”

So give Sophie (Sophia/wisdom) a choice, tell her to give us one of her children, and tell her to tell her children a lie … aufwiedersehen…

So here is the game called Rock, Paper and Scissors, a game a very young child can learn about truth and lies, and it helps explain our scripted history.

Rock = TRUTH on two tablets of stone
Paper = Two tablets of Truth were covered by Moses’ utterings and stutterings…a veil that separated what was on stone and what he ‘remembered’.

= Is how we unveil the TRUTH or script a new one.
Scissors defeats Paper…

But please note…if the Scissors attempt to cut/slice/dissect through the TRUTH, the blade eventually dulls and TRUTH (Rock) wins.

THE ROCK or TRUTH can only be VEILED by PAPER, and can only be disposed of … if you invent the necessary SciSSorS to do the job…like pull a rabbit out of my hat…or pull the SWORD out of the STONE using … a REVERSAL of ELECTRO-MAGNETISM is how the SWORD is released AND re-inserted.
Think about that…the TIME when a philosopher shall be King is Upon us…represented by a marriage between Science and Religion.

That’s why the Pyramids/Sphinx still exists.
Can’t cover it will paper nor can you destroy them with swords, bullets or bullshit.
THEY have tried to manipulate the TRUTH, that we have evidence of.
So for the lies to continue into another epoch…these monuments to the TRUTH will eventually need to be eliminated.
One bomb should do it.
Betcha in the coming WAR … ALL megalithic sites pointing toward a TRUTH will be targeted.
Now THEY have the technology to dispense with TRUTH…eliminate it…replace it will bits and bytes illusions…
TRUTH is the ROCK covered by the paper/papyrus/scripted story.
We lose unless we can cut through the veil.

I have a plan.
It involves using a pair of electro-magnetic SciSSorS.

Oh, I forgot the third reason why I would prefer bringing a most simple message to the children and NOT their sheeple parents any longer, their asymmetrical brains have not been swayed by LEFT Brain patriarchal dominance yet.
The children are still SEEING right brain pictograms … but they have difficulty expressing what they see … like me … it all sounds like goo goo gaa gaa to the fallen spirit.
Out of the mouths of babes…emanates a truth…that we have difficulty acknowledging…yeah…your child probably did have an imaginary friend…and the EWE parent made them feel bad about it…

Let’s play another game.
What word am I suggesting here?


Here is another game for the sheeple brain.


More games to come.
Games some kids NEVER stop playing.
Time to grow up sheeple.
And time to vote for more Karma for me/MI*.
Give MI* all EWE got.

Why do I want your baa baad Karma?
Because I can handle it.
The TRUTH…is that Jack pushed Jill down the hill and broke her crown…

*MI Solfeggio frequency is the KEY 528 and it helps heal the DNA of the Christian faith heelers who call themselves healers.
The Christian EWE can’t even explain why they look for eggs at Easter…and why the day somebody died keeps moovin’ around…I have no idea, does anybody, such lunacy.
Oy vey…



Ewe wankers who fail to acknowledge history, and the trail that was LEFT for us, the followers to follow, and NOT try to reinvent…after each and every cataclysm.
Because that is the road to an eternal hell.

I am going to change my strategy, I need to.
The EWE are a lost cause, that is what I have finally learned from a scripted self-serving HIStory.
Time to moove onto a another herd.
Time to hogtie the system.

Grab the Bullshit by the horns of Jericho and bring down that final veil.
KEY 528=Swastika=LUX Polarizer=Precession of the Equinoxes=DNA
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

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16 thoughts on “ROCK paper and sciSSors

  1. Raphael don’t give up on the EWE’s …and me I just found you!You are releasing the light storm in my head….slowly thanks!

  2. Raphael.

    Thank you. I agree with Gina, I also only just found you, and am slowly remembering what I realised as truth as a child, only to be “taught” it away. Those simple truths, the six of them, and yes even the seventh, will surely set us free. It is, as you say, our duty and our time.
    I would like to flip out with you, and all those that hear, so I am looking, for the tools are near at hand, as they have always been. The shape is all that has been obscured by the veil, but they are cast in solid, matter, fact.
    Let’s practice.

    • hello daniel
      when you start to remember, it means only one thing, you are immortal.
      what we experience is just a passing phase, not unlike the sliver of visible light that represents our illusions cast?

      does life after death, suggest we are currently dead?

      currently flipping out,

  3. And when we sleep we are awake?

    This is why this world is seen by some as purgatory??

    How long do you stay dead for if the spirit is eternal? Who decides?

    Why is everyone so confused and so easily led??

    When the facts are before them, they fail to see, and run to hide when shown, scared of the light which would free them.

    I am afraid. I don’t want to be alone in the next realm, with only a handful of different souls to converse with. Or is that the plan.

    Why else would you test an idea so ruthlessly, purify the answer so much, if not to find the one, single, unarguable truth.

    Then express it from all perspectives.

    I wonder if something like the name of God, told loudly enough, so everyone heard, all at once would let people see?

    • one event that puts us all on the same page at the same time?

      what will be the focus?
      where are people being lead?
      where is the collective being lead to, by those that have ensnared humanity?
      the earth is an archetype…it is a satellite of the sun, it is a spaceship, it is an archetypal Ark.
      With a captain and co-pilot.


  4. Perfect slavery is only known by the masters.

    Plans and schemes and ultimate blueprints are closely guarded secrets. Unfortunately, genetically encoded, but unconscious for the uninitiated, hinted at, disclosed in fiction, perceived as a flight of fancy by the blinded masses.

    The plan is to leave this planet, at all costs, as it is only in the space before matter where the cataclysm of the ages will not pervade, transforming all matter into another phase.

    It is only from there that they can hold onto ultimate power, the historical knowledge, and go on to enslave the universe.

    • what of 369?

      the keyboard
      7 8 9.
      4 5 6.
      1 2 3.

      …and its mirror image the telephone keypad?

      1 2 3.
      4 5 6.
      7 8 9.

      pleasure doing business with ya.


  5. Ok, it’s 741?

    What of her danger zonez

    Only the sudden input catastrophe will work now but protection is the issue here.

    How wood I help mi and mine.

    Or is the secret in the tides

    Any suggested reading here, there is a lot.

  6. Hello again raphael.

    There was once a man who saw a plan, he took a look and wrote a book, Another man saw the plan and thought it would take from him his stuff. He took the book, and killed the man, and now, we are lost. Have you seen the book? I haven’t.

    I have started to try, but only cry ’cause time is running out, the light of the way, though here to stay, is harder and harder to coaxe away from the corners of the stuff.

    The only way above this fight, to conquer over the night and be right is held from us above our heads, to be used by those that would see us dead, unless. We take from what we learn and give to those of us that come along next.

    Freedom of flight is the path that is right, and the way to achieve that has been described, and learned and practiced and out of sight, have you seen the book.

    It’s all about Aerodynamics.

    • Yes I believe I have had glimpses of the book.
      It is a book about poetry.

      I am trying to remember the lines.
      It is a poem about the MOON.
      You can kill the poet…but the poetry of life will always live on.
      Reflected in the Moon.



  7. I have always liked the moon.

    It’s interesting to lay in it’s light, naked, and feel the cold power from it, the reflection of heat and light, cold and shadow.

    Can you tell me of the mystery that surrounds the moon?

    Why it is exactly the right size, and distance, yet doesn’t rotate?
    It must be attached to the earth, to do these things.

    There are so many questions I have. Yet the answer seems simple to you. Where would I start in your writings to find a way to express myself more FULLY?

  8. Raphael, don’t worry about it. It’s probably too late to do anything about it now anyway.

    My immortal soul will survive, the rest, I couldn’t care less.

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