“Catch me if you KAn” Leonardo da SS

PenultimateManStanding wrote:
golem wrote:
I agree there is no hidden data…the intellectual struggles because they lack the poetic philosophic wisdom and intuition of the mystic.
Not only in my humble opinion…but also Max Planck.

Your penchant to put yourself in league with Max Planck based on your herb induced “mysticism” makes you our endeared suspect shaman.

Actually PMS, I do not see myself as a shaman at this time, more like an intuitive hermetic alchemist that uses archetypes to interpret his reality.
And this puts me one tier above Max Planck.
We are separated only by the Planck Era. It is that close.
Max and the much revered Tree of Life (KAbballah) both seem to agree with me, where I should be placed. And after this post you might too.

“Science…means unresting endeavor and continually progressing development toward an aim which the poetic intuition may apprehend, but which the intellect can never fully grasp.”
-Max Planck

Max was talking about guys like me.

Max was a man who took a chance and walked the Planck into the etheral quantum waters.
As he plunged into the Garden of Eden, to his amazement, Eden turned out to be nothing more than a casino or is it a KAsinOh?
Einstein declared he would not enter what Max called God’s house of ill repute…Einstein then said something like “I told the ewe God had told me, that he had left explicit instructions not to play with dice or hang graven images of fuzzy dice from the rear-view mirror” and then not being abel to control his inner child, Al continues with his epiphany, “we both, Gott** and me, agreed that to gamble with our children’s future by denying the underlying DIVINE archetypes that exist, archetypes that cannot be seen or detected with our detection devices is pure folly and a fool’s game…to try to beat the house when the table or Emerald Table has been rigged is only purely meant for entertainment.”

Why is it folly to try to interpret the universe with only man-made receivers?
Because each of us is in fact a transmitter and a receiver plain and simple.
And until science can duplicate all that the body can in fact do, we must admit we are in fact handicapped.
But first science needs to accept a simple truth, science is poised on the doorstep of the mystical and metaphysical, and they are using mystical math equations to interpret what they can’t see.
Science in fact has been very slow to ascend the mountain of knowledge and wisdom…I ran right past those experts who are painfully turning over every fucking rock and pebble, leaving no stone unturned…
This kind of expert only leaves the Marines behind, to guard the sacred sites they have secured…like in Baghdad.

** Gott = God in German…
And Gott can also be spelled or pronounced as goat.

Then Carl Jung who was hidden in the shadows that represent the collective unconsciousness spoke out in Einstein’s defense …

“Ja! Ja! Ja vay!
Max listen to Al.
Let me explain how archetype works Max.
Max you and Al I predict will become very famous one day and both your names or messages will be etched into stone…”
(Carl Jung pauses, ponders and then proposes)

Jung continues: “Einstein who I have nicknamed ‘One Stone’ actually is an archetypal messenger sent from the heavens to deliver us his most famous code about RELATIVITY…a code that was delivered using today’s universal language, we call it math…but Max before we had understood math, the human mind had developed myth…and that is why I see you both as representing, using archetype the two pillars that Moses and Aaron delivered.
Al, One Stone is definitely yours…representing the Relative realm that is ‘visible’ to the naked eye.
Max, because you helped penetrate deeper into the abyss of the unknown, because you took humanity to the max, it must be recognized that you indeed have one very big dick, thus you will be immortalized on the other tablet of stone that represents the Quantum universe…it was either you Max, or John Holmes.
When we found out John Holmes was attempting to circumvent universal law and go through the back door…Johnny doin the boys was eliminated on the spot from the competition. Gott the goat ate him…and afterwards Gott complained that he needed some rolAIDS.
Johnny had passed onto the goat a bad vibe…we call it a virus, the ewe bleat whyUS?

And myth was nothing more than the mind interpreting the sacred geometry that composes the exoteric and esoteric environments, but instead of using numbers and letters as the Operating System, the mind first ‘sees’ in pictograms comprised of pixels arriving in archetypal form. That is why the shaman pays attention to geometric shape, I suspect that is also why this vision or language is referred to by the ancients, as the Language of the Birds. In archetypal form it implies you sit high in the tree and the higher you ascend in the tree the bigger the picture you see gets, and notice the trinity, the x, y and z-axis are involved..and unlike the slithery serpent down below, who has no arms, no legs or wings but its heart is in fact right next to the earth…it lives on a FLAT earth in an obvious sychronicity with earth…and the only way the serpent can get off the flat earth is by climbing trees or growing wings…like a dragon.
But if the serpent is left to climb…please do note if the serpent coils to the left or the right as it ascends in spiral helix form…I will know immediately how it thinks and if this snake is a snake oil salesman and is prone to tickling you with a forked tongue while it spoons you from behind.
Rolling Eyes

So when you peel back the layers of expert opinion all you find are archetypes…well that is what I found, eventually that is where all the experts decide to agree to disagree…in the archetypal world. Look at the names we choose … etc.
Can an artist be really successful if he strays too far from archetype…I want to suggest civilizations rise and fall in accordance with a morphing electro-magnetic field that in fact controls the archetypes by altering the light we receive.

The two pillars of stone carrying archetypal messages, that Moses delivered.
The two pillars called Einstein and Planck or Boaz and Jachin.
The two pillars found in every Freemason temple.
The two pillars revered in the KAbbalah.
The two pillars or columns of Kings we saw in the Lord of the Rings.
The two pillars that are like a doorway…leading to a new adventure.
Alice don’t ya get the rules of the fun house?
Each axis of symmetry … x, y and z is a mirror.

These are also the two pillars that came tumbling down on 911.
This is the event that suggests those electro-magnetic fields are morphing and the illusion will soon change.

And all of the ewe know how I love to torment the LEFT BRAINED wanker experts on this site, who I feel are the covert unbalanced individuals like SPG, AP, Plantagenet and countless others who try to convert others, dumb them down too, to their level of interpretation and perspective.
The experts on this site know better than to engage me….with their devil in the detail opinionsRazz
My built in BS meter goes into hyper drive when I read their LEFT BRAIN drivel.

And once you subscribe to an archetypal knowledge base, where archetypal myth / symbolism is taught before math, you interpret the world using different tools. So a song like the following takes on new meanings…much more profound than just what the intellect alone can decipher.

Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees
and the flowers and the trees,
the moon up above, and the thing called love.

And I will claim I can interpret using archetype, scientific principals like chiral asymmetry, electro-magnetism and gravity embedded in that little tune…that the ‘experts’ agree is about sex, fertility, intercourse, etc.
The Solfeggio frequencies (music) support my connections…frequency 528 evidently heals DNA. Have you read my poetic intuitive post called KEY 528?

Max set off a chain reaction with his CHAOS inspired godly and creme rants and raves, his biggest discovery being that the energy arrived in quanta.
He managed to measure the quanta. It was about 10cc.
AL then inquired naturally with relative conviction…”Max, do you mean 10 x c to the power of two?
The debates that Max ignited between AL and Neils bohred nobody.
And the debates seemed to end when the physicists took Planck’s beliefs to the Max and then in 1938 Otto the Hun and Fritz StraSSman were Abel to accomplish something we should not have even attempted…maybe…only the future/mystic can tell…study the archetypes which evolved into biblical ARKetypes.
In 1938, only 4 years after the rise of the 3rd Reich, humanity re-entered Eden and split Adam in two, just a rib would not do.

Just in case you have not done the simple math.
1934 is the year Hitler became the Furher by holding both top posts in Germany.
1934 + 78 years = 2012
78 years or 78 Cards to the Tarot?
No difference to the alchemist who resides in the Vatican.
Means the same thing.

My contention that this is one grand spiritual Alchemy experiment best exposed by exposing the divine swastiKA’s connection to the Vatican is consistent and most profound.
Read my signature PMS…the evidence just keeps mounting.
Wait for the thread about the SS?
What do the letters SS really mean?
The most profound meaning would be found of course where the Nazi adopted swastika came from. All roads lead to Rome.
And eventually the Vatican.
Rolling Eyes

PenultimateManStanding wrote:
I like to comment on scientific matters but the only original scientific discovery I ever made was finding an overturned anticline in the White Mountains of eastern California. It wasn’t on the maps but through using stereographic projection and a lot of leg work in billy goat rugged terrain gathering data I showed that it was there. Probably no big deal.

PMS I disagree…and here is an empowering why…

Past Sunday afternoon I was in a bar listening to a Jazz band. A good teacher friend of mine knew the lead singer, another teacher.

It was not long that I noticed a particular design on the bass viola…very cool I thought…the connection was instantaneous to a much higher archetype shape…hence a deeper meaning…hence my life was immediately enriched. All of a sudden the music sounded more heavenly.
Rolling Eyes
I can bet you a Tequila SunSeth that I was the only person in that bar that afternoon/evening that really ‘understood’ the underlying meaning of the S S I saw on that string instrument … betcha.
I will explain this SS concept in far more detail on another thread.
It implicates you know who…even more deeply.
PMS all I am finding in the Vatican is skeletons…would that surprise the ewe? Why? Godamn it!!!

But PMS that is only the buildup…to the punchline of the story of what happened in the jazz bar on Sunday afternoon…
…so an old acquaintance overhears the discussion I am having with the very cool Muslim percussionist of that jazz band…the drummers eyes are lit up, so this suggests to me he is taking in every archetypal image I am showing him…where I link the Ka’bah Cube to the Black Door in St. Peter’s Square blows him away…and the connection to Peru…was the knockout punch…
Then my old friend who shows up with his best friend, a drink, interjects and gets involved in the discussion. I can immediately tell that he is not listening, his eyes are not clear, they are glazed over.
I allow myself to be dragged down to his lowest level common denominator of sheeple LEFT brain denial. Anyway after my words caused him to cross the line and shove me in my chest, my heart specifically…I leaned over and whispered to him…

“do not ever deny another human being their epiphany…
who the fuck do you think you are?”

And I just want to add now…
It seems to me that nobody can have an epiphany, till the King of Jews, the mutt of metaphor, ‘JC the Superstar’ arrives back in town, eh?
And if you do have one … fuck off … you are making me angry and jealous … why did you get one golem?
Life is not fair, you golem seem like a bit of an aSShole, why the fuck you golem?
No way you saw Yahweh, therefore you must be fucking crazy.

PenultimateManStanding wrote:
Golem, you are destined to bite off the ring of power and to glare at it as you fall into Mt. Doom. Just kidding.

Keep it up … I like the analogy.
Maybe it will be me clinging to my precious as I descend into the cleansing molten sea?
Maybe I am like the U-235 needed to set off a chain reaction in U-238…and there is a third isotope the dopes like to fuck with. U-234.
What can these archetypes suggest?
The letter U and those combinations of numbers? Immediately I thought about Venus being represented by the 5 and 8 pointed morning and evening Stars.
That is another post again…

Maybe my descent into Mt. Doom, with my glare focused on my ring of power … will be the catalyst … maybe it will be the event that blows up Mt. Doom?
What if PMS?
What if my little appearance here on PO, is far more than you or I ever realized, eh?

So as I sat there pondering and please note: I was NOT watching the reruns on TV. PMS you are an aged fellow, by now you must have noticed that THEY repackage each year, the same predictable programming to the sheeple people, and THEY call the programming …sport.
Most of what tries to penetrate my inner sanctity now, has become to me just ‘noise’, and I do want to add in the silence I can hear again.
Then it dawned on me…check the shapes of the divine harp and lute.

Right Angle Triangle


Betcha if you remove that angel’s right hand (electro-magnetism is determined by the right hand rule) underneath you will find a geometric shape … filled with sacred geometry … that I am sure if I study its shape, it will find a corresponding idea in science…
Right now that shape on the lute reminds me of the Rodin Coil?
Heard of it?

Catch me if ewe can…me and Leonardo have had a head start…we try to use both halves of our asymmetrical brains to interpret what we experience primarily, an asymmetrical universe, and then re-create using our chirally asymmetric left and right hands….divinity in our lives…some call it ART.
duh duh duh duh …. sounds too damn simple.

Here is an exercise to help strengthen your weaker hand/brain.
Try wiping your dirty little aSSholes with the other hand for a while.
Like I was forced too after some self-inflicted injuries…caused by an underlying dis-ease.
You learn many lessons about yourself. Funny how something like wiping your own ass with the wrong hand can actually add to an epiphany…but SPG and others would not see it that way…too bad.
Can I suggest she and others practise kiSSing their own aSS bye bye…but first rule of my temple before moving any higher…guess what the ewe gotta do?

I am flying rather high.
Soon I will be stealth…and able to leap from tall buildings…travel faster than a speeding bullet…because I am a loco motive.
Can I suggest the ewe get the fuck outta da vey, I seem to have a meSSage to deliver about yet another rerun about a Deliverance.

I see terrifying rapids up ahead and if you portage, can I suggest you might get a real surprise from behind…what do the ewe do now?
I do hear the banjos playing….or is it the Vatican playing Wagner’s ban-the-jews?



p.s. that felt good.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


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