‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part VIII

Time to get back on track, back on the trail of where KEY 528 can take us…as a group.

I have talked about 3, 4, 5 and these numbers are obviously linked to triangulation and the right triangle.
Betcha a GPS that I am getting closer and closer to a truth few understand…posts like this suggest I might be onto something Great, significant and very symbolic …

When you have the KEY 528 in your possession
Ewe must learn to use it, to understand precession
Sheepishly I googled ‘5280 perimeter square‘…
This next clue said to me, hey ewe, go over there…
Rolling Eyes

Similarly, an embankment crest circuit at Stonehenge, using the Aubrey Circle’s 56 post positions as 3,4,5 triangulation stations was 1056 feet. This square within the Crosshouse would be exactly ½ the size of the altar square (44 feet…528 inches) atop the Great Pyramid.

And we find the KEY 528 once again used profoundly.
Where do we find KEY 528 this time?
Atop the Great Pyramid…

This square within the Crosshouse would be exactly ½ the size of the altar square (44 feet…528 inches) atop the Great Pyramid.

Ah another clue…for the ewe to follow.
What is 1/2 the inverse of?
I rest my case…coincidently KEY 528 now rests exactly where the missing capstone should be on the Great Pyramid.
Rolling Eyes

The Great Puzzle

Ewe are receiving a best seller for free.
But many of the Ewe sadly do NOT realize it.
KEY 528 is quite the find ewe will see.
Follow this path and find ways to make things fit.

Can I make it any clearer than this…here is what I believe…
KEY 528 (found in Vatican) = Swastika (found in Vatican) = Biblical Prophecy (written by friends of the Vatican) = Precession of the Equinoxes (designed by G_D) = resetting of the Time clock in 2012 (predicted by Maya)
It all adds up.

Duh what does the sun revolve around or dance with …?


This thread I have started about the KEY 528, I promise you will not die.
Each bump will provide more evidence of the intimacy that exists between number and creation.
New inspirations from me to you, call me the Daily Lama…
I promise we will get to the bottom of this…
I can pretty much guarantee that…the bottom, that is…
Or is it a wall we hit?

Try to ignore the bleating…
I try to mask the crys of awakening with compassion.
I try.
Rolling Eyes

Removing a tattoo or a brand (like branding a herd to show ownership) can in fact be more painful and the process in fact does take much longer, than having a tattoo/brand put on…

Sadly it has been proven that cult de-programming or tattoo removal/de-branding, takes time…

More KEY 528
Found another.
It was very obvious too.
What are the first six fibs?

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, … though I like the next 4 too … 13, 21, 34, 55 …

And I do inquire about the numbers and not any lies when asking you to tell me about fibs.

Remove the number that does not belong to this group?
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,
What do I mean?
Use the KEY 528.

Use the above card to help you.
It is the Wheel of Fortune or Card X.
A Wheel?
Just like the Fib numbers that are related to the Golden Spiral, rotation or spin implies ‘charge’.

The answer to my inquiry … which number does not belong to this group 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ?


Or does it belong?
Something to think about…
The sheeple are getting very shleepy…
Here is another coincidence or two, but these mean nothing.
My employee number with the fire department was for many many years 52801

True I kid you not.
And then after the former 6 cities amalgamated…where the 6 fire departments became 1…my employee number changed. It became 8013522.

If you remove 52801 from 8013522, the numbers 2 and 3 remain.
And the numbers 2 and 3 deserve a thread of their own.

And of course the Maltese Cross is a symbol of the Fire Service worldwide.

And it is also a Mason’s Mark
And who built the cathedrals where I can find KEY 528?
And are there Freemasons entrenched in the hierarchy of the fire department where I worked…?
Yes some mason/chiefs had funny weak handshakes, and they also spoke with forked tongues…
I felt more bullshit than Sitting Bull energy.

all coincidences…
maybe I have uncovered ‘my personal myth’…?
there are 6 billion just as interesting…
based on rudimentary numbers and shape

alecifel wrote:
Wow it must really work… Thanks Golem! It really unlocked something.Now I know why many people think peak oilers are nuts!

Please share with us what you opened with the KEY 528?
What did you find?

By the way … I suspect there are 2 keys.
Why do I suggest that?
Ask these stellar fellas, THEY always have 2 keys on the Papal Coat of Arms…

The other KEY I feel may be connected to the fine structure constant.

KEY 137 has also been referred to as a “Hand of God”.

It’s one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number, and “we don’t know how He pushed his pencil.”
Richard Feynman

But God has 2 hands everybody knows that.
The Electro-magnetic field has 2 waves, everybody knows that.

One is longitudinal and one is transverse.
AC/DC utilizes transverse wave motion to get the crowd going.
Tesla wanted to utilize longitudinal wave motion to get his messages across…
Consider these to be the 2 hands of the Grand Architect.
The relationship of these two waves to each other (the angle) is what determines the illusion we experience.
And I can even suggest how he pushes his pencil….
Stay tuned for that post. Wink
I seem to be keeping good company these daze…

Please note: the sheeple heard it first here again…
The Grand Architect has two hands, one is longitudinal and the other is transverse.
I can even tell ewe which is witch.
The right hand is our current illusion brought to us by AC/DC.
The left hand belongs to the witches and magicians like Tesla … Longitudinal waves.
But the Grand ARKitect knows how to use both these waves to effect real change.
Remember these 2 waves/2 hands are what the ARKitect uses to form men of clay…the Electro-magnetic Field that embraces ALL humanity.
No exceptions.
Rolling Eyes

This helps explain why water is a most popular archetype.
What makes water so special?
It utilizes both waves.

Worth repeating.
The Grand Architect has two hands, one is longitudinal and the other is transverse.
This claim the ewe can put beside my other outrageous claim, that I believe the best symbol to reconcile religion and science is my beloved swastika.

2Bee continued…of course



p.s. whenever I write a stellar post like that one, do you know what happens?
I vibrate for a bit afterward or during … thanks … now the ewe know why I do what I do.
The waves and waves of vibrations I receive when vibrating the truth frequency are the payoff …
Truth has a frequency that the FCC does not regulate.


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