‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part IX

alecifel wrote:
Wow it must really work… Thanks Golem! It really unlocked something.Now I know why many people think peak oilers are nuts!

This thread deals with The Shape of Things to Come.
Come flying with me for a moment using google earth.
Do you see the shape of a lock?
Do you see the shape of a key?
(btw DNA, RNA, amino acids, chemistry is all about locks and keys)

KEY 528 opens up the truth, shows how the bible is structured using numbers…sacred geometry and such…
KEY 528 can be found coded into a mandala that I came across in a Peruvian monastery in 2006.
And not unlike a Dan Brown novel, sacred geometry leads the protagonist back to its source.
KEY 528 shows how we can place this symbol right into the heart of St. Peter’s Square.
KEY 528 shows which institution was probably behind the WWII ‘ruse’.

KEY 528 is a link between the Macrocosm and the microcosm.
KEY 528 opens doors and acknowledges a new age will soon be knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door.

The scholarly/much reviewed book Hamlet’s Mill makes a very good argument that the ancients used Oral traditions (stories accompanied by SOUND) and also built megalithic structures, both were a means of communicating complex, mathematical and astronomical information from one generation to the next.
It was a simple system that allowed for the transmission/communication of information by even the simplest folk.
Even the meek could exchange complex ideas about the cosmos without the need for empirical science. An intuitive truth was passed from one generation to the next.

Having said that, I feel the Torah/Bible/Quran/Vedas/Popul Vu etc. etc … may in fact be ‘manuals’ that reflect the coding of our solar system…and beyond.

To a shaman shape is very important. The shapes of the images I have provided suggest the underlying principles of ALL of the above might indeed share the same source of inspiration.

Thus much of my research suggests ALL of the symbols I have provided in this post are referencing the same damn thing….the Electro-magnetic Field of Dreams built just for us…so we would come and play in the stadium called Eden.
Don’t ya see it?

Next post I enlist the help of a very famous mystic/alchemist/shaman called Jakob Bohme.
He might be just the fellow to help us interpret those images, those shapes.
Interestingly Jakob Bohme, was in fact an uneducated cobbler.

The theosophist Jakob Bohme … remains an intriguing enigma — how was this uneducated cobbler able to familiarize himself so thoroughly with Gnosticism and the works of Philo of Alexandria, Joachim de Flore and many others? … As a thinker of genius, he influenced, among others, Swedenborg, Leihniz, Hegel and Berdyaev.

So what could someone like AAAPrime learn from such a man?


Jakob Bohme’s LegacyPaul Tillich wrote, >> [A]lthough Boehme’s thoughts have changed during his writings from a stage of crudity to a stage of comparative clarity, they are always expressed in a language which mirrors speculative vision, mystical experience, psychological insight, and alchemist traditions. It is often difficult to uncover the rational element in this mixture, but it is there and it had an astonishing influence on the history of Western philosophy. One need only mention Schelling’s famous book on human freedom which is thoroughly dependent on Boehme’s vision of the genesis of God, world, and man. From here, Boehme’s indirect influence reaches Hegel and Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Hartmann, Bergson and Heidegger. << [preface to Stoudt, John Joseph: Sunrise to Eternity: A Study of Jacob Boehme’s Life and Thought. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1957]

Boehme’s ideas of process in creation and Deity presaged Alfred North Whitehead’s twentieth century process theology. He was also frequently cited by Carl G. Jung in illustrating the transformative dynamics of the psyche’s “alchemical” individuation process. Boehme himself apparently was aware that he was using alchemical symbolism in a psychological way. Jung’s letters suggest Boehme’s influence on his own religious outlook. Albert Schweitzer seems especially to be true to the Boehme spirit of an independent Protestant mysticism consistent with modern knowledge.

Again I seem to be keeping real good company these days, the end of the daze.
Life can be very humbling.
How deep a hole we dig for ourselves, in our entrenched beliefs, can explain many people here on this forum…how we perceive reality is still up to debate.
Problem is as I have proved with my threads is that I keep throwing people lifelines, but instead of climbing out of the abyss, they just keep digging deeper and deeper.
Looking for the material gold and oil I guess…

Jakob and me would say the ewe are looking for the gold in the wrong places…
The next post will show how in fact both the cobbler and the firefighter seemed to have ‘tuned into’ something grand,
Sorry to humble many of ewe.

What I offer is only a slap in the face, in comparison to what is coming, what ‘Gee’ has prepared for all of ewe.

Both sadly and joyously Jill Taylor has proved, people need to suffer an injury to the LEFT side of their brains, specifically their language center needs to be hindered, in order to see the bigger picture that has been veiled from us.
And the final veil to be lifted on the illusion, to unify humanity, is the corpus colosseum.
Makes too much fucking archetypal sense eh?
Geesh…may I point out that the Indian Medicine Wheel is structured around not only Precession but it also reflects the 2 hemispheres of the mind.
KEY 528 helps unlock the mind and real human potential.

I just want to leave the ewe with one of Jakob’s quotes.
Best reflects my attitude these daze too, why I do the things I do.

“In this light my spirit directly saw through all things, and knew God in and by all creatures, even in herbs and grass. … In this light my will grew in great desire to describe the being of God … “

Rolling Eyes

greenworm wrote:
Dude, you rule! icon_sunny

Thanks…I will consider you my pen pal, and big brother PO can eavesdrop on our conversations…

This post is filled with connections to the KEY 528.
Time to connect the mystic Jakob Bohme, and his ‘visions’ directly to the Vatican.
Below is diagram of his called the Signatura Rerum.
Quite famous piece of work in certain ‘circles’.
Please understand the modern day Kabbalist references this man’s work…And Jakob’s work can be traced back to Hermetic alchemy.
And Hermetic alchemy is traced back to the engimas called Thoth/Hermes/Mercury.

These two images are discussing exactly the same thing. And they are both oriented to make the best comparisons.
Personally I did not expect to find what I did…
It is far too easy to prove that these two archetypes are intimately connected and pointing us to a specific moment in time. Please observe the 12 statues and the 4 lamp posts, these are the obvious connections, but for the moment, let’s move on.
Then when we further compare those images to these next two.

Then you realize the common denominator are the 4 axis of symmetry.
And the 4 axis of symmetry means we have an eight-pointed star.
The Star of Venus.
Maybe Goz can tell us all he knows about Venus?

Buddhist depiction of 8-pointed star.

There are many many ways our most ancient ancestors depicted the 8-pointed Star of Venus but what interests me more is how a modern man, quite small in statue, only 5′ tall, a diminutive man driven by a lost love, who apparently was able to duplicate feats only performed by the ancients…move massive blocks of stone by himself.
The Empirical physicists, the men who wish to be King, still have NOT figured out, how this uneducated man created the Coral Castle.
Here is how Ed Leedskalnin depicted the 8-pointed Star of Venus, and please note, both depictions, the ancient and modern of the Star of Venus is a clue to working some real magic…

Those three numbers represent the right angle triangle and this next image represents why we need 345.
Because 345 is connected intimately to the double helix.

Whether it is man or the grand architect…THEY must use right triangles…understand that….to build empires using light/EM.
Now imagine the forces that can move those blocks here on earth, being the same forces that resurrect themselves in 2012.
The Lorentz factor (a.k.a. the butterfly effect) is all about 345 and the right triangle.
Our DNA builds using 345.

Can you see the wings of the butterfly in the above two photos?
Can you see the two S figures?
Thus can you see the SS, the Spiritus Sanctus know also as the Holy Spirit?

A shifting…morphing Electro-magnetic Field…IS the Holy Spirit/Holy Grail…I can feel it.

And VENUS was her name and she looks hot in RED
And the goddess looks hot … Hell YES … count me, err us both in.

2bee continued of course…we have a pen pal now, we no longer need just each other.
Very Happy

Bet my new pen pal wants to know what archetypes are hidden in Jakob Bohme’s Signatura Rerum?


The ewe will be shocked.
Has the herd ever heard of the League of Nations?
Has the herd ever heard of the Balfour Declaration?

Why have we had two world wars connected to this symbol?

Maybe JC (Julius Caeser) evil still resides in the Vatican?
They seem to like those initials eh?
Maybe it is that simple.
Want me to prove it?
Am I proving it?
The Vatican has been the ARKitect of 2 World Wars…IMHO
They as mediator and self appointed middle man are thus representatives of the hidden hand of god….
What if the V in the Vatican stands for Venus?

And when the metaphorical THEY are finally found out and exposed which should happen much sooner than ewe think….
THEY of course in their defense will say the devil made them do it…..


Nice twist at the end eh sheeple?



p.s. in the next post … more Electro-magnetic connections to the alchemists and the Kabbalists…suggesting the ancients knew shit that we are either just uncovering today or has in fact been suppressed knowledge…
Which do ewe think it is?
Which do you feel it is?

coming soon to an EM frequency near ewe, near ALL of us …. The Apocalyptic LAMB SHIFT


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