CheSS the Game of Life and the Tippe Top

Tippe Top vs. Dreidel
Tippe Top
Wolfgang Pauli (left) and Neils Bohr are mesmerized by the child’s toy that defies laws of physics?
Cut and paste from PO…see if you can solve the chess problems there.
I came up with a different strategy and ended up standing on my head…quite the move…changed my direction of rotation in mid air…how did I do it…animation at the end of the thread…a thread we are all hanging on, at the moment.
So live in the moment.
PenultimateManStanding wrote:
Narz wrote:
Well done PMS! )

heh heh, that was too easy! Give us a hard one. You’ve got me wanting to dust off the old cranial neurons and brush up on chess.


Here is a problem for you PMS.
I was originally going to respond to Albente, but as you always do, you gave me a cue to respond, after I had found another clue, in the game of life I like to call, Raphael/golem build an ARK together.

The problem above is called a Magic Square, it takes place on a familiar field of play.
The 8 x 8 grid.
The above magic square is the Square of Mercury and the magic number associated with this square is 260.

Which reminds me of the Moon.
Specifically the Mayans who used a 260 day Lunar calendar.
And the cultures that used the Moon to help predict the future were the Mayans and the Old Testament Jews (who by the way got their moon-time/lunar cycle methods from the Mesopotamians)
In other words the Meso cultures just might be connected…but that is another thread…we are talking about cheSS right now and winning a game of strategy.

albente wrote:
Any of you guys following chess?Chess is not a sport in the first place but a mental exercise originating partially and for the most part and put together by elements found in India long before chess became what it is today.How long will it take current mindset to understand that chess is NOT a sport but rather one of those infamous rabbit holes?

Nice try Albente, but I must thank you very much for a wonderful ‘connection’ to more esoteric magic … thanks for providing a spark.
Action at a distance.
Now it is my turn to turn you on.

For those of you interested … here is what I found out … just by intuitively knowing what to look for (via the archetype) … and naturally knowing what to google, also helps you get to the front of the claSS.


Is it necessary I point out everything?
Seems that way…
Here is a question to ponder as you read this.
Do you folks really feel the world would be worse off with more people like me…
Or would people really prefer to learn from Deep Blue, an Artificial Intelligence, created by the science cults, the Dr. Frankensteins found in a place called the Silicone Valley, many of these science geeks are in participating in a trance-sly-mannia, many of them breeding kids who consume Ritalin for breakfast, lunch and dinner, almost, like its, hmm, needed?

Curious, would Deep Blue also be Indigo?
So here I go, listen indigo children and by the way, right now, today, all of us are in fact being bathed in the indigo UV light, we can not see it, but can’t you feel it?
My soon to be true blue children, there are things you need to know about the game of chess and the color blue and the game of life.

Why are many of the good guys, the coming messiahs, associated with the color Blue?
Let me offer you some archetypal information about the game of cheSS, patterns that sane people NEVER or RARELY give any thought to, as they are thinking of making their next move…but on this game board…representing the the archetypal game of life…crazy people are seeing things a little differently.

Why does White go first and automatically have the advantage against Black?
I really am losing hope in humanity.
Who wants to play me a game of cheSS on this grid, using my rules?

8 x 8 = 64

When I am sixty-four and I finally get my Queen to the other side, and am given the opportunity to promote or give birth to another Queen or any other piece, why can I never promote her to a King, strange that a Queen cannot give birth to another King?

There is much to be learned about Quantum Mechanics if the Left Brained theorists took the time to study the game of cheSS, from a slightly altered perspective. I imagine the best cheSS players see the board in mathematical and archetypal patterns.

Here is a little of what I mean…please note: I haven’t the time at this time to take to this idea to its limitations, I am pursuing nobler deeds.
But if someone wants to take a good idea for a Phd. thesis or even to write a book … there ya go … and here are some good ideas to get you started.

-64 squares to the Square of Mercury … connected to the Moon?
-64 hexagrams to the I-Ching (used for divination)
-64 codons that determine ALL DNA codes (and DNA can be used for divination or predicting future illnesses…)
-64 reveals itself as part of a code itself. Not unlike a sacred code formed by the 4 base letters A,C, G, and T, (U?) found in all of our DNA that form all 64 codons necessary for a code. We further suspect these 4 letters are all that is necessary to script a code necessary for all LIFE.
-And would it be a coincidence, the eastern scribes discuss the 64 Healing Arts that should be attended to in LIFE?
-And further a competent musician who has immersed themselves in the ‘art of sound”, can in a beat timed every half second, detect an error of about 1/64th of a second.
I will have more to say on the sacred secret Solfeggio frequencies on another thread.

There are no coincidences.
What we call deja vu and coincidence is actually futher proof that “All has been written” in a code.
This I now believe.

But our possessed spirits and our material possessions would have us believing we can indeed exercise some ‘free will’ in our lifetimes.
This paradox where ‘all has been written’ vs. ‘free will’ can be answered using figurative interpretations in conjunction with the overriding literal assumptions we have to this point fallen prey / pray to.

Can I call the paradox we all seek to reconcile has been reduced to X?
All disciplines, science (exoteric morality), including the spiritual (esoteric morality) reduce all problems to X.
And the letter X always seems to represent the unknown.
In math and science it appears as an unknown quantity to be answered. It thus can reveal itself as ‘the question’ and the ‘answer’.

X can be shown to be The KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT as I have discussed on many countless threads…pedantic cryptic rants and raves that I am famous for…I see a light…it is blue…and blue I want to tell the ewe is the shade that is a universal true blue.

So how about a little chessboard magic square.
For the chess players among you. Remember the idea is to try to control the center of the board.
It is a game that could take place on the x and y axis…in a FLAT 2D Universe…if it were not for night.
When you introduce night/ or the valiant Knight he can do what no other piece can do…he can jump up and over another piece, but y?

Hello right angle triangle…hello z-axis…so in reality the knight introduces a new dimension or aspect to the game…knights can travel along the hypotenuse
As I mentioned on another thread … the right triangle is fundamental to the laws of nature…and men building empires.

Study the magic of this magic square (8 x 8) and I promise you that you will become better chess players, but I want to offer a better gift, you will become wiser human beings in the real game of life.




Many of those figures above are about BALANCE.
And I love where you can place ALL of those archetypes above…and of course below…
Remember both the Universe and your spirit are trying to achieve an equilibrium…it is about balance.
We have all heard the message.
Mind, Body and Spirit…working as one.




So do you want me to get to the point?
Well the point is I believe all of those archetypes and symbols can only be suggesting one possible event that is approaching … just over the horizon …

What is it … what is the event that I feel ALL of these archetypes are pointing toward?
Here is an animation. While watching this brief video … ask yourself a question.
Is it a coincidence this archetypal model matches many of the above shapes? I do not believe so. I believe the secrets to the universe can be found in a grain of sand, in the Vatican and in a child’s toy. …


The Last Judgment by Nicolausan

Blue Moon I saw you standing there….? … es-itself/

Are these all coincidences…?
Can I suggest something?
Dont’ let EWE answer that question.
golem is solving X in a very big way … but I have a feeling the EWE don’t understand that?
I must get outside into my garden sanctuary.

Y DNA sparked by the Yod
H eh Albente nice observation
V ictory
H eh PMS nice move.

And the rest of the herd?
Heh ewe don’t take offense.
We are all in this together, anyvay.

BALANCE…steady as she goes…



p.s. extra reading

“2012 = The CROSS of the RISEN CHRIST” = The Day the Earth Stood Stil

KEY 528=Swastika=LUX Polarizer=Precession of the Equinoxes=DNA

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


3 thoughts on “CheSS the Game of Life and the Tippe Top

  1. Great stuff golem thanks. Thought of this site after I came across this:

    So here I was tracing back the image of the skull and crossbones back into ancient Egypt and even Mesopotamia. It should have been no surprise, as this is the home of the ancient and original Shining Ones as we show in the book of the same name, but it was. And yet, amazingly there was more to come. I turned my gaze even more laterally and found another symbol related entirely to both the skull and crossbones and the Egyptian influence.


    This separate and more obscure image also closely resembled the skull and crossbones and over it a ‘holy war’ has raged for decades.

    The symbol is now commonly known as the Chi-Rho – so-called because it is composed of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P)…

    Strangely, just as the biblical term, Elohim, is a plural word used for God, and in reality means the ‘Shining Ones,’ the X part of the monogram is also plural (X=10) and is the number of Yahweh. Chi also has another meaning – ‘Great Fire’ or ‘Light’ or even ‘Shining.’ The P (Rho) part is more difficult but has been related to ‘Pen’ (pen means, ‘head’) in etymology thus implying that the loop on the top of the P is a head, in the very place that a skull would be on the skull and crossbones. [3]

    I found that the symbol of the skull and crossbones then, stretches back over thousands of years and relates entirely to the ancient ‘Shining Ones’ – and directly to Osiris, the Egyptian version of the original ‘Shining Father’ incarnated on earth. Not only that, but geographically it goes right into the heart of original Shining territory.

    But, I again had questions: Why the X?

    I believe that the X marks the spot in more ways than can be imagined. It is the crossing point of the two dual energies and it is the centre where the true enlightenment is engaged – where the two opposites meet. With the upright world axis running through the X we also have a dividing line, but it is also a six-pointed symbol and is akin to the Star of David or Seal of Solomon, which is also an ancient symbol with much the same meaning. The six points are important, as they reveal the seventh point and most holy – the centre of the X.

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