Temple Priests use TEMPLATES to build Temples

St. Peter Square (Vatican City), Shrine of the Book (Jerusalem), Moray (Peru), Forbidden City (China), Bent Pyramid (Egypt), and the ARK of Covenant and the HOLY of HOLIES (Solomon’s Temple)

All of these sites (and many others) fit the template.


What is the template?Here are two images, on the left is a magic symbol, and the other image on the right was a vision by a mystic called Jakob Bohme.

This vision came to be communicated into his philosophical writings. One of which was called the Signatura Rerum.
Using these images and the meanings behind the archetypes allows us to peel back a few layers of this smelly veiled vile onion…
Stonehenge is also on the list and there are many many other potential sites we can all attend come 2012…

In the two images above, it can be shown that the circle containing the triangle in the Magic Symbol on the left, pointing upward, carries the same meaning and in fact represents the image of the cube with a triangle pointing downward, in the Signatura Rerum.
Later when we get to St. Peter Square I will explain why this true beyond a doubt.


-from Scared Beginnings by Bonnie Gaunt

To understand the temple builders and the template they used, we must locate the Heel Stone in the above photo of Stonehenge.
If you can’t find it, let me provide a clue.
The first indicator at many of these sacred sites is that there are 2 DOORS, one door that leads to the Macrocosmic dimension and the other leading to the microcosm. Like a front door and a back door to a structure or a temple. It becomes more evident in this next modern structure, which is in fact a temple for the Gnostic Scriptures called the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Ya way Yahweh.


So in this model and picture of the Shrine of the Book, the one door is obvious.
It is the Black Door / monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Whoa.
And at this time the best way to express where the other less obvious door might be follow me inside the Shrine of the Book…inside the White Dome or is it a white hole.
(White Holes are theorized to eject matter…the opposite of a Black Hole…there are always 2 entrances to the rabbit hole… )


Now do you see it?
The other door or entrance?
“Don’t go to the light yet pilgrim”.
“Come back…come back…come back…don’t follow the light…”
So now that we have established the general whereabouts of the Two Doors in these sacred sites, lets go see if we can find them elsewhere.

Have you found the Heel Stone at Stonehenge yet?
It would be approximately the same distance from the center of the White Hole, located at the Shrine of the Book to the Black Door. The Heel Stone is the black dot at the top outside the circle of stones.
See if you can find the 2 Doors at these sacred sites…


Moray Peru … here is an Inca site that predates the crucifix waving, save the heathen, conquistador.
So I have an obvious question, why do all these sites share the same archetype, separated by an ocean, culture and time?


This is an aerial photo of St. Peter’s Square which is really kinda oval or elliptical, isn’t it, eh?
Why the paradox?
The photo on the right was found in a Peruvian monastery and it helps answer that question.
The 4 Rings in Moray, Peru and that image of a Black Cross, White Circle and Red background, is one solution to the question..
These other images may help clarify why St. Peter is kinda square once you peel back the veils of the literal theology using figurative interpretations.
The next photos provide more clues to the underlying structure and what much of the blah, blah, baa, baa is actually referencing.


The Bent Pyramid


The Forbidden City and the ARK of Covenant and the HOLY of HOLIES


Now this image/perspective of St. Peter’s Square reveals why that vision by Jakob Bohme the mystic is connected to the Vatican. Please note lined along the top of the roof overlooking the Square (and btw the Black Door is just below) are the 12 APOSTLES. In the Signatura Rerum just below the Black Cube is an altar.
And on that altar is a wee lamb surrounded by the 12 GATES….
(The resolution of this image is poor, I admit).
Thus the Cube = Black Door = Cube called the Ka’bah in Mecca.


Without a doubt the above two images are pointing us in the same direction…
So obviously there appears to be an entrance and an exit to the matrix.
The Hopi talked about the Door at the North and they referred to it as a back door, that was closed and inaccessible.
Here I believe is another clue.


Photo on the left is the ancient Hindu Shiva Linga.
One of the oldest fertility symbols.
Much much much older than the Vatican.

And that little stubby thing in the middle represents the phallus…
Is it a coincidence that the obelisk at the center of St. Peter Oval / Square is also a symbol for a phallus?

Remember the Hopi said the back door was inaccessible…?
Call me crazy.
Suggesting pregnancy is not possible if we go through the back door.

Why so gay?
In other words, if we all use the back door, no more humans.
Gnostic wisdom.




7 thoughts on “Temple Priests use TEMPLATES to build Temples

  1. Hello,
    I am writting a book, with title: An Introduction to,
    Philosophic meaning of SHIVLING…’ If you feel interested, please email me, we could have good talk.

    bharat mehta.

  2. Pallav I am very very close to the truth.

    What all these symbols mean and essentially default too.
    And here is the template that helps explain it.

    4 lines of symmetry.
    Each axis of symmetry is a ‘mirror’.
    Take a look at those sacred temple designs.
    4 lines of symmetry gives us an 8 pointed star or an octagon structure…
    The Dharma Wheel is yet another example.

    Now take that template and start discussing the polarization of light…and you have found a solution to the age old question, what is X?

    What is X?
    X = Apocalypse
    X = Sound and Light Show

    How is the Sound Generated?
    How is the Light Altered?

    Not sure about the sound yet…
    But the light is a simple concept.
    A pair of polarized sunglasses explains the entire concept…


  3. As that thread you just read suggests …

    To polarize people … you must be able to polarize the light … an illusion depends on the separating and blending of light.

    I would think.

    2 bee cont’d of course.


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