‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part VII

POAlex wrote:
“But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.” [Deuteronomy 4:29]Golem, God is not found in esoteric knowledge.Alex

Dear Alex

It has been brought to my attention that ewe and I should have a debate.
However, before we have any such debate…ewe POAlex must learn to stop contradicting yourself…but the Bible with its contradictions melds the mind in a certain way if digested only using the literal interpretations…call it design.
The ewe would.

There are two kinds of knowledge.
EWE can google this…
The esoteric and the exoteric.
Now before ewe start using these terms please understand what these words mean…

Esoteric means to go within…
Exoteric means existing outside of ‘us’…external to us.

So the ewe can continue to enter the external temples … the eXoteric churches and cathedrals loaded with graven images and such, represented best by your good buddy, the mutt of metaphor, Jesus Christ.
But Jesus Christ suggested we NOT attend the temples other men build.

Each of us has been given an inner temple, a universe that we as ‘gods’ must attend too…
Read this twice…
Science says today that we are in control of our own DNA … not the fucking Pope who stole first the Goddess’ frock, and now wants each of our first born, just so THEY can fuck with their inner esoteric temples….

Just to point out how wrong ewe are Alex about the power of meditation…meditating on specific symbols leads to enlightenment.

Here is something else the ewe can google….RABBIs meditate on symbols/gylphs/letters of the Hebrew alpha/beth … i.e. the letter Aleph. Why would a rabbi do that?
What images of divinity do ewe carry around.
What images of divinity do ewe try to hold in your mind’s eye?

I prefer to meditate on the swastika.
Is that okay with a ewe?
Or do ewe have a problem with MY choice of god worship?

And by doing so…I found a truth.
No wonder THEY (see the swastika in this Nato symbol?)
want to outlaw this divine symbol within western consciousness….exoterically but retain its power esoterically
That is also my point.

Do the EWE know what I would really like to do to POAlex and the Pope?

What should the punishment be for the institution (Vatican) and the rogues who stole the breast milk of the Goddess Hera…as Herakles suckled on her tit?

This scene from Clockwork Orange…where our hero, the badass of the film called coincidently Alex , is receiving therapy to help mend his evil ways….

This is exactly what I want to do to the Pope and all the sheeple who have been shleeping for about 2000 years….
Replay every fucking heinous crime that HIStory has recorded these baastards and their Christian soldiers called mercenaries, committing.
All of the funnyandmentalists should get some time in the chair…

I rest my case your honor…
Rolling Eyes

The Pope and PoAlex don’t stand a chance.
THEY like to point out HIStory.
I like to point out history and that HIStory was written by them.
In law this is called a ‘conflict of interest’…

But when the Power and the Glory are at stake … it is TIME to start burning the trouble makers at the stake.
Twisted Evil

But 2012 will be different such is the prophecy.
The Divine ARKitect is sending us a thunderbolt…and in an ‘electric universe’ this makes sense.
Funny thing about ‘untreated’ wool … it conducts static electricity much much better.


Ludi wrote:
Oh, I dunno. If you go to occultforums, you can meet a lot of golem-types.

Raphael / golem, together are rather unique.

google just two words that define my thesis, ‘swastika DNA’ and the top 3 returns all reference something I wrote…

google ‘swastika precession’, again the top 4 returns are linked to my blog.

But often the other articles I find alongside mine, when checking to see if any others spirits are on the same path as myself, this often yields interesting perspectives, and the link I did provide appears on that same page, sometimes…
google swastika precession royal secret to insure a hit.

The above link once found discusses the ROYAL SECRET.
I believe I can connect this ROYAL SECRET to the 4 ROYAL STARS and the KEY 528
..and later the fine structure constant 137.

Great…I get to write a best seller about the Great Year at the End of Time, but I get to collect no royalities…
But that was exactly the deal that was made.
Wisdom was all I wanted, all I asked for.
I asked for something I could spread around…as I invested in myself.




4 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ exposes the 4 Gospels as ARKetypes Part VII

  1. wow…does your head sometimes feel too small to keep it all in…me too looking at the bible in a whole new light…as well as everything else… pls keep up the good good work Raphael…the veil goes up even quicker.. n your right…God does have a sense of humour.. lets hope everyone else gets it too… 🙂
    Love n Peace

  2. solomon asked for wisdom. god promised him anything he desired — and to practice prudence; solomon asked for wisdom. this pleased god. yet in the end; solomon used that wisdom poorly — he sought material gain and with that; he played in dark arts to achieve this.

    i like what you’re righting. mostly because i know there are vast amounts of truth here. i have not yet finished reading all of the articles yet; so i can not say anything for certain here that would possibly be of any merit.

    yet i just wanted to say that like most things; wisdom can be a double-edged sword.


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